Monday, September 16, 2013

TBD & Thrashbird

Ever since the artwork first started showing up, rumors have been circulating that TBD and Thrashbird and one and the same artist.

Still, the artist or artists compromising TBD and Thrashbird have wanted to keep things separate.

TBD and Thrashbird each has its own aesthetic, with TBD more photo-oriented and Thrashbird focusing more on stencils.  But bottom line, both TBD and Thrashbird are two of the most active artists up on the streets of LA.  Combine the work of the two together, and there really is no one who has gotten up as much in LA over the past year or so.  (including Phone Jacks!).

M&F chooses to indulge the idea that these two are separate, because that's what the artist wants.  Just like with Banksy, sometimes the romance can be more fun than the truth.  But perhaps that line is blurring, as the two are getting up at shared spots like never before, and the one pictured in this feature.

Stay up!

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