Friday, April 8, 2011

Buffman Buffing Himself (pt 1/2)

It looks like the shit hit the fan, and in an unprecedented move, the Graffiti Removal Buff Squad returned to the spot that they buffed yesterday on Fairfax, and tried to remove their buff paint from the mural.

After the buff squad had broken through a locked gate and painted over a mural without the owner's permission, people were outraged.

The workers told M&F that they had got a call from the city to remove the wall. Don't know if that's true or not, but this wasn't just any graffiti mural. This was a mural with some of the biggest names in the world--Retna, Rime, Revok, Saber, Norm, Os Gemeos. And we are skeptical that about this paint removal plan, and doubt that the wall will look anywhere near as nice as it did before.

A few years ago, a private artist won $30,000 from the city after the city had illegally buffed the outdoor mural. We'd love to see something like this happen here for a couple of reasons. One, to score a victory for the outlaw good guys, the artists. And even more importantly, so that private buff companies, and buildings with murals on them will think carefully before having art removed.

Meanwhile, online the backlash has been so severe that Graffiti Removal Squad removed their Facebook page last night after an onslaught of negative comments.

Interested to see how this paint removal turns out, and stay tuned to MELROSEandFAIRFAX to see how it continues to play out.


  1. Probably a strategic move by the city on the eve of the Deitch show comin up - a kind of pissing match on their part. Cant wait to see what MSK does with the wall NOW!

  2. booty.. they should kill themselves by eating the same bullshit they tryin to sell.. or it seems they already have started..

  3. Fucking idiots. They just see another pay check and don't care what they paint over. Jeff Woods is a fucking piece of shit.