Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nick Walker - Street Art Influencing Children

Perhaps the best part about Nick Walker's stencil art being at such an unusual location is that the kids who play at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club have the chance to get influenced by the art on the walls.

Like this giant butterfly from Walker, wrapped with ribbons towards the bottom.

Icy & Sot in Los Angeles- Is this the Face of a Sucker?

Icy & Sot get up on Melrose with a fresh new multi-faceted piece.

The main part of the art is a two person life size wheat paste of a stencil featuring Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad squatting next to each other on the ground.

Then, all over the two men and all around them are little stencils of cockroaches.  The cockroaches go everywhere, from the sidewalk to the walls.  If you follow the bugs all the way to the corner the cockroaches get traced back to a storm drain.  Dig the interaction with how they are climbing on the aptly named graffiti bomb from 'Bugs'.

All under a poster referring to the face of a sucker.  

Cool stuff.  And watch out in the news. Israel just admitted to bombing inside Syria and Iran has vowed revenge.  Hope not, but it seems that World Ward III might be brewing in the Middle East.

Teacher Does JFK

Teacher paints an impressive JFK tribute stencil.

The aesthetic used with parallel lines denoting the shading on the face has become Teacher's signature style.  What is so impressive if that he does not use a computer to generate this effect.  Rather, Teacher creates this stylistic graphic gradient with just his brain powered photoshop.

Check out this video for a glimpse at Teacher's art studio and a look at Teacher's new JFK stencil.

Dig it.  Iconic piece~

Jush BNW

Jush BNW gets dumped at Venice Beach.

Unlike much of the graffiti around here, this is not a legal piece.

The Streets are Full of Haters

Maybe its better for so-called vandals to remain on legal walls, like Nick Walker.

After all, the streets are mean and unforgiving.  And they are full of haters.

Like this dumpster, with stickers from Hater, Menik, Efue, Bankrupt Slut, Aigo, JTS, Berbs, Arson, Fonze, Daos and more.

Nick Walker - Vandal?

What makes a street artist?

Nick Walker is one of the biggest name stencil artist's in the world.

Walker visited Los Angeles in 2012 and put up some of his signature images, including his signature 'Vandal' image of a guy in a suit . . . at the Boys & Girls Club in Santa Monica.

Walker left the word 'Vandal' off of this piece, but it is a humorous juxtaposition to see Walker's commissioned Vandal riding on a legal wall next to some playground equipment and some human size Alvin & the Chipmunks characters.

As for the art, Walker cuts an impressive stencil and this is an interesting piece with a fist in place of the man's face.  The work is good, but this piece begs the question--What makes a street artist?  Walker is one of the biggest names in the world, yet he has no street cred.  Shouldn't a street artist have street cred?  Or does that not matter?

Love Krew - Prime Suspects

Solidified paint sticker from Half Love Krew, riding next to a 'Prime Suspects' slap.


Look paints back this spot in a parking lot on Melrose with a new cartoonish/anime themed piece.


Get Wood

RS70 gets up with a fresh 3d wood cut out on Melrose.

ASB Graffiti

Graffiti from ASBK at Venice Beach.

Shout outs to Ya, Blank, and StatX.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

King of the Apes

Chillin like a villan and chillin like the King of the Apes.

Cool mural painting in Venice Beach.

Go Small, Get Noticed

You don't necessarily have to go big to get seen and get noticed.

Here is a small wheat paste from Nomatter Whatness that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

Dat Screen Printing Shit is Expensive!

Paster from Sick Kid calling out the expensive hobby of street art saying 'Dat Screen Printing Shit is Expensive!'.

Peace is the Cure

Daytime pics of Teacher's new 'Teach Peace' stencil.

Teacher says that he wanted this piece to look like a first aid kid, so he painted the entire box white for a background.

Also dig the shots with the box in front of the pharmacy advertising flu shots in the background.

Teach peace.  It is the cure~

Vie 3 Gets Up!

Vie3 gets up with a fresh new wheat paste on Melrose feature Frida Kahlo.

Stay up!

My Master Would Be Happy With This Spot

All kinds of cool unique stickers that we haven't seen before on M&F getting stuck up.

Cool slaps from Deny, Nat, Ciphe, MG5, Dancers Collection, Kym, Dissizit, and more.  And the one from Paul says 'My Master Would Be Happy With This Spot'.


Stay stuck up!

Bandit - Preserving Nature

Daytime pics of Bandit's fresh piece behind Melrose entitled 'Preserving Nature'.

The hand painted and form cut wheat paste features a Native American placing a glass case over a daffodil flower.

Dig how Bandit is hand painting pieces and developing his own signature style.

Arrest the Bankers

Leba tags all around this electrical box on Fairfax with a dripping ink marker.

On the back it says 'Arrest the Bankers'.  Placed in front of an out of business bank.


Rastaclat sticker getting stuck up behind Fairfax.

With a truck from Sand One in the background.

Spark it up.

Chomp! Chomp!

A wind up biter's toy sticker.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teach Peace - New Work & Video

Teacher issues his response to the recent spate of gun related tragedies with a new street piece entitled 'Teach Peace'.

Teach also released a little video of some live street teachin' being taught.

Click the jump to check it out!

Bandit - Action Shots!

M&F has exclusive action shots of Bandit getting up a fresh new paste behind Melrose.

Even though Melrose is not Bandit's home, its becoming his home away from home.

Stay up!

Icy & Sot

Sticker from Icy and Sot getting stuck up behind Melrose.

Riding with Tank, Ewer, Irok, Soze and more.

Get Head!

Cool graffiti head character from Gath One at Venice Beach.

Plastic Jesus - Fly By Wire

Despite his recent success, Plastic Jesus doesn't stop the street art.

Plastic Jesus hits the streets this morning with a fresh new stencil entitled Fly By Wire.  The piece takes a swipe at the problems Boeing has had with its 787 Dreamliner.

Plastic Jesus describes the piece as saying, "The aircraft connects to a power outlet by a cable to overcome the electrical problems that have grounded the aircraft".

Dig it.  Stay grounded and stay up!

Wake Up!

Leba has been getting up around Los Angeles with giant electrical box pasters that say 'Wake Up!'.

Indeed.  Wake up and see the graffiti~

Street Art Scraping By

Just around the corner from Leba's tag on the box, Leba also tagged the building.

M&F rolled by just in time to catch this maintenance man scraping Leba's tag off.

The maintenance man said that the next tenant arrives next week, and that it is a skate shop, not another bank.

Lance Armstrong Street Piece by Plastic Jesus Goes Viral!

The street stencil by Plastic Jesus of Lance Armstrong has been blowing up on the internet, and it has gone viral like the flu!  The initial story first broke exclusively on M&F, and you can see the original post HERE.

The piece has since been picked up and blasted out by LA Times, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail & The Sun (two of the biggest newspapers in the UK), Yahoo, KTLA, and LA Weekly.

It has even got so big that Plastic Jesus got a feature piece done by CNN.  It is a very cool story with some juicy info about the artist, and M&F got to contribute a few lines.  You can check out the CNN article on Plastic Jesus HERE.

Big ups to Plastic Jesus for coming out with a relevant hard hitting piece, and huge congrats on the subsequent hype.

Stay up!

"Whoa! That Piece is Awesome!!"

"Whoa! That piece is awesome!"

This kid exclaimed that to his friend when he saw this impressively warped graffiti piece from Pore Oner at Venice Beach.

Dig it~

Los Angeles Graffiti

Los Angeles graffiti with all kinds of bombs.

Action from Paro, Tank, N8iv WLA and more.

Pay My Rent

Stickers getting stuck up saying Pay My Rent, Rare, Eros, Syqen, Koster, LNG, Abys, Amble, Roem, Lurk, Life, Lonely Haku and more.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Snyder's Shrooms Find a Home

Action shots of Snyder finally finding a home for his hand dripped street art mushrooms.

Dig how the Melrose and Fairfax area is Snyder's home away from home.

Bloomin' Shrooms

Action shots of Snyder getting set to bloom some street art shrooms in Los Angeles.

If folks wonder why there are so many prep shots with Snyder, its because most of his action is in preparing the work for the streets.  The actual application is just the icing on the cake.

The Hard Core

Huge graffiti piece taking up the entire wall at Venice Beach.

Dig the character in the middle and the eyeball.

From the THC Crew.

When's Weed Recess?

'When's Recess?' sticker getting stuck up next to a marijuana leaf sticker in Venice Beach.

The combination makes us reminiscent thinking back to high school.

Not Sure What This Dude is Doing

Not sure what this dude is doing.

Not sure if this guy is smoking, or spittin on a mike, but a stencil at a hot spot along the boardwalk in Venice Beach.

Chod Getting Up Everywhere - ATM

Pardon the play on words, but Chod is getting up everywhere, at the moment.

His work can be found all over the streets of LA, and Chod even has art work featured at public interruptions, like this nameplate attached to an ATM at the Beverly Center.

Street Art Homage to Starry Night

A street art homage to Van Gogh's Starry Night.

This mural version is painted by R. Cronk in Venice Beach.

Gorgeous Girls Up Close

A closer look at the gorgeous girls who compose the Bear Trap mural at Venice Beach from Sonata.

Sonata Works Art Into Words

Sonata paints a beautiful piece in Venice Beach, turning portraits into works of art and letters that say 'Bear Trap'.

Painted and Pasted

Some graffiti hits from Noxik(?) FDS and Waey(?) PLF get painted next to a paster from Cali Killa.

Dig the flares on the FDS and the handstyle on the PLF bit.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad and Religious - Ads not Art?

Music has deep roots in promotional street advertising.  Music flyers were unofficial street art before there was such a thing as street art.

So M&F always tries to welcome and pay respect to the many music bands who are hustlin' and getting up on the streets.

With that said, there does seem to be a difference between band's no one has heard of trying to make a name, as opposed to big label bands with major corporate backing bringing a campaign to the streets.

Well, there has been a recent wheat paste campaign in Los Angeles that appeared to be from an artist as it was put up unsigned around town.  It turns out that the pieces were not straight street art, but a street campaign for big name band 'Bad Religion'.  The secret was revealed when M&F Contributor RS70 spotted a billboard with the same imagery as the street campaign riding in Los Angeles.

Thoughts?  Is there any difference between up & coming bands vs. big label band's getting up on the streets?  Should bands even be getting up?

Demons Graffiti

Demonic demon's graffiti.

At Venice Beach from Demos.

Also with 3M.

2 Cents NYC

LA already has a street artist named 2cents.  But it looks like NYC has another artist named 2 Cents, and the New York based artist recently paid a visit to Venice Beach.

Riding with some cool shots of an active crane in the background.

Venice Beach Graffiti

FNC gets bombed at the Venice Beach Graffiti walls.


Persu graffiti at Venice Beach.

Nomatter Whatness - Action Shots!

M&F contributor Mohamed had the opportune street adventure of coming up on street artist Nomatter Whatness, and catching him in the act.

Mohamed captured some action shots, and as you can see, Nomatter Whatness is getting some help from his lover.  This is very cool, because this scene fits perfectly with the theme of Nomatter's art, which often focuses on lovers.

Mohamed also reports that Nomatter Whatness was very generous and hooked him up with one of the street piece's he was putting up.  Very cool.

Click the jump for more

TBD Photography - The Different Ways of Looking at Something

Interesting double piece from TBD Photography.  Both sides feature the same image of a man sleeping on the sidewalk went an awkwardly bent hand.   However the one on the left is cropped closer and in full color, while the one on the right is from a further back perspective and in black and white.

Dig this piece which captures and portrays through art the different ways of looking at something.

Stuck Up!

Stickers getting stuck up in front of the graff walls at Venice Beach.

Slaps from Eat Shit, Aigo 326, Charm, DTL, i4got, YEUP, Blohre, Droser, Meko, Lostc, Bankrupt Slut, Paer, Vecks and more.

Street Art Jesters

Street artists often serve as the jesters for society.

Well, here is a gigantic mural in Venice Beach with some actual jesters.  And some half buffed graffiti tags.

Get Up, Stay Up!

Graffiti at Venice Beach from Muner(?) and more getting up.