Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thank You X - Not Art Made Worse

Thank You X has made a career out of Andy Warhol's image.  But its not really art.  After all, the image is an already famous and well recognized photo of Andy Warhol.  Thank You X just adds his name and puts the stencil somewhere in the city.  Its not really art, this is more of an activity.

But it gets worse.  Someone, assumably not Thank You X, but someone else came an 'decorated' a sidewalk stencil of Andy Warhol.  Its a simple matter of tracing lines and coloring areas in, but this piece is massacred worse than a 5-year old's coloring book after a new box of crayons.

Even if its on the streets, its not all art.  There might be some redeeming value in the act as activity, but for the viewer, there is none apparent.  This is 'not art' made worse.

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