Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Vaginal Interruption to the BanksyNY Ritual

Score one for Banksy!

After all of his previously announced pieces were easily found, and yesterday's was even discovered before Banksy's official announcement, however, it seems that the Staten Island Ant Hill has stumped the Banksy Hunters.  The only picture online today is the above one with a magnifying glass, but it has been photoshopped.  No one has found the actual art piece, yet.

Saturday was an interruption to the typical New York Banksy ritual.  Most days start with Banksy's announcement, then search, location identification, and finally throngs of fans coming to take pictures and pose in front of it before it gets defaced, buffed or covered.  

Anyway, still waiting to find out more about this piece.  Not sure if it is a vagina? or a butthole? Or the significance of the ants?  Banksy has visited the idea of a crotch bush before (pictured below).  No doubt the Staten Island Ants piece will be discovered eventually.

Stay up, and keep lookin' NYC~

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