Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Intellectual Property Prints

Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh are launching a new print venture entitled Intellectual Property Prints (IPP).

The first print release is from Gregory Siff and IPP put together a teaser video to show the zest that goes into the production of these prints.

Future IPP runs will feature Bob Dob, David Flores and Christine Wu.

Check out the video, and click the jump to read the full press release below:

IPP Press Release:

Daniel Rolnik (The World's Most Adorable Art Critic) & Ryan McIntosh (Master Prints - MFA RISD) are bringing back the human element to fine art prints with their company IPP. They've captured the sprit of historical editions companies like Gemini G.E.L and Magnolia Editions by working directly with each artist they select and having them make a piece of art specifically for the screenprinting medium in their downtown LA studio. There is no computer in their print shop, so everything is done 100% by hand as a collaboration between the artists and the IPP team. 

Gregory Siff came to the shop to work on a piece inspired by his Young Americans series. He also hand painted the background of every print -- making them all entirely unique. This is the first screenprint Gregory Siff has completed without the use of a computer. He drew every element of his artwork on transparent sheets of paper that were later burnt directly onto screens for printing.

Gregory's piece will become available on May 19th at The Venice Art Walk (http://veniceartwalk.org/) and the proceeds of each sale will go directly to benefitting the Venice Family Clinic.

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