Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Possible 5th Banksy Piece in LA?

We have been getting a lot of buzz and received a half dozen emails about the sighting a possible 5th Banksy piece.

This is a beautifully crafted stencil, but this is not Banksy. It is a piece of street art by LA's own stencil guru, the aforementioned Dog Byte.

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Dog Byte has been killing the street art scene in LA for quite awhile. He's got a complete street game ranging from multi-layered stencils to stickers.

For those who aren't familiar with Dog Byte, be sure to search the blog to see more. He is one of LA's top aritsts, and a name to watch out for in the future.

***For those who want to see this piece in person. It is located on the front of Golden Apple Comics, at the corner of Melrose and La Brea.***

***Big Thanks to photographer 'Angie' and MELROSEandFAIRFAX supporter 'Ian' for the pic***


  1. yeah this is one of my fav dogbyte pieces.

  2. everyone is trying to hard to be like banksy and fairey..
    its getting old seeing the same thing