Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morley Is Stuck Up

Haha.  Morley is not stuck up.  He seems to be a very cool dude with an witty and approachable spin on life.  But this Morley sticker is stuck up, in Los Angeles.

Morley started out doing stickers before he introduced the name Morley or the whole aesthetic.  The stickers were just see through vinyl with street poetry words.  Now, Morley puts up his signature wheat pastes all over Los Angeles, but this is one of the first stickers--in fact, believe it is the first sticker that we have seen on the streets showing Morley with his name and aesthetic.  This has Morley's classic line saying 'Let's fall in love like both our parents aren't divorced'.

Coincidentally enough, this sticker was spotted on Vermont, a short distance from where M&F first spotted one of Morley's early wheat pastes.


  1. That's cause morley kicks it in los Feliz almost always :)

  2. I saw a Morley in France.

  3. So I'm lovin' it.