Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised . . . But it Will Be Recorded

While mainstream media might not be giving much air time to the Occupy Wall Street movement, it seemed the biggest tool for the activists was clearly the video camera, as the citizens recorded every move that big brother made at the event, reducing the chance of police brutality. The mainstream media tries framing OWS framing it as an extremist fringe oriented thing, instead of addressing the relavant issues of disproportionate wealth distribution and societal injustices which affect us all. Well, maybe for now these activists are the fringe movement. And maybe that's why the government is scared, and placed more cops in downtown than activists. They are scared that these ideas might catch on, and if it does, there will be no containing it. These activists at the rally today might be radicals and extremists. But these are the soldiers. The ones willing to raise the issues, to get arrested for the cause, and to start the ball rolling in a way that the rest of us can get involved. Stay up~

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