Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ramiro Gomez Jr. - At Home in Bel Aire

The types of workers that Ramiro Gomez Jr. represents with his art are right at home in places like Bel Aire.  Indeed, the massive mansions need workers, gardeners, cleaners, and sometimes cooks, nanny's and even butler's to function.  These are the subjects that Ramiro Gomez Jr. showcases with his art.  And although the workers work in the expensive homes, unfortunately they can not afford to live in the areas where they work.

Here is a gardener placed in front of an expensive home in Bel Aire, and also previous shots of the same piece in front of the Bel Aire hotel.

Also, Ramiro's art show 'Luxury, Interrupted' is only open a few more days at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center until April 8th.


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