Saturday, July 31, 2010

Merch, Bankrupt Slut

Merch BNB, Bankrupt Slut

Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy stencil, street art


CDXVIII--"As a group of artists and freethinkers, CDXVIII (418) represents the collective effort to inspire and ensure a convergence of Art, Science, and Religion in our modern world ... We earnestly hope, and fully believe, that humanity as a whole is approaching a point in its evolution in which it will experience a major paradigm shift. Through the individual's effort, the trends present in human consciousness have already begun transferring their weight from detrimental ideas that separate self and other, to more universal notions of unity and co-operative expression"--from

Get Up, Stay Up

Inspire to Smile, Smog City, Orisue Crew, TSF, HVW8, Wicker, Obey, Howe

Hot Girl Paste

Love it.

Unknown artist.

Christian Audigier Mural

I've always enjoyed the brand aesthetic.

Thought that the fades were painted with a air brush--impressive to see its hand done.

Bran TRB

Bran TRB made another trip down fairfax.

Also stickers from Hamok, FYF, Rotting Fresh, French, Cest, Forge, Antes, P Dog, Prose


AMMO USA sticker

Kaiaspire--Where's the Love?

Kaiaspire wonders--where is the love? after an unknown artist threw a can of paint over his installation wall.

Maybe if Kai hadn't capped so many artists, more love would be shown.

It is really interesting to note the difference between the hand painted scrawl and the blackberry piece. It is clear that the mural is not hand painted--at least not by Kai.

Signs Still Changin

This sign is always fresh, with new work from Dog Byte and Kera--and Dog Byte going missing.

Also stickers from bran one, Chew, AL, SGK, Bankrupt Slut, The Seventh Letter, TSF, The Status Faction

Sign Up

JDI, RTH, Asmah, MikeGreg, Bankrupt Slut, Detox, Tuner, Sabby, Jobe Dirty CRox

Get Poled

Bankrupt Slut, Ghost One, Subs RTH

Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Poled

Howe, Cest, Word, Rotting Fresh, Bankrupt Slut, Syer, Sozs

Get Dumped

Kougher Smits, Costc, Hamok, Iworm, Pie, 88 Proof, PBR Crew, Glaboe, Bboe, Hael, Mkue, MQ, AL, Sigue

Get Up, Stay Up

Skate Mural


TFK, Zahr, Limez

This Ain't Your Mama's Mustache

Bankrupt Slut, Dog Byte, Abscnt

Bankrupt Slut, Dog Byte, Abscnt

Hidden Friends

Hidden Friends and Obama Adama stickers

Kaiaspire-- Welcome to the World of Street Art

Kai gets introduced to the world of street art when unknown artist(s) took a bucket of red paint to the installation piece on the family wall.

Welcome the the world of street art.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Agree

I agree--added to Free Humanity's 'Wars not make one Great' piece on Melrose.

Sign Up

Stickers and tags from KOG, Cat Cult, TSF, The Status Faction, Bankrupt Slut, Justrd Mustrd, Irok, Word, Howe, Rotting Fresh, Cest, P Dog, Zeal, Paz, Uglee, Halfr, Erie, Vincent Flaw.

Sign Up

Stickers and tags from FYF, Lymez, Heros, Reka, Supply and Demand, Atick, Ulyer, Lousy, Husky, Cest, P. Dog, Howe, Word, Irok, Jaber, Forge, TVR

BUER, False

Buer is all over LA and has the Westside killed.

Beautiful scenery in the background.

FER, Luigi

Oder? FER and Lugi stickers.

Very cool characters.


Varp? hand stencil sticker on Melrose.


One isn't born a street artist. This is made clear by Kaiaspire.

Kai is the son of Jungle Nutz who bequeathed Kai a prime wall on the family owned building just off Melrose. The big white canvas of a wall was a haven for street art and was always changing with fresh new art from some of the worlds top street artists. (earlier feature on wall )

When Kai assumed control of the wall he buffed the wall and kept it clean from other artists. In just under a year Kai has put up two massive installations on the wall--Marlboro themed 'Morons' and Blackberry themed 'Save Yourself'.

I've always felt that art is anything that gets people to view things in a different way. But Kai's work seems to aim for art while missing the mark completely. His installations are simply a mish-mash of tired cliche's slapped together like a high school art project. Yes Marlboro and Morons both start with 'M', does that make it art?-- MelroseandFairfax doesn't think so. Kai's work does not cause the viewer to see something in a new way as much as it tells them how he feels about something-and even that is unclear. Apparently people who smoke are morons and people who use a blackberry need to use caution? or something? Whatever. Viewing Kai's work is less looking at art and more like listening to an old person complain.

It is what it is, but recently Kai ventured off the parents porch and started putting up stickers and wheatpastes in the streets. The thing is, even though Kai was born into a family of street art, it is clear Kai has absolutely no idea what street art is about.

Kai has wandered around a few blocks close to the studio slapping stickers and wheatpastes over anyone. I have said it before, true artists make art. Hacks and haters try to make a name going over true artists and using that for leverage. The complete and haphazard manner that Kai has gone over all kinds of artists shows the true nature of where Kai is coming from--but his complete lack of awareness and knowledge of how the streets work is really fascinating--especially given Kai's 'street art' heritage. If Kai didn't like people painting on his family wall, well welcome to the world of street art where half the artists in the city will be aiming to cap his work.

With work that is so bland and uninspired, it is interesting that Kai chose a name like Kai-aspire. Hopefully he keeps aspiring to make something better because as of now Kai is packaged in his own label--Moron.


Darkcloud is from the northeast, but has presence in LA.

Seems that Darkcloud always finds the best of the best spots, then gets up top.

Also featuring stickers from DTA, GSD, Bankrupt Slut and Armo?

Pics from West Hollywood and Venice Beach


There are Free Kutmah stickers up around town, but this is the first 'Kutmah' sticker captured.

Freeway Graffiti

Tactics, TSC, Bagoe, Roge, Dread, Sage, Meka, Rival, Heros, SV, Skolr, Asyro, Sori, Magk, R2d, Fuct

Reeker, That Drop

KH no. 7 Live in Peace

KH. no 7 BP Wheatpaste. Live In Peace piece. Painted over Joe Ledbetter Magnus by the Loyal Subjects. Chris Clarke sticker.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jew is Definitely Back

Jew goes back over his tag.

Mr. Brainwash Banksy Slows?

Mr. Brainwash stencil.

It looks like someone came and added a 'Banksy Slows' stencil on top of that. Not sure what it means.

Sidewalk Stencils

Unknown Artist(s)

Alec Street Art Heaven

Alec Street Art hits this heaven.

The Uprising

The Uprising.


Stay Up~


Beatnick street art sticker


I first noticed Seperhed when a slap got stuck to my shoe at the Peel Here Sticker Show--and now, its everywhere. Slaps, pastes, telephone wires--up all over quick.

Stay up~