Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Bankrobber' Video Showing How A Banksy Is Stolen

This video was released to show by the gallery show that is displaying Banksy pieces that have been cut out of the wall, and this video documents the pieces being taken.

While we have never taken a hard stance against taking art from the streets, this video just seems wrong. The video is put out by self proclaimed 'Bankrobber', which seems to sum up how they feel about what they are doing. Not only does this video show the taken pieces, it showcases the barren spots that they were ripped from.

The pieces that were taken were politically charged pieces placed in worn torn areas of Palestine. And the people living in the areas of Palestine where the Banksy pieces were placed are poor and living under severe hardship. The pieces were perfect for their environment, and the imagery displaying a little girl frisking a fully armed policeman is really powerful. The art seemed to give the people a strong, yet non-confrontational voice, where before there was none. The fact that these pieces were stolen from the poor and taken to the Hamptons and a gallery of the Uber rich just seems all kinds of wrong. When the guy with the silver rings starts stroking the cut out Banksy pieces, it is downright slimy.

This is one of the first Youtube videos we have seen with more 'dislikes' than 'likes'. You can watch the video of the pieces being cut out and stolen HERE. And you can watch another video showing the pieces at the gallery on display HERE.

Thanks to According2G for sending in the story via Arrested Motion.


  1. I watched the street crossing sign get cut out in boyle heights. i wish it would have crumbled to dust in their hands. same goes with these ass holes!

  2. Bankrobber and the art thieves at Keszler gallery think they're cool, but really they're just pathetic.