Friday, August 26, 2011

Desire Obtain Cherish - Corn Bomb

Awesome piece from Desire Obtain Cherish that captures the danger behind America's dependence on corn.

Corn, or corn syrup, is just a ticking time bomb for the body with diabetes waiting right around the corner. And the growth of corn has helped ruin the farming industry. That, along with the fact that much of the corn these days is actually inedible and piling up in 'corn mountains' around the midwest, makes the issue of corn one of the most concerning and relevant problems facing America right now.

Desire Obtain Cherish captures the danger in this piece of art, and you can capture a piece of your own, as Desire Obtain Cherish's first solo street art show is still running at Lab Art in Los Angeles.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this....Maaaaaaaad respect and appreciation for representing this issue in an artistic and thought provoking manner. Definitely my new favorite.

  2. Yeah! Fuck Corn!