Monday, February 28, 2011

Are These Pictures of Banksy At The Elephant?

Is this Banksy climbing on the 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant' piece? The DailyMail thinks so.

New Trustocorp Signs in Los Angeles

After a smashing success at their recent show at Gallery 1988, more signs went up in LA from NY based street art collective Trustocorp. Click the jump for more

Gold Rush

Last night, in honor of Banksy and the Oscars, bricks of gold were placed in front of street art in LA. Click the jump for more

Don't Waive Your Rights With Your Flag

New piece from Accountability? saying 'Don't waive your rights with your flag.' Click the jump for a detailed look and more

Still Thinking of Banksy

"When I look at your art I'm really only thinking about Banksy". Click the jump for more

How Wall Street Blew It

Free Humanity puts a CheObama stencil on top of a copy of the Wall Street Journal that says 'How Wall Street Blew It'. Click the jump for more.

Eine on Fairfax

Love Love Me

At first we thought this was like the love at the end of a letter - like 'Love, Love Me'. But the way that this is written, without a comma between the loves, it seems like this is asking for love, not signing something. Click the jump for more

Banksy On Google Maps

For all those Banksy hunters out there, there is now one place to go to find the locations of all of Banksy's works in LA. Click the jump for more

Kate Moss Gets Wet

We came up on this fresh piece from Free Humanity this morning while the paste was still wet. Click the jump for more

Swiftly Taken

Its hard out there for a street artist these days. Here are a few exclusive shots of a new hand drawn piece from Swift. These are the only pics of this piece in the world, because it got nabbed later, the same night it went up. Click the jump for more

Buffalo in Griffith Park

Banksy Slaps LA

Action Shots of Street Art Being Cut Out

Here are some action shots of the tremendous street art grab, when 6 pieces of street art that were cut out of the Joyrich building at the instruction of the owner. Click the jump below for more

WANTED: Banksy

Voina And The 231-Foot Penis

This is the gag that got Voina arrested.

Placement is everything, and not only did they paint a 231 foot penis on a retractable drawbridge, it took some real balls to hit this particular spot. Click the jump below for more

JR Gets Defaced on Melrose!

Graffiti at Fairfax High School

This shot was funny. We thought the dude who was painting was trying to stand still so we wouldn't notice . . .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

DENIED! Banksy Loses Best Documentary Oscar

Much to our surprise, Banksy's film 'Exit Through the Gift Shot' did not win an Oscar. Click the jump for more

Banksy Birthday Cake

The Oscar for Best Performance By A City Goes To . . .

The City of Angels.

This is a new piece from Desire Obtain Cherish the day after having their previous piece cut out of the wall at this same spot yesterday. Click the jump for more

Art Babies

A basket full of babies with an Oscar thrown in for good measure. Click the jump for more

Banksy At The Oscars -"Shenanigans Are What He Does"

The Oscars are only a few hours away, and most of us are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what antics Banksy has planned for tonight. Click the jump for more

Revok Is Dead

Revok is Dead, but he is still killin it. Click the jump for more

Mr. Brainwash Hits Up Hollywood

It seems that according to Mr. Brainwash, Banksy has already won the Oscar. Fresh new work from Mr. Brainwash in Hollywood. Click the jump for more on this MELROSEandFAIRFAX exclusive

An Art Grab Like Never Before

In an art grab of unprecedented levels, the owner of the Joyrich building on Melrose cut 6 separate pieces of street art out of the wall. Click the jump for more

Final Goodbye to Banksy's 'Caution'

Even though it has now been tagged over and cut out of the wall, here is a final look at Banksy's 'Caution' piece with some great shots capturing never before seen angles. Click the jump for more

We Love a Good Tag - M&F's View on Graffiti

A lot of folks have been getting bent out of shape about our calling out the fools who tag a Banksy. We think its weak sauce. But as for the tag itself, well, we have a lot of love for the tag . . .

I Want a Divorce

Ahhhhh . . . (looks at the palm trees and smells the fresh air)

It has been hard work chasing Banksy, and it felt that we have been stuck inside in front of the computer screen too much for too long for the past 2 weeks.

Pics From Street Art From the Crypt

Save the street art drama for your mama~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banksy's Art Helps Free Prisoners

The sale of Banksy art helped the defense fund and secure the release of imprisoned street art activists in Russia. Click the jump for more

Follow Your HeART

Follow Your Heart, and Follow Your Art. Click the jump for more

Banksy Exited Through My Gift Shop And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Hipster Babies

Even babies are hipsters in Hollywood. Click the jump for more

Banksy - Blast From The Past

3 of the 7 confirmed Banksy's in LA have now been cut out or taken down.

This classic Banksy piece is a blast from the past and addresses some of the same issues that are happening now with the pieces in LA. Click the jump below for more

Ducking the Truth

Stuck Up

Hand drawn sticker combo on Melrose with slaps from Josh? SB, Swar, and a couple more we don't recognize, with 3rd TSF underneath.

Free Humanity Gets Boleeped

The funny thing is, both Free Humanity and Boleep are trying to hold this spot

What is WRONG With People?!

Another reported Banksy gets tagged over, this one with a dollar sign. This is so not money . . .

Fancy Bum

New street art saying 'Fancy Bum'. Click the jump for more

Here's a Banksy Everyone Can Take Home

Just cut along the dotted lines.

The Oscar for Best Performance By A Country Goes To . . .

Desire Obtain Cherish marches forward with their Oscar themed street art. Click the jump below for more

Friday, February 25, 2011

Olek Does a Banksy Tribute

New York based Olek stiched a rooftop tribute to Banksy's Balloon Girl. Click the jump for more

Another Banksy Shows Up On Ebay

Why Oh Why?

Like previous Banksy's this one has stayed active even after the piece has gone. Click the jump below for more

Jealous People, Sick People

Despite the defacing of Banksy's street art that we have seen in LA, we still love the city. And for every asshole, there are a hundred heroes. Click the jump for more

Fakesy Not Banksy

Most definitely fake. Click the jump for more

I Fucked Banksy Just to Get to Mr. Brainwash

The Best of Banksy in LA