Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Piped

Taye 2Cents SGK Bankrupt Slut and hand painted stencil by unkown artist stickers

Sticker Punk

Hand painted stencil. Unkown artist.

Get Up, Stay Up

Siezer, Tick One, 12 Bar, Mars, No Cover, Vote Acme, Looters, No Cover Stickers

Bankrupt Slut, Cat Cult

Smear Handrawn

Smear, Volcom, Who is the lady's head up top?

Still Selling Out--Dethkills

With a half-assed attempt to stab back at the artists who took back the streets from Dethkills' street art-killing-Krooked/Huf-corporate-campaign, and going over more artists in what appears to be another corporate onslaught, Dethkills solidifies their reputation as has-beens and sell-outs.

With a printed poster made to look hand drawn (not hand drawn, lol) stickered, not pasted over Leba's artwork on Melrose, a wack tag over Free Humanity, and putting up posters over other a whole new slew of artists work, Dethkills seems to be saying a big "f-you" to LA's entire street art community, and giving up the battle at the same time.

It seems the only projects Dethkills puts effort into are paid gigs.

That's not art, that's just advertising.


Valaks hand drawn sticker.

It Hurts to Walk a Mile In These Shoes

Damn. Check out this dudes big toe.

He was chillin at the park, airin these dogs out.

He did not look homeless-he looked like he works on his feet.

Every step in life must be a painful step.


The Cobra Snake

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Okay, I Snagged It

Once in a while, I am so impressed with a piece of art that I take it home with me.

When I spotted the first 'Ducking the Truth' Duck cut out by Dog Byte, I was so moved that I took it off this wall and home to mine.

Glad to see that the location saw another migration.

Subliminal Garbage

The unisex bathroom garbage can at Subliminal Projects

Get Up, Stay Up

Coce?, Wicker, Stampd LA

Handrawn Dopeness

Unknown Artist

The British Influx Continues

Spotted this electrical box in a prime spot on La Cienega, right in front of one of LA's hippest, trendiest bars--The Roger Room.

This collage of work from Alec, Leba, and British Street Artist T.Wat showcases some of LA's top street artists alongside the top talent from across the pond.

Really cool to see street art from worldwide artists in one spot. The recent works in LA from T.Wat and Leeks add a new flavor to the scene. Hope to keep seeing more of this.

Sign Up

Gear, BNB, JDI, Iduno, Jess, Idealr, Sir One, IUWK, Romser, DSB, Lousy, Husky, 5667

Juicy Dirty Intercourse With Bankrupt Slut

Can't Be Boxed In

Stickers from Paupo, Savage, Cloud Nine, Begr, Kami, Meal, FYF, 2much, Elasr

Mr. Brainwash

Just Say No To Graffiti, Kids


Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Up, Stay Up

Stickers from Bankrupt Slut, Ruets, Slayer, PDB, At Large, Toro, Lomoe, Glutton, and unknown cockroach.


On Fairfax.

Stickers from MQ, Leak, Bankrupt Slut, Hamok, Casah, Gamel, FYF, Begr, Soup, AL, At Large, Pros and Cons, Tame

Sticker Box

Stickers and Tags by DWA, Eder, MG, Besa, Jean, POOG?, Jesus, GuerrillaOne

Who is this?--Asmar

Unknown artist. Stickers are all over LA.

Thanks DWA

Betso Hand Painted Resin Figure

Peeped this Betso hand painted resin figure on Melrose near Munky King.

It has been up for well over a year. Really cool character and great placement.

Seen Betso's work all over the West. From LA to San Fran, to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Dope stuff.

You can check out more of Betso's work at his website

Supply & Demand

Supply>Demand --on this sign.

With a strong sticker game including everything from hand drawn to hand cut to production stickers packaged in a strong aesthetic, Supply & Demand has smashed the city and left it wanting more.

The rest of the city is Demand>Supply.

In The Wild of LA

LA can be like the Savannah. Unknown artist.

Chattin' with the Buff Man

Bumped into the Buff Man cleaning some telephone poles this morning. He was a short, old guy with gray hair driving a white truck and wearing a dayglo green vest.

I told him "I like the stickers."

He smiled and said, "Yeah, me too. I've got a big collection" and on the glove compartment of his truck he had a Rogue Status sticker.

It was a cool moment. Sometimes I picture the Buff Man as a bad guy or a hater. But this one's a fan of the art, just with a job to do.

Fuck a Crew Hopper

On La Brea

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fat Kidz

Restitution Press--How To Run LA @ Munky King

Restitution Press launched a bold art show and zine #17 titled 'How To Run LA' this past weekend at Munky King.

Due to being out of town, MelroseandFairfax was unable to attend, but it looks like a smash event. You can peep pics of the opening and view artwork for sale at Munky King

--Side Note: Munky King is a great store for all kinds of art and the top designer vinyl toy store in LA.

They support local street art by hosting shows and stocking stickers from some of LA's top artists including Zoso, Shark Toof, 455er, and, of course, Restitution Press.

Show some support and stop by Munky King next time you're on Melrose.

455er-Take Control


Zoltron on Beverly

Stickers by Branded, Eros, Orakel Dynasty, Auzer and Sonek. Tag by Soma


Stickers by High5 BLK, Bankrupt Slut, DTA/Conart


Mojo on Beverly

AHOL Sniffs Glue


Mexico is a beautiful country. Enjoyed great drinks, wonderful people, and beaches that look like the setting for a Corona commercial.

Also happy to say that street art is alive and thriving in Mexico--especially in Matzatlan.

With many different voices and mediums, from stickers to tags, MelroseandFairfax felt right at home Mexico.