Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rooftop Love

Eros gets up bombing the Branded Arts Complex rooftop.

Riding with a tag from Hogs and a series of characters below from Rime MSK.

Stickers Dating Back Decades!

A random light pole in a random neighborhood in the Valley with a random sticker combo on it.  And these stickers have been riding for decade+!

Most of these are music slaps with action from Tattoo Goo, Dalek, Mudvayne's LD 50, and Kottonmouth Kings Hidden Stash 2.  The above album's released in 2000 and 2001 respectively so it would seem that that is how long these stickers have been riding.  These are some of the oldest stickers captured actively on the streets.  Notice how only the Mudvayne one appears weather proof.

Joined by a tag from Rekus IGK.

Stay up!

Venice Graffiti Walls

Jimer and Ynow(?) get painted with some graffiti at Venice Beach.

Burning Rose Graffiti

Australian graffiti artist Meggs paints a stylized burning rose in Culver City.

Next to a bombed doorway character from Glaboe.

Street Comedy

Street comedy from Chickenspeak.

The sticker says 'Four out of five doctors recommend laughter as the best medicine.  The fifth was trying to be funny'~.

Riding with a tag from Bloked(?).

WANTED - The 'Rusty Reverend' Flip Cassidy

'Wanted' posters in the Valley.

From The 'Rusty Reverend' Flip Cassidy who is wanted for propagating the devil's music with his 'junkyard gospel'.

Sounds interesting.  Dig the DIY approach.

Stay up and keep playing the devil's music!

Peace Out, Los Angeles

Stickers getting poled in front of a peace loving bunny with action from Haku, Dask, Gusty Windz, Garth, Skez(?) and more.

Get Lost

Stickers at Venice Beach from Lost & Crade USK.

Smoke It If You've Got Some!

Stickers getting up in West LA.

With action from Bankrupt Slut, Coloring Book, and Stein puffing on a fattie.

If you've got some, smoke it!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Have A Drink On Me!

Uh, I'll have what she's having . . .

A bottle of Hennessey stuck between some rock hard ass cheeks.

Shit, fuck the drink, I'll just take the serving tray!

Stickers stuck up in the San Fernando Valley from Jolus(?) and M.

Sand One's Friends

Sand One gets joined by some cute character friends on this wall at Olympic and La Brea.

Patterned With Coutobros

Some bright colors and intricate patterns on this panel at Venice Beach from Coutobros.

Kings of Los Angeles

Some fun graffiti paying tribute to the sports franchises of Los Angeles.

In the middle it says 'Kings' and on the right of that is the Forum and the left the Staples Center. Further to the left are jerseys from James, Jimmy, and Geso, and on the right are Rime, Pose and Pane.

Dig it.  Stay up, LA!

Game Over

Sticker combo spot in Hollywood with action from Pstar, AWF, Areu, Profes FTS, Crane, Plzr, Smear holding down a spot, Atack, Orakel, Lukas, El Visio, Sheep, and more.

The Game Over sticker has the logo's of Supreme, Bathing Ape, Stussy and more, and it seems to be talking shit on the world of street wear.

Is it game over?

WC Graffiti

WC graffiti getting down at Venice Beach with shout outs to Trival, Pjay, Pyro, Risk and Ser.

Fuck Monsanto!

These bees are getting pasted around Culver City.  Some also say 'Fuck Monsanto!'.

With all the dead and dying bees everywhere the past few years, its no wonder the bees are getting angry.

Most areas in the world have outlawed the pesticides that are thought to be causing the bee deaths.  But that has not happened yet here in the US, where the head of the FDA is a former Monsanto employee.

What the hell is happening here?  Fuck Monsanto!  Protect nature!  Not nature killing corporations!

Flapping Flappers

An old school photo of a flapper like beauty queen from the 1920's.

Stuck up in the 2013's in Culver City.

Detox Responsibly

Detox claims a hot heaven spot with this billboard takeover along La Brea.

Dig it.  As it says, Detox responsibly~

The MCHN In the Moon

MCHN smashes through Hollywood with a recent fresh campaign, including this image of a cat flying a flag in front of the moon.

Riding with a half ripped Bankrupt Slut sticker and a tag from Sonek.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crosswalk of Death

A 'crosswalk of death' featuring the Grim Reaper accompanying a lady across the street.

Dig how this sign was done to complement the surroundings.

Spotted off of Abbot Kinney in Venice.

No Stopping HNTR from Your Slutty Mom's Rack

Boom.  Notice how all the action in the pic got worked into the title.

And its true.  No stopping HNTR from your Bankrupt Slutty mom's Irak.

Stuck up in Los Angeles.  Stay up!

Dolly Gets Dumped

A few years ago, one of Shepard Fairey's assistant said (paraphrased) "You can't put a .com on street art! Once you do you ruin the phenomenology!"

But that was a few years ago.  Which is many digital lifetimes ago.  And in this day and age, it seems more and more artists are including .com's, or links to Facebook pages or #hashtagged art.

What do folks think?  Does a link ruin the mystery or enhance the experience of street art?

Here is a paster of Dolly getting dumped behind Melrose, and Dolly is missing, but these pasters let you know exactly where to go if you want to know where to find her.

Mmmm . . . Carne Asada Nachos

Hand tagged sticker from Muer saying 'I luv carne asada nachos'.

Up with another tag from USC NTS reppin Cyper, React, Snise, Spatr, Yolk, Sena.

Chod - iPhone Takeover

Fresh new street art interruption from Chod based upon an iPhone takeover.  This project is entitled 'In the Future Cellphones Will Be as Obsolete as Payphones', and it features an iPhone with the words pasted over the screen.

To drive the point home, the iPhone Takeover was fittingly placed inside an old abandoned pay phone booth in Los Angeles.

Dig the way that Chod's work keeps poking and prodding at some hollow values that society holds sacred.  Click the jump to check it out

San Fran Rolls Through Melrose

Some classic graffiti heads from the San Fran area recently rolled through Melrose.

MQ, Mike Giant wrtiting TRBL (assumably for the Tribal clothing company?), and Skid One DMS.

The graffiti bombs along Melrose stepped on some local toes along the way, painting over street art and graffiti.  Wonder if these names still carry weight and will be left alone?  Or if the spots will get claimed back quick?

Not Absent

Abcnt gets up next to Skullphone in Culver City.

Stormie Mills in Los Angeles

Australian street artist Stormie Mills gets up at a rooftop spot at the Branded Arts Complex in Culver City.

Beef Killed Again

M&F has said it before, and but when folks go over other art, it doesn't make good background, it just pisses the original artist off.

That's what happened here, when this Campbell's Soup can went over some artwork from Serf TCF.  The soup can got capped out quickly, and not it is completely gone with new 'The Chosen Few' graffiti claiming back the spot.

And the name on the soup can is actually 'Reef Kills' not beef kills, although it still applies.

Legal Murals in LA a Little Closer (But Not On Your Own House!)

Legal murals in LA moved another inch closer to becoming an actuality in this city yesterday with the city council tentatively agreeing to lift a decade long band on murals in Los Angeles.

The good news is that store fronts might soon get more art, but the bad news is that the city voted for the opt-in approach instead of opt-out.  The opt-out would have allowed murals on all residential homes in Los Angeles, as well.  Municipalities that did not want it could vote to opt-out, if they chose.  The opt-in still allows for the individual areas to allow it, but they will have to pass their own laws to opt-in.  The rich areas supported the opt-in method, while the poorer areas in LA wanted the opt-out.  Guess which won?

Its cool that the new mural regulations are moving forward, but this serves as yet another example of why street art is still important--even with legalized public art.  Street art is an unfiltered voice visiting all neighborhoods regardless of income or rules.

Stay up, Los Angeles!

Hell. No.

Hollywood sticker combo sign with slaps from Arson, Rotting Fresh, MCHN, Howe, Game Over, Crane, Bankrupt Slut, Iryc, Clown, Dease, Mews, Tits, DeOne KIC, POne, SRT, Helno and many more.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Axis Catches

Axis CBS gets down on his section of this wall shared with Craola with a multi-colored gecko, a Micky House hand slap, and an old school grayscale character.

Insane work.  Incredibly well done.  Amazing art skills showcasing multiple styles.

Dig it.  Stay up!

Craola - Street Magic

Greg Simkins, aka Craola, paints some magical street art on La Brea.

This is an interactive mural, going halfsies with fellow CBS heavyweight Axis.  But this huge 10+ pic feature is fully focused on Craola's magic.

Incredible art skills.  Click the jump to check it out!

Full Power Street Art

Graffiti and street art ride heavy on the streets of LA~

Like here.  There are 3 levels of street art showing its power at this spot.  With hits from Der, Full Power, 125er, 27 Faces, Jerk One, Budar, RZA, Thur, Esso, CST, Ahoe, Bankrupt Slut, Wheat Peace, Hogs, Bems, and many more.

Eder - Machete Wielding Women

Eder gets up on a new panel on La Brea featuring some imagery of a machete wielding woman.

Her attire is quite violent, but her body language is rather lackadaisical.

It also looks like there is a street collaboration in the lower right hand corner from CruArt.

Zen Steve Jobs

A sticker showing Steve Jobs in a Zen position, with legs crossed hovering above the ground as if God-like.

Stuck up in Hollywood.

Also notice the tuft of white fur along the top edge that got stuck up with the sticker.  In order to get such a clump stuck up at the same time as the sticker, its clear that this sticker artist must have cats to leave behind such evidence. (Its something only another cat owner would understand--and love!).

Stay up and stay zen~

handiedan in Los Angeles

Dutch artist handiedan gets up in Los Angeles, pasting up a giant image of a couple lovely ladies entangled in an embrace.

Dig it.  Let us know if these girls need another hand with that~

Located at the Branded Arts Complex in Culver City.

More Talk About LA's Mural Ordinance

There is more talk today about the the City of LA adopting new mural regulations.

Unfortunately, there is no actual news yet, but the impending decision appears to be drawing closer.

Michael Hastings Memorial - There Are The Ones Who Do See Me

This is the location where journalist Michael Hastings' Mercedes Benz crashed on Highland Avenue, just South of Melrose.  Hastings was reportedly traveling 75+ mph at the time of the accident--a crazy speed and more than twice the legal limit in this semi-residential stretch.

M&F was one of the first news organizations to report Hastings' accident, because LOUDLABS happened to be the first on the scene to capture the accident and the flaming vehicle wreckage.

Ever since the accident, conspiracy theories have abounded accusing dark governmental forces of taking control of Hastings' car and causing the accident.  The main theory is that the remote navigation system controlling Hastings' car was hacked, and that some shady government entity caused the car to travel at crazy speeds and then crash.  There have even been accusations made that Hastings' car was bombed, since the engine block was found 50 feet from the rest of the car and the accident site itself--which is extremely unusual.  The situation does have a foul stench to it like something is not right.  After all, the authorities claimed Hastings was identified by fingerprints, but the fireball in the car from the LOUDLABS video would appear to burn away any surface detail skin like fingerprints. There has been a push back against the theories, with sites like the LAWeekly have offered some lame excuses trying to denounce the theories. But the idiot's line of reasoning does not pan out, and what good is an article talking about conspiracy theories when you don't even mention the main theory?  As the LA Weekly article demonstrates, most reporters are imbeciles, and it is tragic to lose a true voice speaking up against power like Michael Hastings.   Bottom line, there have been plenty of suggestions of foul play, but so far, no proof of wrongdoing has been substantiated.  At the same time, the conspiracy theories have not been disproved.  And it is not a conspiracy when the alternative theories make more sense than the official explanation.

At the crash site itself, a memorial to Michael Hastings has popped up.  The tribute is made up of a patriotic American flag, flowers, and a poster that says  'There Are The Ones Who Do See Me'.

Thanks to Michael for his aggressive journalism.  There are definitely those who see you, and still do after your passing.

Its a shame Hastings had to pass so soon.  Stay up~

See Things Differently - Create Your Future

Shepard Fairey gets a new sponsored billboard for the LA Fund.

This one says 'See Things Differently - Create Your Future' with some signature Obey iconography.

Like with Retna, its a strange brave new world where artists go from bombing billboards to being given them. What are the new rules?

Pastey Stands Accused

Pastey Whyte stands accused with a hand painted paster on Melrose.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Be What You Dream

Awesome street art in Venice featuring a mystical wold-headed leopard-bodied creature with a unicorn horn.

Riding on Abbot Kinney and entitled 'Be What You Dream', this piece is from Diana Garcia.

Dig it!

Funky Dump

Bankrupt Slut gets joined on this Melrose alleyway dumpster with action from Gee Funk and doubled up Stashr.

Nosego Though

Nosego paints a rad mural at the Branded Arts building in Culver City.

Featuring a crazy animal with a bear's head trapped inside a clear bubble, and a sea turtle swimming in the see through butt end.

Dig it~  Awesome piece on many levels, especially with the execution of the see-through elements.

Click the jump to check it out!

I Dare You to Find Me!

Crazy huge comboed out pole in Venice Beach.  The kind your mom likes~

Stuck up with slaps from Slob, Begr, Jaibo, Epar, 326 Crue, Caliban Cartel, Joi, Mash, Koopa, Eksar, Benjy and a dripping dark sticker from Carrie Anne Art saying 'I Dare You to Find Me!'.

Hans Haveron - Nature Nymph

Here are the close up pics of the the beautiful nature nymph mural from Hans Haveron at Venice Beach.

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Art

God, M&F loves LA~

Such beautiful weather in LA recently, and here is some beautiful art as a complement to a beautiful day.

This mural features half painted by John Park Art, and the other half by Hans Haveron.  Both sides are pretty awesome in their own right, and here is an up close look at John Park's guerrilla boy.

Dig it~

Doored Like Yo' Mom's Drawers

This door is getting it like yo' mom's drawers--there's all kinds of action up in it!

Hits from Stashr, Gee Funk, BNW, Cosby, 2ane, Slob, Jaibo, Crane, Easil, Secor, Abof, Elvis, 326 Crue, Raems, Back, 8Ball and many more.

Stuck up in Venice Beach.

KMNDZ - Dead Robot No. 7

KMNDZ paints a beautiful dead robot on La Brea.

Lying in a reclined position with grasses and plants sprouting out from in and around it, and a hummingbird hovering up above.

Dig the skillful rendering on the eyes and joints making this piece almost look realistic.  And dig the drips.

Click the jump to check out some spectacular up close shots

Planting Seeds of Victory

Sidewalk stencils in Hollywood.  One featuring a person planting seeds that are growing into plants.

Next to it, and a little bit over it, is another stencil saying 'Hard To Earn Victory'.

Dig it.  That's kind of what street art is--planting seeds.

Stay up!

Ape Shit

A combo corner on La Brea with a Volcom piece up top that has been riding forever.

Joined down below by slaps from Charlie Chopstick, Mdmn and many more, including an angry looking ape.