Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dog Byte - Repeating Ideas

This piece is called 'Step and Repeat' by Dog Byte.  There is a funny story surrounding this piece.  The first time M&F saw Step and Repeat on the street, there was a money bag in the back hand of the child soldier, and when we told Dog Byte that we liked the bag element in the piece because it gave it context, Dog Byte explained that the money bag was not part of his piece, but something that someone else had added on.

Dog Byte then went on to lament how he felt like he was out of ideas, and couldn't come up with new material for stencils.  M&F always remembered this conversations because we thought that Dog Byte's saying this was so unusual, because almost every artist that we know has waaaay too many ideas, and the hardest part for most is finding time to actually do them.

That conversation was over two years ago.  Other than commissioned advertisements, this is the first time Dog Byte has got up in years, and he is still using the same material.  Apparently, Dog Byte is still 'stepping and repeating' ideas.

Movie THR and the SYB Crew add some street quality control to Step and Repeat with bombs down below.


  1. Sometimes it's a good idea to use the same art, it's branding in a sense.

  2. no ideas? I've got a bucket full

  3. this looks like its out of ideas