Friday, December 31, 2010


MELROSEandFAIRFAX is proud to announce the winners of The BEST OF LA Street Art 2010.

The Winners are:

KH no. 7

Insurgency Inc.

Bran One TRB

The Status Faction - TSF

Huge Congratulations to all the Winners!

We are working on putting together a prize package for the winner of each category~

Thanks to all the fans and supporters who show their love by following the blog and voting.


1.) KH no. 7
2.) Septerhed
3.) Dog Byte
4.) Zombie
5.) Alec
6.) Leba
7.) Join the Surveillance
8.) Cryptik
9.) Free Humanity
10) Destroy All Design

1.) Insurgency Inc.
2.) Gregory Siff
3.) Bankrupt Slut
4.) Smog City
5.) Howe
6.) MQ
7.) Herbert the Hippo
8.) DWA
9.) 2much
10.) Savage

1.) Bran One TRB
2.) Smear RTH
3.) Irok Rotting Fresh
4.) Glaboe - Grime Crew
5.) Eyeworm
6.) Cest
7.) Branded RTH
8.) Decep One
9.) Buer
10.) Erie

1.) The Status Faction - TSF
2.) Rotting Fresh
3.) CBS
4.) RTH
5.) Cat Cult
6.) Love Crew
7.) JDI
8.) Red Eye Mob - REM
9.) FYF
10). SGK

The closest contest was for Graffiti, where the top 3 were separated by only a couple of votes. KH no. 7 received powerful email support leading to a decisive win.

We also received write in email votes for Nomade, Jose, Plavex, Grime Crew, Hael, Atlas, Mar, Dethkills. And our favorite write-in submission, which came from AJL for Phone-Jack (bwahahaha-dude's put in work!)

***Also: we owe a huge apology to Inept. He earned a place on the Street Artist of the Year selection, but we made small typo which led to a HUGE omission. Major apologies to Inept and his fans for mistakenly leaving his name off the voting list***

This was an awesome year for street art in Los Angeles. Every artist mentioned deserves commendation. There are many incredible artists who, for whatever reason, just didn't make the list. Big thanks to everyone who's put up art in 2010, and we look forward to an amazing '11.

Happy New Year~

Stay Up~

Get Up, Stay Up - Graffiti

^Qtip in front of graffiti piece from Youe

Tags and bombs from Reva, Youe, Bran TRB, Voms, Borat, ODDK

That Shit's Fat~

Big girls need lovin, too.

A whole lotta it! (bada-ching)

The Status Faction continues their steady onslaught with more fresh art, like this chick in Hollywood.

Steady Mobbin~

True Drug Abuse Takes Heart

Its a truth that sober folk don't want to give credit, but drug abuse takes heart!

More fresh street art from low_d.

Up with Anne Frank from Leba, red camera from Join the Surveillance, and Qtip and Shasta.

***Thanks DWA***

Porn for the Eccentric

"This is porn for the eccentric. Our love can only be injected."

Fresh street art from low_d.

Looks like it was made out of a map in Russian.

Up with Alec Monopoly, Cali Killa, Insurgency Inc, Bankrupt Slut, Savage, Free Humanity, JDI, Gregory, TSF, Wicker, Skitze and more.


Beer, Boobs & Pussy

^Unknown artist up with Zombie

^the same artist calls 'Fraud' on this pills advert that promises a pill that can make you rich and powerful.

Found these colorful pastes with a chick holding a can of beer with some major cleavage.

Qtip, of course, supplies the pussy~

Unknown artist.

btw-Qtip LOVES wearing her new outfit (as long as she gets to go out on a walk!!)

Atlas, Cache, Eye One

An amazing mural by Atlas, Cache and Eye One just went up on Sunset.

It is tremendous in person. And the art is stupendous~

And it is especially great to see Atlas' cats again on the streets of Los Angeles, after getting busted last year. Hopefully these cats (and chickens) ride a loooooonnngg time~

Fuck This Outfit

Qtip says "Fuck this outfit. Just take me on a walk!"

Skrimp Pie

Dunno why, but we really love the name 'Skrimp Pie'

The Other Side of Los Angeles

Living in Hollywood, life is good.

Sometimes we forget about how hard life can be.

While searching for street art, we came up on these shots. One is a food line, and the other a makeshift tent city on the sidewalk.

We feel a lot of sympathy for those on the streets, especially when the weather turns so cold.

Master the Moment

Free Humanity climbs high to put up this zen saying to 'Master the Moment'.

It seems Free really mastered the moment when placing this.

Now just master that hand style ;)

Five Star

Some rooftop graffiti representin Kiper, Mons, Cero from BigC(?)

What the Narf

We can dig it when a corporate company wants to hit the streets, as long as they go about it in the right way.

These stickers from Narf add a nice splash of color to the scene.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get Up with Asend TSF

^Hand painted Ed Lover "C'Mon Son!"

^Hand painted (free hand) Federico Garcia Lorca "As I have not worried to be born, I do not worry to die." Shot by Franco's national firing squad in 1936 Spain.

^What are you trying to sell me?

^ Neighborhood Improvement Group - Our brand of street art causes chaos and kids spend $$. Cause we only shop boutiques or better~


^Insulin Dependent

MELROSEandFAIRFAX had the opportunity to meet up with Asend from The Status Faction and peep some fresh new artwork.

Asend showed us these new pasters-each one is huge. Four feet or Bigger!

But what is really impressive is constant stream of creativity. TSF is never content with a few designs. These guys put out so much fresh artwork, and it is all different--and hand painted, that it is truly amazing.

Stay up~


BNE and Bankrupt Slut stickers in Los Angeles.

About Bringing Cents

The Status Faction - Stenciled In

The Status Faction keeps mobbing on all fronts - stickers, wheat pastes, rollers, and stencils, like this one.

Impressive creativity, and ups~

Tare Trucked

Tare puts up some cool work on this truck in downtown Los Angeles.

A bunch of tags we can't quite decipher.

Lady in Green

Dig this artistic door in downtown Los Angeles.

The lady pictured is reminiscent of that optical allusion where the same picture can either be a young lady wearing pearls or an old lady in a fur coat.

Unknown artist (the artist actually signed the piece, but we can't make it out)

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker sticker on Melrose.

Riding with an Anna Nicole Smith baby from Bankrupt Slut behind.


Fresh street art from Eddie.

We love these pieces, from the hot chic to the face mask.

Stay up~

That Shit's Fresh

Fresh wheat pastes from The Status Faction on Fairfax.

Fresh as shit!

A Dethkills piece above, and it has been capped by an advertisement. This was the second box in a row with the yellow ad right over Dethkills. As Dethkills puts up a lot of advertisements on the streets, it seems that this is a corporate street ad beef.

Leba - Jobs Not War

^Anne Frank holding a sign saying 'Jobs Not War' by Leba

^"We're Nothing Watching" sprayed by Leba over Robert Dinero and Ben Stiller Little Fockers promo

Leba, and Dethkills with Free Humanity writing over it

^Leba and Free Humanity in front of the Obey installation at De La Barracuda

It feels like it has been too long since seeing Leba on the streets of Melrose and Fairfax.

Leba brings such a strong art aesthetic to the streets. Its great to see fresh new work. As always, both artistically appealing and packaged with a strong message.

Great to see Leba up again~