Friday, April 6, 2012

Hooked Up - Jaber

Got hooked up with something that we have always wanted--some hand tagged postal slaps from The Jaber.

Jaber's White Ninja character is infamous and worldwide. After seeing it in Colorado years ago and seeing it in a magazine, at the time we thought it was just a general character that different graffiti writers would put up. Nope. It is just the iconic image of the one and only Jaber. If you dig Jaber's work, you can get some ninja gear of your own from his label 2Ninja's Clothing.

That is not Qtip in the pic. M&F got a new kitten and this is Iggy. Iggy is 9 weeks old and an albino, and he was so inspired to get up by Jaber that Iggy started climbing the door for the first time ever. Stay up, Iggy~

Thanks for the hook up, Jaber!


  1. wow...been out of it for a while but remember painting in Reno with this kid in the mid 90's. Nice to see him still active.