Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Crown Atop the Last Elephant

Mr. Brainwash dubbed this building 'The Last Elephant' when he used it to host his Art Show 2011.

And there is a huge roller from Sorb and Eyrek atop the building serving as a crown to The Last Elephant.

In Los Angeles, Everything Gets Bombed or Stolen

Its kinda true.  Stolen more than bombed, but bombed as well.

Like the frame of this scooter.  Not sure if everything that could get taken did, or if this is an installation piece.  But either way, soon after going on the street it gets bombed and comboed up with tags and slaps from Kayak, Fons, Jaber and more.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 sticker stuck up at a graffiti hot spot in downtown Los Angeles.

Sidewalk Pasted

Dig the image, but sidewalk pastes never last very long, unless you take special precautions.

Gracias LA~

Awesome sticker simply saying 'Gracias LA'.

Riding in a Hollywood neighborhood, with a classic Obama Adama sticker from Pay2Play that has been riding for years.

Remi Rough

Remi Rough mural in downtown Los Angeles.

This guy actually used to paint with Banksy, or at least did pieces a few times together.

The Rime Exchange

Old school graffiti style displayed in this piece from Rime saying 'The Exchange'.

O.G. Slut

An O.G. Bankrupt Slut sticker that is currently riding in Hollywood, and has been for nearly 4 years.

Hollywood Pole Dancing

Whether its strippers or stickers, the real action happens on the poles in Hollywood.

Here is some sticker pole dancing in front of a backwards Hollywood mural with a good representation of heads getting up at the moment.

Slaps from Lash's, Forty, RS70, MQ, Coma DMS, Shie 47, Blind with shout outs to Alaz, 2Face, and Rums, Pookie, and CMYK.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Keep It In Your Pants

When it comes to guns, just keep it tucked in your pants.  Or better yet, don't keep one at all.  Like the 311 song quotes, "guns are for pussy's".

Here is a wheat paste from Icy & Sot with a dude with two guns tucked into his pants.

Put up next to graffiti bombs by Movie KYC SYB THR and Avery SYB.

Its Hard to Stay Up in the Street Sticker Game

M&F has said it many times before, stickers are our favorite aspect of the street art game.  And since stickers are so small, they get buffed so often, and they get covered by each other, it is incredibly hard to stay up in the sticker.

This wheat paste found out, and as soon as it went up in this sticker spot, it got drowned out.

All kinds of action and close up pics capturing the action after the link

Fewer Scripts

All kinds of different handstyles getting tagged up including Script WI, Fewer, Movie SYB THR, and many more.

Trucked Up

Freeway shot of Buge(?) BAM getting trucked up.

Sticker Scooter Combo (pt. 2)

A huge feature with many more pics of edgy stickers on this giant scooter combo.

Dig the John Lennon Obey riff with added headphones, the pear apple bit and many more.

Sticker Scooter

This scooter is absolutely comboed out with massive fun stickers.  Click the jump for more up close shots

(I heart realism, too~)

Get Dumped

Street stickers getting dumped with The Seventh Letter, Frank 151, Stompdown CA, Bankrupt Slut, and a handstyle postal from Blel(?).

This is Your Brain on Street Art

Ask anyone who's involved, street art can be addicting a lot like drugs.

Here is a fried egg brain postal sticker on Melrose.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lined Character

Lined character sticker from Pilpeled.

Tag Whatness

Nomatter Whatness gets pasted on Melrose across from Tag.

Another 2013 Glimpse Inside Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011

Here is the second and final feature on the art still riding in 2013 inside the guts of the old building from Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011.  

This is another huge feature with 10+ pics.  Cool to see how the place has morphed over the years, but still looks very much the same.

Got Wood?

Smear and Kiosk get up with hand painted, and hand screened wheat pastes on some virgin plywood.

Trustocorp - The Future is Blight

Lebasse Projects is presenting a solo art show from Trustocorp entitled 'The Future is Blight'.

The work will feature

And keep an eye on the streets.  As a build up for the show, Trustocorp will be leaving 'poverty kits' around the city.

Click the jump for more information including the full press release and show details

Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011 Building Opened Back Up!

The building on La Brea which hosted Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011 has been undergoing steady construction ever since the show ended.

While some things have changed, much of the art still remains, especially the ceiling and pillar placements.

The building is not open yet.  It is still heavily under construction (and construction workers don't like their picture taken).  However, the moving of the giant construction panel boards around the building allowed M&F to grab some exclusive shots from inside.  Its fascinating to see a building like this where the inside has been smashed, but is not completely abandoned.

Click the jump for a huge pictorial with more looks inside

Spaced Out Graffiti

Interesting styles on these tags in front of Spacecraft.

Action from OAI, Troll, Branz, and more.

Ride to Death

EM 65 gets pasted with a skull wearing a flag colored helmet.


Corporate violence wheat paste from Shepard Fairey next to a tag that says 'Sicko(f) her lies'.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Without VFX Artists, There is No Hollywood

Another new piece from Plastic Jesus.

This one is meant to show solidarity with Teacher's recent gigantic custom ebox, and both pieces are designed to show support for the VFX Solidarity movement.  The VFX people are the folks who make all the visual effects happen in movies.

This new piece from Plastic Jesus states that 'No VFS, No Hollywood'.

Capping over a sidewalk billboard adverstisement for the new GI Joe movie, which undoubtedly uses a grip of green screen action.

Dig it.  Stay Up and Stay special with those effects~

Surfing Street Art

M&F just got sent this interesting story about street art capturing some major pro-surf drama.

The story behind the piece begins at the end of last years tour, but really comes to life during the first contest of the 2013 tour when Slater and Joel Parkinson battled in the final heat for the competition title. While Parko was in a barrel and potentially earning a score at the end of the final heat to secure the win, Slater used his awarded priority and dropped in on the wave forcing Joel to pull out moments after giving Slater the bird, ultimately earning Slater the needed score to make a last minute comeback and win the first contest of the 2013 tour. Click the jump to see how this drama turned into street art.

War Paint

War paint like pieces getting pasted up on Melrose.

Also an interesting giraffe/human/baby character, too.

From Sao Paulo to Los Angeles

The CBS Crew has been opening up their walls behind Melrose and bringing in talented artists from all over the world to paint.

Like this piece saying 'From Sao Paulo to Los Angeles'.  Anyone who is following the worldwide street art scene knows that Brazil is blowing up like no other place on the globe right now.

Dig this turtle vandal from Cudrido(?).

Still Smashing

Tsmokestrees has been busy collecting stickers online, and smashing in Santa Monica.

Click the jump to check out more combos with stickers from all over the world

Plastic Jesus Goes Bananas

Well, some people might go bananas, but Plastic Jesus is just going banana.

This is a new piece is entitled 'NEVERMIND' and it is a play on the Nirvana smiley face image.  Plastic Jesus says that he is playing with music promotional images to experiment with the way that they have become ingrained in our society.  And, what exactly makes an image iconic?

Stay up and go banana~

Hard Hat and Burger Area

Burgers and a steak getting stuck up on a hard hat sign at a construction site.  The food pieces aren't signed.  Wonder what these are about?

Stuck up with tags from RBI, Spie JUR PIE, Resk, Hitop, Emeer and more.

Its Official - None of This is Real

Chod slams Melrose with some fresh new official looking street signs.

The are some of the most authentic looking street art signs that have gone up on LA's streets.  Notice in the close up shots how these are printed on reflective material.  And Chod also used screws without a head, like the ones the city uses on signs, in order to grant these signs a longer running life span.

Its on an official looking sign now, so it is fully official:  None of this is Real~

Good Morning, Graffiti

Its like a wake n' bake for graffiti lovers.

Self CBS paints a tattoo-esque piece with a camouflaged background.

Get Up in the Heavens, Los Angeles~

Cool alley way combo taking form with slaps and tags from Fons, Uome, Abys, Jk5, Stunk, Zombie,
Bankrupt Slut, Shuter, Sefo, Newt, Hvns/LA and many more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Andre, AKA Monsieur A.

Just next to the bomb droppin' airplane from Icy & Sot is another rooftop piece.  This one is a 3 part graffiti piece from French notable Andre, aka Monsieur A.

Andre has been getting up for years, and one of these signature character graffiti bombs was a big part of what led to the starting of M&F, after we had come across one of Andre's rooftop bombings in Miami and wondered how he did that.

This appears to be a commission piece, and it is the same building where Andre had his 'Annabelle' bubble graffiti bomb last year in 2012.

Click the jump for 10+ more pics

Droppin' Peace Bombs on Your Moms

Icy & Sot came through LA a few weeks ago, and they still have some pieces to be discovered.

Like this airplane stencil dropping peace bombs on Melrose.

Dig it.  Stay up!

Mexi-Cali Fart Barf

Sticker combo getting stuck up on Melrose.

With all kinds of slaps from Fart, Barf, 125er, Daf Wai, Gmale, Shie 47, Bewst, Elvis, The Seventh Letter, Reik, Reti, Areu Oner, Pulp, Klae, Culebra reppin' Mexicali and more.

LOUDLABS On Tour (pt. 2)

More shots of LOUDLABS getting up around the Southwest US.

Click the jump for a huge 10+ pictorial with fresh new woodwork, tile pieces, action shots and more

Team Up to Get Up

Smear and Kiosk RTH team up to get up with fresh wheat pastes in Hollywood.

Dig the interaction together. (and the naked chic).

LOUDLABS Goes on Tour

LOUDLABS just took a street art tour around the remote regions of Nevada, Arizona, and California.

LOUDLABS went exploring and caught some interesting places, capturing some cool photos of the action along the way.

This series includes some shots of LOUDLABS getting up on trains, which are typically considered the strict domain of graffiti writers, since not many street artists engage in that culture.

Dig it~

Check out the jump fore much more

MRL Graffiti Rooftop

MRL catches a big rooftop graffiti bomb on Melrose.

The Subculture of Sticker Trading and Sticker Combos

Street art is like a giant umbrella, and under that umbrella there are numerous sub-cultures.  One of the most fascinating of these subcultures is the network surrounding sticker trading and combos.

Sticker trading is crazy.  Sticker trading is big.  Sticker trading is dedicated.  And sticker trading is worldwide.

Sticker trading is a big culture for many reasons.  One, is that the online experience allows everyone in the world to participate and trade with other people located different places around the globe.  It doesn't matter where you are from or how big your city is.  In fact, the sticker trading community is largely fueled by people who live is towns where there is not a big street culture, and so the hardcore sticker enthusiasts find community by making connections through online interactions with other fanatics.  And, trading with other sticker fiends from around the globe allows artists to get stickers up all over the world in return.  Like these massive combos posted here.

Another reason why sticker trading is so big is that it is the most collectible aspect of street art.  In a similar way to how trading baseball cards was a big deal back in the day, sticker collectors will trade and bargain to get a highly desired slap.  And since there is no open market selling all the stickers, and because many street artists are elusive, the rarest, most sought after slaps are highly coveted.  Some can even be worth large amounts of money.

M&F loves the sticker trading community, and before we moved to Los Angeles we dabbled a bit in the culture.  And we even sheepishly admit that for some of the artists we used to admire back in these days, we can still get a bit of fan boy syndrome around.  And even though M&F has long been established as the #1 Street Sticker Blog in the World, this is one of the first time we have directly addressed the massive sticker trading subculture.

Flickr seems to be home base for the sticker trading community, so if you want to get involved start there and start searching artists you like.  LA has many big heads who have been actively participating in the sticker trading scene for years with artists and crews like Josh SB, DWA, BNW, and Fuxus.

But this feature is about 'tsmokestree', who has built up a gigantic collection of stickers, which he has then taken to the street and put up massive combos around Santa Monica.

Dig it.  Stay up and keep sticker trading!~

Risky Fuck

Electric box action in front of a mural from Risk MSK.

With tags from J4F, CBS, Wer(?), EM65 a stencil of a woman's face, and E.T. fucking text while capping over a Chris Dorner paster.

Holy Cow! Have You Seen the Construction on La Brea!?

Anyone who has driven La Brea over the past year can't help but notice all the new construction.  La Brea is a crane city with construction all the way from Sunset to Pico.

Its kind of crazy, and if you thought traffic can get bad on La Brea already, imagine how it is going to be with 30,000 new residents residing in condo complexes like this.

This eye poppin' custom postal sticker seems to be staring with the same amazed disbelief everybody must be feeling.

Its kind of like Hollywood lost some of its unique feel, selling out its character for a new CVS market.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bandit Warns Against Street Art Piracy

Bandit puts up a fresh new piece doubles as both art, and a dire warning against street art piracy.

This piece is in reaction to some reported street art piracy.

Stay tuned for the full story. . . .

Superman Street Art

In a parking lot in Hollywood is this big Superman logo painted on the brick wall.

Its not traditional street art, but since this is Hollywood, wonder if this wall had official use in one of the Superman movies?

Knock Out

Shie 47 and 455er team up on a fresh collab sticker featuring Felix the Cat.

Getting up near Melrose next to a classic tag from Tlok TKO.  Also with WAS up top.

Stay up!