Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Livin' in LA - Vacation in Florida?

The entire reason that M&F initiated the ongoing series Livin' in LA - Vacation in LA was to showcase all the awesome spots within driving distance of Los Angeles.  M&F didn't intend for the series to branch out further, but after 2+ years of blissful life on the left coast, M&F finally set foot on soil outside of California.  Here is the first outside of California feature, while M&F takes a vacation to our home state of Florida.

Florida is M&F's home state, and Miami is the area that fist sparked our insatiable love for the street art genre.  There will be more upcoming features detailing the influential places, artists, and periods in M&F's development.

On a personal level, it is a fascinating experience returning to Miami while experiencing a decade of  growth from being a humble fan to having personal relationships with many of the biggest artists in the world.  Now, it is not just the art, but also the personality.  This can be a good thing and a bad thing, and it is difficult to articulate, but it is a strange feeling returning with an expanded mind set to the place where it all started for M&F.

As for the street scene, Miami is still a hungry place with an insatiable graffiti scene.  It is kind of like Los Angeles where there is a big graffiti scene that extends to all areas of the city.  And, like Los Angeles has the Melrose and Fairfax area art district where the locals along with the biggest artists in the world come to showcase their stuff, Miami has the Wynwood district which lights up every December with new art during Art Basel.  The funny thing was, visiting the Wynwood Arts District in Miami was like an East Coast Los Angeles.  It felt like home away from home as the area was packed with art from LA artists.  Quite seriously, LA runs Miami and there was more art from LA artists in Miami than artists from all other corners of the world, combined.  It just goes to show how strong the LA street art scene is, even beyond LA.  More on that, and the pictures to prove how LA runs Miami yet to come . . .

M&F took a 10 day vacation to Florida and the Bahamas.  Leaving Los Angles for Miami felt kind of like cheating on your current lover by hooking up with your ex-girlfriend.  And even if your ex girlfriend has grown up to be one of the sexiest street art hot spots in the world, once you hook up with her again, you remember how crazy she is.  And, you realize how lucky you are to have such an awesome girlfriend.  If anything, M&F returned to Los Angeles even more in love with LA than ever~

Check out some general shots of Miami down below, and stay tuned for more features bridging Los Angeles and Miami~

^Biscayne Boulevard is one of the main streets in Miami, and a area that M&F used to haunt.

^The American Airlines Arena in Miami.  Where the Heat play, and sitting at a beautiful location right on Biscayne Bay.

^Picture of the cruise ships lining up at the Port of Miami.  Taken from the 5th street bridge.

^A rooftop view of the Miami Beach Skyline.  Love the blue building.

^The view of downtown Miami.  This shot is taken from a cruise ship looking back at land.

^Lots of people say that Miami has a whole nother world on the water.  Here is a pic of the Miami skyline from Biscayne Bay.

^Sunrise in Miami over smooth beautiful water.

^View from the cruise boat pulling back into dock at the Port of Miami.

^This picture shows the road to Star Island in Miami.  This area is one of the most expensive and prestigious locations in Miami.  Star Island is home to big name stars like Madonna, Gloria Estafan and Will Smith.  Also dig the mirrored reflection of palm trees in the pic.

^Miami is an extremely flat place.  The only way to get a view is to be on something that has been built higher because the natural terrain is so flat that there are literally no hills or mountains in South Florida.

^The water tower from the city of Hollywood, Florida.

^Eh, a pic from the airport for fun.

^Miami - Palm trees and ocean~

^Here is a multi-million dollar home on the Miami Beach Canal.

^A look up the Miami Beach Canal.

^Last shot of the freeway leaving the city of Miami.

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