Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hooked Up - Snyder

Snyder came over to the house to play, and hooked up with one of the most special hook-ups ever.

This hook up is so special because Snyder sketched a personalized and 'Doodle-ized' drawing of Greg from M&F, with his trusty dog Shasta on a leash. And, Greg recently completed a juice diet, and he has been raving about it, so Snyder included a shot of Greg holding a glass of juice (try a juice diet--its awesome!!). Can't say enough about this little sketch--it is a perfect rendition of Greg and Shasta joining Snyder's Doodle line-up~

Snyder is one of our favorite street artists. Not only does he consistently put out quality street art, but Snyder is incredibly passionate about the street art ethic, and he is one of the biggest and best proponents for the street art community around. Part of Snyder's passion stems from the fact that he used to work a corporate job, but left it to become an artist, so he is extremely grateful for this opportunity to be making art. Another reason is that Snyder is a true artist and he has a desire to create art all the time. But perhaps the most fun are the stories that Snyder tells about his art.

While we were hanging out, Snyder asked for a sketchbook and started drawing the sketch above. And while he was drawing, he told stories about his developing as an artist. All of them were great, but perhaps our favorite line was when he said, "Really, we are all just playing. Adults playing. I love what I do. Every day I am just playing. We (the artists) are the lucky ones, and that's why we don't grow old. We might be older, but we are still just kids playing.'

That is just a rough rendition of what we remember--it sounded even better when Snyder said it. But Snyder is on to something. And it is a beautiful world view when life is a playground. Indeed, the artists are the lucky ones~

Snyder came over to hang to the house to hook us up with one of his hand drawn 'Doodle Dunnced' pieces. The piece is absolutely amazing. We had been under the impression that these were prints, but they are not. They are an edition of hand drawn pieces from Snyder. We have been selling these through the blog, and for only $50 this is a steal of a deal for an original piece of art! (If you dig it, you can purchase your very own Doodle Dunnced HERE).

Folks who want to get a chance to paint with Snyder can head down to Carlsbad for his 'You Create The Art - Show' tomorrow night. Full details can be found HERE

Thanks for the amazing hookup, and for everything you do for the street art community, Snyder.

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