Sunday, October 31, 2010

Airy Fades

No idea what these letters are, but the artsmanship is oustanding.

Love the design, and especially dig the atmospheric flairs up top

Box Combo

Mad combo downtown.

Slaps and tags from Milk, Soze, Boomc, Korte, Mier, CR, Boats, Cryptik, Phylo, TSF, Irok, Love Hate, Zort, P1, Insurgency Inc, graffiti, stickers, Los Angeles


Hand. Eat. Face.

American flag.

Write her name.

(on the left) Do you know me yet? Just sent your eyes. And(on the right), You will lose and lose. Don't stop. One day you will win.

Cut off your hurt. It hurts better.

^My Father Can Hear This

Gregory Siff has been gracing the streets of Los Angeles with colorful, clever art.

Not only is Gregory a street artist, he is also an actor playing the lead role in a film on Vincent Van Gogh.

And his art work has been exhibited in many shows and galleries.

If you are a fan of Gregory's art work (like we are) you should check out these links to find out more.

Gregory Siff with Interview Magazine

Gregory Siff Art Link

painT (the movie)

Gregory's Past Art

Sick Spider Mural

Dope piece~

Unknown artist.

Ancient Youth

Swoe Nice Out

Hand drawn slap from Swoe on this beautiful day.

Also slap from Buick/Dump.

Alec, Andre, Koffinz

This spot really comes together well.

Art from Alec, Andre, Koffinz, and a penguin wheat paste. If you look close, you can also see the head of a Free Humanity stencil.

Also a tag from Aigar(?) CBS from 07.



MQ dumpster.

Bombed inside and out and even tagged Mkue a few times for good measure.

Also tags from Shame, Voms, Puto, Slay, MQ, and more.

Sram Graffiti

Wow. Really dig this futuristic/alien themed piece from Sram.

Love the colors and the letters.

Dope stuff.


Sunrise Tags

Spurn, Mixt, JWS, Oh Venus, Doak, Atick, Metos, Frogy, Epit, Begr, Howl, BBOER, Boogr, Resin, DAS, Gehs, Kohs, Hextor, and many, many more

Indian Sticker

Don't know anything about this. Its on the back of a car. We just dig it~

Vivid Alt

Vivid Alt, Bankrupt Slut, GWF, Ptue(?),

Seein Veins

Qtip is seeing Veins as she cruises down Melrose.

Tags from Veins, RFK, RS, AFA, 9 oz, graffiti, Los Angeles

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get Up, Stay Up

Chubby Boob, 7 Bolts of Lightning, Childhood, Bankrupt Slut, Smear, Bats, Bankrupt Slut, Eyeworm, Smog City, Gutter, Snipe, TSF, Wheat Peace, Pros and Cons, stickers, and more

Finished Shots of Obey/Saber @ De La Barracuda

Here are some finishing shots of the incredible American Flag themed mural by Obey and Saber.

Saber added a black widow spider and some intense shading.

It was a lot of fun watching this go up.

Freebies - Septerhed Prints

Glow in the Dark Print-Daytime^

Nightime view

Septerhed has been killing Hollywood. From hangtags, to wheatpastes, to painting whole buildings- the dude is getting up.

And Septerhed hooked up MELROSEandFAIRFAX with a fat pack of prints.

These prints are super high quality, on museum quality poster. Especially love the glow in the dark print (its REALLY bright!)

Big thanks to Septerhed.

We look forward to seeing more cool shit on the streets.


JTS CCTV, Bankrupt Slut, and really cool stencil sticker up top by unknown artist.


Cost and Charles X(?)

Patriotic Zombie

Zombie slams up this postal box with Uncle Sam wheat pastes on 3 sides.

The Zombie character is dressed up in patriotic colors, fitting for the 4th of July.

Also tagged up by Jew.

I Knifehand

I Knifehand - another great name.

Possum, Resn, Three Legged Man, Bankrupt Slut

Crooked Preacher Killa

Great name~

Lord Jim

Lord Jim gets up behind Munky King on Melrose.

Dig the green spray on the hand drawn sticker but an't make out the tag on it? DTE?

Qtip Digs It

Cool tags on this pole just off Melrose.

Tags from Borat, Voms, Tame, Sar, Respek and Qtip.

Get Up, Stay Up

TOS, Clash, Plavex, Hogs, TWC, and more

Cool Character - Travis Millard

Looks like this guy could be hanging out Where The Wild Things Are.

From artist Travis Millard.

Also featuring stickers from Bankrupt Slut and Iunk

Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Humanity Gets Highest

^Free Humanity monkey'n up the pole

Free Humanity has long demonstrated the dedication to get up big, get up everywhere, and get up highest in Los Angeles.

Free put those skills on display in front of a large crowd at the Marxist Glue show when he put up a massive sticker combo 15 feet up on a pole on 2nd street.

At first, Free and Koffinz teamed up with Free standing on Koffinz' shoulders. But when the reach wasn't quite high enough, Free launched himself up the pole, shimmying it monkey style.

Really cool stuff to see. Stickers in the combo from Free Humanity, Koffinz, Bankrupt Slut, Unseen, Hate, Veinz, Sneak One, Orale, Limit RXI GND, Justin Kees and a few more.

Nomade and Mear One slaps to the right.

Stay up~

Marxist Glue Art Show @ Hold Up Gallery



Yo! Peace, and Zoltron

^Crowd in front of Zoltron piece

^Mear One

Went to a cool show put on by Marxist Glue at the Hold Up Gallery in Little Tokyo last night.

Saw a lot of amazing art and met a lot of cool people.

Art from Zoltron, Nomade, Eddie, Mear One, Cryptik, Phantom, and more.

Stuck In The Game

Gkay, MQ, IEC, Irok "Stuck in the Game" - and a few more we can't make out.