Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fuck My Life

Fresh new stuff from TSF.

The Status Faction posted a HUGE hand painted paste in honor of TSF's recent feature on TMZ.

Dig the art, and the commentary that celebrates the accomplishment while at the same time questioning the role of television.

There was also an incredible piece by Inept on this wall. Unfortunately, it was missing by the time we made it over to snap the photo.

Throwie by Otis.

King Pan Pan

King Pan Pan and cool sticker from Winged Lion.

On Beverly.

***Thanks Dero***

Dusted Graffiti

This car a few blocks off Melrose is always dusty and always has tags in the dust. Usually, it is just local kids, but it looks like some big name writers rolled by and hit it up.

Tags from Asert, Jew, Ruets, Struh, KOG and more

Whore 24


And remnants of others.

And, of coarse, the cat.

Unfinished Mural?

MelroseandFairfax is not familiar with this charcter?

Not sure if it is complete. It looks a little undone in the nose area. Not sure if the artist got chased off or what.

Unknown artist.

New Herbert the Hippo + TSF on Melrose

Good to see new Hippos on Melrose. (the stickers were peeling so we made sure Herbert stayed up there!)

And TSF is always up in LA. With a recent run down Melrose, any surface that can have a sticker, does.

Stay up~

Get Poled

Ioceh?, Bats, Bankrupt Slut, Teun, MQ, Fusy, Orale, Roast, stickers

Bankrupt Slut Dunny # 11

Filth Face

Filth Face by Dog Byte.

Great combination of Filth Mouths.

On the ever changing combo board.

Also featuring stickers from KH no. 7, Sherm, Chew, SGK, Bran TRB, The Status Faction, TSF, Frank 151.

Controlled Substance Sound Labs

New Mural

New Mural behind Melrose. Love to see new art poppin up.

Really diggin this, from the colors, to the characters, to the letters.

Unknown and Soam?

No Turns Nightly

Blind, Eagl, Devin Lucien, Bankrupt Slut, Marietta James

Yikes, Sheep

Yikes, Sheep, UTT

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beverly Shine

Skullphone, Bankrupt Slut, Destroy All Design.

Alec Monopoly Video

Thanks to MelroseandFairfax reader film maker Adolfo J Lara, here is a dope new video from Alec, explaining his views on street art, all the while dressed in a tux like his character, Monopoly Man.

Great action, and cool to hear the thoughts and see the studio of the man who is all over LA.

Peep the video here
Alec Video

***Thanks Adolfo***

Night Life in Hollywood Pt. 5/5--Steel Panther

MelroseandFairfax loves 80's hair rock n' roll, and the best place in Hollywood to rock out like its 1989, is at a Steel Panther show.

Recently moved home from the House of Blues to the Key Club, every Monday night is Steel Panther night. Rock out to your favorite hits from the 80's while your cock is community property. A great place to see celebrities and boobs.

The first Steel Panther show we attended, they brought Chuck Liddell and McLovin up on stage and tried to get them to fight. Then McLovin sang Journey and went back to his porn star he was with who had boobs bigger than his head.

Steel Panther is blowing up and is filming for a TV show on Comedy Central that starts this fall. If you live in LA, Steel Panther is a must.

The Rotting Wall

Seizer, Inept, Yellownecks, Zombie, Crytik, Calli Killa and Deedee Cheriel.

***Thanks Lord Jim***

Free Kesoe


Huge, Hellvetica and TDF?

Monopoly Man Likes Cats

Qtip the cat chillin next to Alec's Monopoly Man on Melrose.

Free Tibet Mural by Mear One

Diggin the colors.

Dedicated to CBS.

Get Poled

Cat Cult, MQ, Cryptik, Bankrupt Slut

Stencil Evidence

Found all this stencil equipment in the alley behind Melrose.

Think its for business purposes and not a street artists.

Eyeball Hands

Love this piece.

Unknown artist.

Bankrupt Slut Dunny #10

Spotted a fresh new Dunny from Bankrupt Slut.

On Melrose.

Also featuring stickers from Savage, 2much, Inept, Mostart, and more

Grime Crew

Grime Crew and Ozoe, Branz, Tloer.

Jughead's Revenge

An old classic sign with stickers from Jughead's Revenge, Matthew James Powell, Alarma, Obey, Pros and Cons, and two unknown stickers up top.

LA is the Best Fucking City. Period.

MelroseandFairfax has been around the globe.

Have traveled through 46 states.

We thought that Florida housed the best place to live--until we moved to LA.

Los Angeles is the place where dreams are made. The place to go big. The place to make a name.

The combination of climate, mountains, beaches, street art and stardom make LA, at least in the eyes of MelroseandFairfax, the best city, anywhere. Period.

We shot these shots of the Hollywood skyline while flying in from a recent jaunt out to the East Coast (its good to be back home).

Palm Trees at Sunrise

This hand cut palm tree sticker from TSF has got to be one of our favorite stickers up and running.

So pretty. So LA.

In the middle of the median on Fairfax, this has been running for a long time.

Also featuring MCHN, JTS, Destroy All Design, Howe, Rotting Fresh.

Stupid Puppyhead


I never like when people call their dogs stupid.

Most dogs are smarter than most people I know, the people are just too stupid to understand the dogs~


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sick New Video from Free Humanity

Dope video release from Free Humanity to announce the launch of his new web page FreeHumanity.LA.

More street action in this clip than all of 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. Skating, Pasting, Climbing, its got a lot of good footage and well edited.

Peep the video here~


Above action photo by Jimmy Hickey.

James Bond Mural

Great likeness~

Sticker Couch

Melrose Music is a Vinyl, Comic, and action figure store on Melrose.

Last week we spotted this couch through the window of the store with a bunch of stickers on it.

When we went in the store, reached behind the counter and pulled out a hole box of stickers circa-early 1980's.

Mostly from rock bands and popular culture figures (Joe Jackson in the hiz-ousse!), it was really cool to step back a few decades.

To Shep, From Alec

Some personalized street art from Alec to Shepard Fairey.

Bombed Mural

Crash AGF crashes the party and throws a bomb up on this CBS mural.

The rules of the streets say only go over something if what you bring is better, and even though this clearly isn't the case, it is refreshing to see some illegal bombing in the alleys behind Melrose.

Atlas up top, not sure who the other artists are.

Tag, You're It

RAS, Ruets, Rye, Soup, Haeler, AL, Secret, Arok, Borat,

Viscious Skylicious

In front of the dope mural by Retna, Revok, Os Gemos, and others.

Lakers Baby!

The Heat is On

This sketchy cop rolled past like even taking pictures of street art is a crime.

Stickers, tags, RV, Lust, Freesexinthemouth, Hidden Friends, Prefab 77, Scuba, Gift, CLCS, Love Me, Bankrupt Slut, Revok is Dead, Keep it Guilty and more.

Join the Survellience

Join the Survellience, JTS, Stamp'd LA, Sneaktip. surveilance


Zahr, Limez, Fatso, Maer, Kane, Reva, QDZ

Comboed Up

TSF, Beg Rich, Bankrupt Slut, Ruets, Kaer, Hades, 2cents, Lousy, Jaber and more.