Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Rolls Eyes) . . . Nope, Still Not Banksy

M&F has said it before, how Banksy's influence alone is bigger than the rest of the entire street art genre combined.

Perhaps that's why when people who are not engaged in the street art community think that any, and sometimes every, piece of street art is a Banksy.  Its even funnier how the mainstream art and media news outlets jump on the story without fact-checking anything.  Next time ask someone who is in the community.

This new piece of art that is reported as being a new Banksy piece in response to a recent announcement that another street Banksy being set to get cut off a wall and go up for auction.  However, to clairfy and set the record straight, the piece pictured above is not from Banksy.  Anyone with any knowledge in the street art genre could have told you this based on the content itself, the overspray, the layout and the absent legs.  This piece is from a new artist named Stromberg, and the content is a humorous take on vandalism becoming valuable.  Or further vandalized.

Next time ask an expert, or anyone at all who follows the genre.  Even though folks love to think every piece of street art might be a Banksy, its probably not (because if it were it would be under plexi-glass or cut off the wall within a day or two~).

All humor aside, props to all the other street artists who are getting up on the streets!  Stay up and be careful, especially when vandalizing vandalism!

Below is a pic of Banksy's Garden Girl, the piece that supposedly triggered the response.  You can see more pics and the full story HERE.

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  1. Best write up I've read, and not just copy/pasted from everyone else. You totally nailed it...... The only people that checked with Banksy's "spokesperson" and myself was the New York Times via email.