Thursday, August 25, 2011


Maybe there is more to the story than what we see going on here, but it looks like there was a tag from Not Me--a little tag which the remains can still be seen to the right of the cat head, that got covered when Cat Cult came and put up this giant head.

It seem that Not Me took offense to this, and came back and wrote over the cat head.

Of course, no one likes to be capped over. But the unwritten rules of the street say that a burner trumps a throwup trumps a tag, and if you cap it the right way, there should be no beef. This situation might raise some questions about street art trumping a tag? But Cat Cult is a graffiti based crew, and it seems that a 4 foot paster covering a tag should not be a problem. Furthermore, if you're gonna cap back, you've got to cap back. Hollow letters over a major paste don't accomplish that, and the end result is like a little Chihuahua nipping at the ankles of a massive cat.

Anyways, maybe there is more background to the story than this, but this is what we seen going on at the wall.


  1. Cat covered Felix too..So Felix should cap both of them..?

  2. felix blows... cat cult does not!

  3. hopefully they'll meet at the kickball court after school to beef it out