Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Street Art Show Fundraiser to Benefit Street Art Photographer & Fire Victim

Street art photographer and M&F contributor Kelly Reyes experienced a personal tragedy recently when the complex she lived was completely destroyed by fire.

Fortunately, Kelly and her family survived and most of their pets were saved too.  However, basically everything Kelly owned--including her camera used to snap street art photos, was lost in the fire.  Kelly and her family spent a week at a Red Cross shelter after the fire, and are now trying to get back on their feet.  But after such an unexpected blow, it is difficult in every way to get re-established.

Kelly was a big supporter of LA's street art scene.  She has a natural talent as a photographer, and Kelly contributed photos to M&F as kells_bells1_ru.

In an effort from the street art community to try and give back to Kelly, Ethos Gallery/Street Art Sactuary/Jennifer Korsen are sponsoring a pop up art show fundraiser.  The art show goes down on June 22nd at a pop-up location, 7020 Melrose Ave.  The line-up features an impressive selection of artists and the art is reportedly priced to sell.  All proceeds go to supporting Kelly, so its win/win to get a cool piece of art, and help support a good cause.

For those who cannot make the art show or are not in the area, there is also a web page set up to take donations for Kelly and her family.

Support and Stay Up!~

The full list of artists includes: Cryptik, Risk, Slick, Sebastian Walker, Gregory Siff, Phobik, Plastic God, Plastic Jesus, Jennifer Korsen, Adam Roth, Random Act, Animal In Man, Anna Drumm, Annie Preece, Benjamin Alejandro, Booleep, BleepBloop, Ben Snyder, Ciphe, Common Cents, Desire Obtain Cherish, Dillon, Dirt Cobain, Dub Williams, Earl Lee, Hannah Streety, Holis Hart, Icy and Sot, Jamie Becker, Jose Castillo, Leba, Look At, Lydia Emily, Madman, Mona, Never Lego, Nick Bates, Noah Emhurt, Nuskr, Pasty Whyte, RS70, Samir Evol, Septerhed, Shadow Monster Bear, Teacher, Thefl, There She Is, Tommy Face, Vyal One, You killed Me First, and ZLA.

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