Friday, April 13, 2012

Snyder's: Urban Pop-Up Gallery Book

Snyder dubbed his recent International Tour, the Urban Pop-Up Gallery. As part of the project, Snyder documented all his work that he put up in Australia, and China. He just released a hand published book entitled 'Pop Up Gallery Book'.

The book captures the photos, and the stories behind the action. Not only is Snyder an amazing visual artist, he is also a great writer. Snyder is one of the most articulate street artists. He can vocalize the purpose of his art, and does a great job explaining its impact on people, which makes this book a real pleasure to read.

Its a steal of a deal too, as it only costs $15 and every one comes with a Doodle 'doodle'. So its like buying an original piece of art, with an amazing story, for $15. Don't sleep on this! You can pick up your book at Carlsbad Crawl HERE.