Saturday, August 27, 2011

THEFL- Action Shots and Chased By the Cops!

THEFL let us know that he would be doing some painting in an alley way behind Melrose yesterday afternoon, and invited us by to go take some shots.

When we arrived at the spot, it seemed really hot, not just the heat--even though it was in an alleyway it was in clear view of anyone coming by. We asked THEFL if he wasn't a bit nervous painting in such an exposed manner, and he told us that a building owner had come by and asked him what he was doing to which THEFL replied 'I'm painting over the penis'. The owner laughed and let him keep going. It wasn't clear whether it was this particular building owner who the story was about, but we kind of relaxed and chilled as we watched THEFL paint.

THEFL told us that for him, painting is more about the experience of doing it. We watched as he used a unique assortment of paint brushes, spray paint, and paint markers to make this wild animal piece. At one point, THEFL finished, and packed up his stuff. He stepped out into the alley and said "Oh shit! Cops!!" THEFL hustled down the alley way while the two of us who were left walked out a bit more casually. It seems the cops were after THEFL because they sped down the alleyway, and when they hit the next street, they started down the alleyway, then threw it in reverse, pulled out superfast, and then busted down onto Melrose, where THEFL had just disappeared.

Fortunately, THEFL was smart enough to jump inside a local store and escape the heat as the cops drove by. But things were a little crazy for a bit and it sure got hot for a moment!

Enjoy the action shots, and the finished piece from THEFL.

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