Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The American Dream/The Pursuit of Fame

Plastic Jesus gets up with a new piece on Fairfax entitled 'I want to be a celebrity'.  Featuring a little girl spray painting that same message.

Indeed, the pursuit of fame seems to be the new American Dream, and M&F has written about this very subject and coined the term 'Fame Banging' to describe artists who seem more interested in the fame than the art.

When describing his motivations behind this piece, Plastic Jesus says that, "Younsters no longer want to be astronauts, engineers, pilots or doctors, rather they want to be famous, with the rise is shows like America's got talent and the deluge of fly on the wall reality TV shows 

A 2009 UCLA study found that in 2007 fame was the number one value communicated to pre-teens on TV.
"This is America, where everyone has the right to life, love and the pursuit of fame." 
-- Ryan Seacrest, American Idol, 2010"".

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