Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hooked Up - Smog City

Got hooked up with an amazing piece of original art from Smog City.

Smog City is one of LA's top get up artists. He has been getting up in Los Angeles for almost a decade, and is now receiving great gallery success, as well. Smog is gearing up for the year's 'Beyond Eden' exhibition as part of the Thinkspace presentation.

Smog hooked us up with this gorgeous gallery quality piece of art. It features Smog's skeleton of a human with 'Smog City' on the brain. The piece is layered and textured beautifully over a map of West Hollywood. It also includes a 'Poison Gas' label and even mixes in a couple of stickers from fellow street artists Bankrupt Slut and Subs.

Always admired how Smog's art stands on its own, but the fact that purpose of the pieces is to raise awareness about smog and air quality in Los Angeles and other polluted cities gives it an enhanced purpose.

Very cool. Dig it. Thanks for the hook up, Smog!

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