Thursday, March 31, 2011

Learn To Love Before Its Too Late

Cool spot here with fresh new work, and the first sticker we have seen from Swift- a hand drawn beauty. Click the jump fore more

AJL Gets UP!

AJL gets up at this hard to hit spot.

Religion Divides Humanity

The Banksy Hunter agrees.

I Love You Enough To Take You To The Airport

This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time

New Free Humanity piece featuring Obama as Lando, which makes the piece very relevant. Click the jump for more

The Banksy Hunter Makes A Find!

Keith Toll, who earned the title of Banksy Hunter during Banksy's last trip to LA, hunted down some hand made stickers during our trek down Melrose.

Augor Gets Trucked

Blue Haired Lady

Boss Hog

Buff Monster Gets Killed

How to draw a street artist . . .

Chopped Out Street Art - FOUND!

During the hype of Banksy's visit to LA, the unprecedented move was made at the Joyrich building on Melrose to cut six separate pieces of street art out of the wall.

Ever since we documented these pieces being cut out of the wall , we have wondered what had become of them. Well, the pieces just got discovered. Click the jump for more

The Boss Man Cometh

Notice the old guy in the background . . .

Street Art Culture Art Show

Bring some socks.

Suck My Bod Bod!

Wake N' Bake - Smoking Weed On Melrose

Is it legal to smoke weed in public?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hooked Up - Common Cents

Its A Sin To Be Tired

Hunting LA Street Art With 'THE BANKSY HUNTER'

We hit the streets today with the Banksy Hunter. Click the jump for more

Mr. Men Street Art (Mr. Happy!)

Mr. Men was one of the best book series of our childhood. Cool, and nostalgic to see some Mr. Men street art pop up in Los Angeles.

Give Me A Home - Kung-Fu Style

Give me a home, kung-fu style.

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh - Public Interruption

Today, March 30th, is Vincent Van Gogh's birthday. And to celebrate this day, street artist Snyder orchestrated a public interruption with a statue next to the beach. This was extremely well done. Click the jump for more

Street Art About Street Art(ists)

An interesting piece here. It features four heads, and the name of an Los Angeles based street artist is under each shot. Click the jump for more

Free Humanity - Drone Wars

Free Humanity puts up a massive Star Wars themed and politically infused stencil. Click the jump for more

Daily Barracuda Update - The Scene Is Flooded!

Another day. More art, and another partial buff.

This scene is flooded!

I'm In LA, Of Course I'm Happy~

Roc the Spock

Live, Love and Fuck!

Care Bear Stormtrooper

Overheard At Runyon

Runyon Canyon used be owned by several individuals before the city of Hollywood obtained it. The remains of the mansion built by the canyon's last private owner are scattered throughout the canyon and are visible in many areas. Some of those remains have proven to be popular with street artists. Click the jump for more

Eh, Just Walk Around Like Nothing Is There

Muse- In Living Color

Muse is back on the streets of Los Angeles, and with new color that really makes the pieces pop. Click the jump for more

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best of LA Sticker Combo pt. 2/2

Cyrcle Goes Over Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash's massive Alfred Hitchcock pieces have been riding on Melrose for years. But Cyrcle just went over one of them, and there is more to the story than just this piece. Click the jump for more

Crewest - Above the Radar

Crewest opens its next art show this weekend entitled 'Above the Radar'. Click the jump for more

Get Up, Stay Up

Hope Begins With You

After the earlier posted missing middle to the 'Dope Hope' piece, we got sent a pic that has the center piece.

Graffiti By Two Non-Wimpy Kids

A couple of big time graffiti pieces on the front of this 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' billboard. Click the jump for more.

Wild, Loose, Sexy Women of Los Angeles

Get Up, Stay Up

TCF Stencils

JR and Mona Lisa

More Billboard Action

Fresh new work from Common Cents going up on this billboard spot. And it also looks like someone ripped down the Desire Obtain Cherish Oscar pieces that were up there. Click the jump for more

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Great shot of Qtip in front of a new politically charged street art.

Get Up, Stay Up - Revok in Heaven

Revok defines 'Get Up, Stay Up', and he does it with style. Click the jump for more

Zombie Goes Big On Beverly

Crows With Camera Heads

Hands down, Birds was the scariest film of my childhood. This crow with a camera head is even scarier!

The General