Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time For Revolution

Giant skull themed paster pasted up on the old MBW art building on La Brea saying 'Time for Revolution'.

Indeed.  Time for revolution~

***Big ups to RS70 for capturing and sending in this flick!***


  1. Straight up Destroy All Design biter.

    - G.G

  2. ! Yo G.G... Would be great ta hear how you figure that.

  3. Hey RS70

    It's pretty obvious. No doubt, anyone can do a skull. But Destroy has a style in his work that is very easily recognizable. From what I know, he illustrates a lot of his characters. Also, check out the typeface. He is the only one that has been using that type of tattoo font for the last few years in LA in the wheatpaster genre.

    This looks like a bad carbon copy. I do like the size of the paster though and wonder if they are aware of Destroy or Earl's work.



  4. It doesn't have a frankenstein head or an atari joystick, so don't think this looks similar to Destroy. Tattoo font? That's as generic as Ed Hardy

  5. No, I see GG's point. DaD does use this type of drawing style. No one else really does in the LA street art game yo. Same with Earl. I have to agree though the tattoo Sailor Jerry font is used ad nauseum. I hate it.

    But Destroy does use a lot of that more in their work.

    I still like the piece though. Who did it?

    1. no, its funny to think that Destroy All Design has any claim to any style. That dude just copies shit like atari joysticks and frankenstein. snooze and boring. and now tatto font?!?!?! Methinks that Destroy is the only one who thinks this is anything like hiswork. this is way better

  6. i actually know the guy that pasted it. hes from outta town. he is also a tattoo artist. im pretty sure he has no knowledge of DAD