Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Me, But Don't Love This

MELROSEandFAIRFAX is big fans of the 'Love Me' street campaign by artist Curtis Kulig, but we are not enjoying his latest addition to what was a beautiful street art wall. We feel that this addition doesn't add anything, but takes away, and guarantees that this wall will be buffed soon, just like the two other walls that Love Me did this to (one time going over a Banksy piece on Beverly).

In general, we love the way the 'Love Me' tag looks, and think that this fire extinguisher effect would look great on an empty wall.

But by going over a wall full of art, it looks bad and ruins the art.

And Curtis has done this to two other massive art walls in Los Angeles within the last year on a building front on Beverly going over dope pieces from Banksy, Inept, Dog Byte and others, and a slammed alley way further up La Brea. Both walls had ridden for a long time, but were buffed clean soon after they were hit up by the 'Love Me'.

This particular piece seems to be very poorly done. If we hadn't seen other new street art from Curtis in the area recently, we might think this was a hack job. The style is done very sloppy, and aside from going over all the street art, it is just the wrong building for this. With the signs and door overhang, it is not a flat canvas, and the piece looks very weak and awkward.

Simply put, we don't love this, and some might say it is the height of a spot jack.

Up on the wall before the 'love' was street art from BAnkrupt Slut, The Loyal Subjects, ASVP, Zombie, Alec, Septerhed, Insurgency Inc, JTS, Cyrcle, Leba, low_d, and a few more.


  1. Yup I agree with you. He could have added to the rest of the artwork but came in disregarding all the other artist time and effort.

    Not Cool.

  2. i'm sorry to be the one to call this out but enough with all this super quick wheat pasting postering B.S.! If you do this kind of work, then do it big or at least have something to say other than what everyone else is saying or has already said, time and again. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater... be creative as you do, and be the vandle. but seriously ... get off the bandwagon. Love Me made a mess and did it crazyly. I'd say the mssg is the same with this guy, and it aint deep. But boy if he would have got caught, the cops would have put a hurting on that ass. Peace Out and keep it going.

  3. Love me doing it right... Posters go over all kinds of shit, tags, throwies, and can be reprinted and duplicated. That big sloppy tag killllls that building, the posters are like small cuts and the extinguisher tag is the deadly gun shot...

  4. This "sloppy" extinguisher tag embodies (to me) the TRUE essence of street art... "Paint the town red!" I like.