Friday, June 14, 2013

California Drive By Street Art & Graffiti

Another feature featuring graffiti, street art, and stickers from Melrose to North San Diego County.

Check out the HUGE post with 20+ pics

^StopC graffiti Freeway billboard bombing on the 405.

^Aidz freeway graffiti at a hot spot!

^LA King Arson gets up in Encinitas, too.

^Exer, Lynk, 455er, Xplode, Val and Tazer(?) Wai.

^Zeck and Pike tags

^Evore(?) graffiti bomb

TES throwie

^Mixt graffiti bombed like your mom.

^Cool character hiding in the corner.

^Hand drawn mouth.   Stuck up in Carlsbad.

^A decorated cover to a drain opening to the ocean in Del Mar.

^Cat Cult sticker.  Forget this artist's name?

^Asalt and Leanster DTC

^Real OG's sticker.

^Carlsbad Pipeline sticker (local surf and skate shop).

Curb tags from Bravoh and Zeal JFC in Woodland Hills.

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  1. The Bird Cat Cult sticker is That Kid Peep from San Diego DTM Crew