Friday, May 11, 2012

Street Art to the President: "We are All American"

President Obama was in Los Angeles yesterday for a fundraiser, and street artist Ramiro Gomez Jr. had a piece ready and waiting for his visit. As always, Ramiro's work aims to raise awareness for the scores of unsung domestic workers who make things work behind the scenes. But all to often, the workers are overlooked. Hope President Obama saw this piece, and that it had the intende effect. Here is the description of the event in Ramiro's own words: I went ahead and placed a new cardboard piece to coincide with the rout President Obama will be taking to his fundraiser tonight. I was interviewed on camera by Univision news at the original location of the mural outside a private home, but was told by secret service to move the piece to the "designated public area" at Wilacre Park on the corner of Fryman Rd. and Laurel Canyon Blvd. Hopefully the piece remains after the presidents visit. Dig it. Stay up~

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