Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vintage Chucks Atop Your Harley Forever, Man

Paraphrased for clarity.  The actual writing is not as coherent.

Riding behind Melrose with tags from Nstone, Durox KGB KTF, Uome, a paster of a babe feeling herself up, and an L2B sticker over a Scientology paster from Thrashbird.


  1. Oh l2b is doing what they said they would do, cap the caper thrasherbirdyy/tbd
    That's why, tbd/T rash B ir D, you don't cap people. Especially a whole crew that pays attention and caps back

  2. it's a mcdonald's poster.

  3. Life's 2 boring is the best crew in town, hands down! That clip art bumper sticker really,
    A. Showcases the raw, unadulterated talent of a "whole crew" of artists.
    B. Makes a statement on society.
    C. Goes hard in the Paint.
    Well done.