Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'The Goal Is To Fall In Love With The Act Of Creating Art'

Snyder hosted his 'You Create The Art' show last week in Carlsbad, and it was a huge success. Snyder says, ''The Goal Is To Fall In Love With The Act Of Creating Art, Not The Art Itself". It was a great community event as a steady crowd of people filed through Snyder's gallery during the night, and put in their own work on some of the canvases provided. You can check out a full write up of the event and see more pics HERE.

LA based street artist Teacher travelled down to Carlsbad for the event, and left some art of his own down there, including some sidewalk stencils, pastes and stickers. Great placement on the water one.

Dig it.

***Thanks to Snyder for sending in the pics of Teacher's work***


  1. Teacher's getting better

  2. next time Snyder has one of these, i recommend you try to make it if you want to meet some cool people and have a great creative time!! i had a blast and look forward to the next one... towards the end of the show i ended up doing a shot of absinthe got inspired and produced the 'open trench love' sign on the way back to la. thanks again Snyder for doing this!!!