Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooked Up - Atlas

We met up with graffiti heavyweight Atlas CBS at Starbucks last weekend.

This guy is a straight legend in the game. We have been enjoying his images for years in magazines and online. Few cats have developed their own recognizable style or 'font' and Atlas has a handful to his name that are instantly recognizable.

Atlas made the mainstream news in 2010 when he got busted for the beautiful cats that he put all over the city. He talked about how crazy it was when the police raided his house with full riot gear and a helicopter. But the good news is he says he's doing better than ever since getting busted. In our opinion, the major crime in this whole story is not seeing Atlas' art on the streets anymore.

It was really awesome meeting up with Atlas in person. Thanks for the stickers and sketch!

Stay up~

JTS - No Data Found

Shadow Cowboy

Really interesting way the stencil is used with this 'shadow cowboy'.

Unknown artist.

Tag from 3rd TSF on the door.



Lindsey Lohan merged with Brody makes Brodahan? Street art from Insurgency Inc.

Up with Subs, Eyeworm, Frank 151, and Destroy All Design.

Scraping By

Zombie's 'Jesus' character has been scraped at and half buffed, but it is still scraping by.

Up with Egads, Val and electric plug stencil by unknown artist.

Caught in Action - Street Art Going Up

We caught these street artists painting a mural on La Brea over the weekend . . .

A Look of Longing

Fresh new street art stencil of a girl with a look of longing . . .

ASVP -Yours Truly

More hand screened and hand painted street art from New York based ASVP.

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Splat - LA

Sometimes the streets get messy.

Splat LA street stencil on top of a heap of art.

Fake Hooker

Stickers from Fake Hooker, FIM, Russian Paul.

SGK Gets Dumped

SGK hits up this alley way dumpster.

Throwing up Rye, Jesus, 2cents, Jay, Roms, Tusk, SGK.

Also a bunch of tags on the left we can't mak eout.

Yoda Grows an Eye

Free Humanity's 'Yoda' piece was peeling off the wall, and someone added a one-eyed creature to the mix.

From Booleep.

***Thanks Pascal***

The Meaninglessness of Existence

"I spent so much time contemplating the meaninglessness of existence that I felt like a ghost."

Join the Surveillance and low_d just put up some more new art work.

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Insa on Fairfax

Insa recently rolled through town, and left this sticker on Fairfax.

Up with Third, TSF, Ego Thieves, Frank 151, Bran One TRB, Dethkills, Shook.

Melrose and Fairfax

Here's a better shot of the art at the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax.

Street art from low_d, Koffinz, 2wenty, and a grip of stickers in the background.

Asko Graffiti

Asko graffiti in Los Angeles.

Get Up, Stay Up

Stickers behind the fence from TSF, Youth Waste, Val, JDI, Lousy, Metos, Fusy, Chub, Criminal Acrobatics, Atmis, Miez, Reef, The Seventh Letter, Gkay and more.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diss Dumped

Madonna head paster from Dissizit.

More dumpster tags from Phylo TSF, Reps 182, Str8, Cent, and Abis.

Errandboy -Best Sticker Placement

Errandboy doesn't put stickers everywhere, but when they do place a sticker it is always the perfect spot.


Egads! Everything else on here has been buffed!

Remnants of Howe Rotting Fresh and a bunch of hand drawns we don't recognize enough to identify.

Get Poled

Interesting drawing on the sticker in the middle. Not sure exactly what it is?

Up with MQ, Sneaktip, Hael.

Gay Modeling on Melrose

Not sure exactly what's going on here . . .

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Darkcloud with Dark Clouds

One of our favorite international street artists just came through town, and he brought presence.

The skies of Los Angeles that are usually blue clouded up with gray dark clouds this morning before it rained.

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Facebook - Social Cigarettes

Not sure what statement this is making.

Banksy Wins an Oscar -from Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash decided not to wait for the official Oscar results. Apparently, he has already awarded Banksy and 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' the prize for best documentary with this new street art piece on his studio building front.

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Fresh Street Art at De La Barracuda

The main wall got buffed, but strangely enough, it seems the buffers selected the pieces they liked, and those they did not paint over.

Also, even though the buff is just a day old, new art has already sprung up . . .

Nike Transformer Huarache Megatrons

A shiny pair of Nike Transformers Huarache Megatrons.

These released with the first Transformers movie, and because of a dispute between Nike and Transformers, the logo branding was knocked off the shoe.

With sidewalk tags from Irok Rotting Fresh, Yermoe, NHDK and ?.

Get Up, Stay Up

Stickers poled up on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax from Seldom Musik, CCCK, Atick, Eagle, Howe, Brand, USSR, RTH, 15M and a few more.

Love War?

Man, this piece we had high hopes for.

When we first saw the piece, it was a quick look from the car, and it appeared to be one of Dethkills' pasters. We were impressed because it looked like they had quit going out of their way to cap other artists, and had actually started treating the streets with respect. Made a special trip just to photograph this spot, and the whole way down we were planning out how to write the article to welcome DK's back to the community. It was actually a big let down once we reached this spot, and realized that it was not the case.

We are not sure what exactly to think about this 'heart' war stuff by unknown artitst?

Hand Drawn on Fairfax

Hand drawn sticker on Fairfax.

Unknown artist.


Obey, Zombie, D Young V, A'hhd Art, and Wiggy.

I Have to Return Some Videos . . . It is Your Fault

Yours Truly, Insurgency Inc.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get Dumped

Downtown dumpster graffiti.

TSF is up on there, and the other piece looks like it is done with the same tip, but we aren't sure what it says. Maybe 3rd?


Jesus X'd

We snapped some shots of X's pieces at his first gallery show at the 'Save the Day' Jesus themed art show last night at the R&R gallery.

We Submit to Media

'We submit to media.' from Insurgency Inc.


Street art from Koffinz, Zombie, Hugh Lee Man, MCHN, Ahh'd Art.


Propaganda wheat paste in downtown Los Angeles.

This is old school. Unknown artist.

I Need a Girlfriend

So true . . .

Street ad that becomes art from

In front of out favorite graffiti mural in LA on Fairfax.

Remio & Shark

Remio and Shark put up some hollow throwies on Melrose.

With a hot girl in the pic for good measure.

AJL & Vanessa Hudgens

AJL is still courting Vanessa Hudgins, and offers a proposal here.

It says 'If this happens to be Vanessa Hudgens reading this I just want to say . . . Will you marry me? (We met at the Weezer show) AJL'

Hope she says yes, AJL.

Riding with more street art from Alec Monopoly, JDI, Cali Killa, Insurgency Inc, low_d, street art, Vanessa Hudgens, Weezer, AJL, marry, stickers,

Fucking Awesome Aigo Hand Style

Some sick handstyle from the Aigo OH Crew.

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Los Estamos Terminado

Los Estamos Terminado sticker.

Up with tags from Doug and Slick.

They Are Now Teaching Graffiti in Schools

We heard from a friend that they are now teaching graffiti in some urban Los Angeles schools . . .

Mr. Brainwash Gets Sued

Mr. Brainwash is being sued by Glen E. Friedman for using a picture of Run DMC without permission.

There is a clear difference between this case, and the Shepard Fairey/Associated Press Obama battle, and the Mr. Brainwash lawsuit should have a clear impact of the on street art everywhere.

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Mr. Ordoi

Go to a new part of town and discover new stickers.

These Mr. Ordoi stickers were all over Alvarado/Olympic area.

Up with Dfect and hand drawn burger TSF.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rooftop Spot

Alec's Twiggy and a graffiti chicken (unknown artist) are perched up top this rooftop spot.

This is a hard place to get a pic of, must be crazy to hit.

99 Problems, But a Tag Ain't One

Out in front of the 99 cent store.

Tags from Dytch, Anger, Axis, CBS, LOK, and a sticker from Bankrupt Slut.

Roost Above The Rest

Septerhed, Destroy All Design and Koffinz got together to throw down on a massive mural in Glendale entitled 'Roost Above The Rest'

Wheelin' and Dealin'

This guy in the wheelchair really took a liking to Shasta, and came over to give her some special love.

In front of 'Fear Google' pastes from Xvala.

Under Satan's Control

Drool Under Satan's Control, or the USC crew, and Brand RTH come together on this sticker.

Bankrupt Slut 'Terry Richardson Has a Hottie' sticker up top.