Thursday, October 31, 2013

Banksy's 'The Banality of the Banality of Evil' Sells for $615,000!

As a capper to Banksy's month long artist residency in New York, his artwork, 'The Banality of the Banality of Evil' finished bidding at $615,000.  The price jumped over $300,000 in the final minutes of the auction.

Pretty impressive price for a painting of a Nazi. Wonder if the buyer is going to hang this up? or just brag about it?

Space Invader Arrested in New York City!

This is not rumor. The streets are hot after Banksy's month long artist residency, and, Space Invader got arrested last night in New York City. Seriously.

Today, the NY Lowdown published a story that Space Invader got arrested last night while installing this Snow White mosaic. The police took him into custody, and then contacted the property owner Mark Miller, who runs an art gallery at the location.

Not sure exactly how things work in New York, since the NYPD was saying it needed a property owner to charge Banksy with vandalism. The article does not say whether Miller is pressing charges or the NYPD. But Miller says that he plans on keeping Space Invader's art work. So if he is not pressing charges, who is?

This is not the first time Space Invader has been arrested. He has already been ticketed multiple times in Los Angeles as well.  

Banksy: A Revolution for the Biggest Art Movement the World has Ever Seen -- Street Art

Banksy's month long artist residency in New York is now drawing to a close. Banksy has rocked us, shocked us, and now he is trying to knock the art world upside the head. In his final audio, Banksy reveals his major ambition of Better Out Than In--to reclaim art for the outside, not the inside.

Banksy is truly the greatest artist of this generation. He has proven himself on the streets, in the galleries and museums, in the auction houses--and again on the streets. And the entire journey, Banksy did it all on his terms.

Street art is the biggest art movement the world has ever known. And consider these words from Banksy a call for revolution for the entire art world.  Check out Banksy's words of wisdom below:

Well, this is the last day of the show. I'd like to so we are going out on a high note, and, I guess in a way, we are~.

This is a sideways take on the ubiquitous spray painted bubble lettering that actually floats. Its an homage, or sorts, to the most prevalent graffiti, in the city that invented it, for the modern era. Or, its another Banksy piece that is full of hot air.

So, what does the artist hope to have achieved, with this so-called residency? Shame it didn't get any press . . . He told me, that 'if just one child has been inspired to pick up a can of paint, and make some art, well that would be statistically  disappointing  considering how much work I put in'. 

Its been an interesting experiment, but is there a cohesive message behind it? I gave the artist two minutes to think of one . . . 

Banksy asserts that outside is where art should live, amongst us. And rather than street art being a "fad", maybe its the last thousand years of art history that are the "blip" when art came inside, in service of the church, and institutions. But art's rightful place is on the cave walls of our communities. Where it can act as a public service, provoke debate, voice concerns, forge identities.

The world we live in today is run, visually at least, by traffic signs, billboards, and planning committees  Is that it!?! Don't we want to live in a world made of art? Not just decorated by it? 

Thanks for coming.~

BanksyNY Leaves New York with a Free Souvenir Print

Banksy didn't leave New York without leaving a little something for everyone. Its not limited. Its not pre-made. But it is official.

Banksy released this image today on his website saying 'Now available - the official Banksy New York residency souvenir T shirt (you have to take the jpeg to a copy store and make it yourself)'.

Very cool of Banksy to do this as a keepsake for everyone to remember this month. The Omar-ized versions are Do-It-Yourself (but hope you get plenty of people pulling on your balloon string~).

Thanks, BanksyNY!~

The NYPD Can't Catch Banksy! (but they did catch BanksyNY's balloon)

This is rich. The NYPD decided to confiscate Banksy's Balloon Graffiti Throw Up. Guess the NYPD can't catch Banksy, but they did catch his balloon!

All humor aside, this could be more devious than cops merely confiscating illegal art. America's police departments have been known to seize money or other quetionably illegal stuff, and then the person they took it from must prove that it is not illegal. Its an unfair practice abused by many police departments to try and garner more money for themselves. So, its kinda like the NYPD 'stole' Banksy's piece. Lets see if the police cash in, or if the balloon gets 'returned' to the building owner.

Or perhaps the NYPD just wants the Balloon for fingerprints. (Yikes!)

Also, the dudes who tried to steal the balloons ended up getting arrested. M&F is not condoning what they did, but out of everyone who claimed a Banksy this month, these dudes seemed to do it the right way risking life and limb to grab a 'public' piece with no clear owner. Survival of the streetest? And now they are getting arrested? Something smells sour about this situation.

All in all, Banksy couldn't have scripted a better ending. This is not using art as decoration. This is 'making' art in real life. This is why he came to New York. Like Banksy said, "Nobody comes to New York to bathe in your well mannered common sense. We're here for your spirit and audacity."

Indeed. Stay up, New York~

Oh Shit! Shit's Gettin' Real at BanksyNY's Balloon Throw Up!

Oh shit! Shit is gettin' real at Banksy's Balloon Throw Up piece.

It turns out, when the dude who snagged Banksy's piece jumped off the roof, he got physically mugged by a couple of tough looking Banksy Hunters. Problem is, all of the drama happened right in front of the cops, so some people might be getting arrested for this!

UPDATE! -- The Dudes Got Banksy's Balloons! -- Police are On the Scene!

Update! The dudes got Banksy's balloon down. But the NYPD showed up, and not sure how this is going to turn out!

Haha. Its kind of funny how the NYPD has been chasing Banksy all month, and now they are in the opposite position of defending his art work?

Yup, this is art~

Some Dudes are ALREADY Trying to Snatch BanksyNY's Inflatable Throwie!

Some dudes are already trying to snatch BanksyNY's 'Inflatable Throw-up'.

Apparently, the dudes have a ladder long enough to get up to the upper level, but the balloons are tied to to the rooftop, so they appear to be safe--for the minute.

This piece would have been much safer, and stronger, if Banksy had actually painted the graffiti onto the building.  Have never seen one cut out of a building this high up.  Just sayin'.

Ironically enough, some of the folks on the scene are calling the cops to protect Banksy's vandalism. What a strange world we live in, and as Banksy says in his audio, why live in a world decorated by art, when we could live in a world made of art? Watching how the public fumbles over how to deal with a Banksy, its real life art (chasing after art).

Banksy is Full of Hot Air -- A Closer Look at Banksy's Inflatable Throw-Up

The pictures that Banksy released on his website looked like graffiti bubble letters, meanwhile the audio recording on Banksy's website described these as actually full of hot air. Turns out, it is both. These are actual balloons, painted with graffiti, and shaded on the wall with spray paint. But the actual letters themselves are balloons.

It seems that Banksy is having some fun poking at himself with this piece, at the same time he claims the graffiti crown. It is worth noting, that Banksy has outlasted the haters in New York. When Banksy first started, the haters were chomping at the bit to paint over Banksy's new pieces. But as the month wore on, the haters grew less and less motivated. Even last night's Bronx Zoo piece remained untouched, untagged and unvandalized even though it was unguarded for an entire night.

When Banksy started his art show and the pieces would get tagged over, some folks would talk about how New York graffiti does not take kindly to outsiders, but now, at the end of the month, its kind of like Banksy has taught New Yorkers how to behave around graffiti.

Click the jump for a closer look at Banksy's Inflatable Throw-Up.

For a Finale -- Banksy Claims Tops in the Graffiti World!

Folks outside the streets might not understand this last move from BanksyNY. Folks were talking about Banksy hitting the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. But Banksy's idea was even bigger than that. By culminating with a simple graffiti throw up, Banksy is saying that the BIG point about this month's exhibition, is to take graffiti to the next level.

Banksy definitely chose this spot on purpose. The building is filled with bombs from some of the biggest graffiti bombers in the world. Even before Banksy showed up, this was a graffiti Wall-of-Fame. Names like Nekst, Adek BTM and Lewy are as big as it gets for street bombers. And Banksy is above it all. Above all the other names, and all the other beef that writers are throwing around.

Also notice how Banksy employs a unique kind of shading with this piece.

Are all the graffiti writer's listening? Banksy is clearly talking a little shit while he is making his big point. Banksy is not just a street artist. He is also 'tops' in the graffiti world, as well.

Banksy Has Painted Wild Graffiti Cats Many Times Before

This is not the fist time that Banksy has painted wild graffiti cats. But his Bronx Wildcat in New York across the street from Yankee Stadium is Banksy's best yet.

Not only did Banksy use tags to fill in the stripes and animal print from the wild cats, but he also use the texture of the wall itself. After painting the tags, you can see in the upclose picture (below) how Banksy painted the wall, and then scraped off some of that work to add to the piece. Very impressive, and love the way the building itself is incorporated into the art.

There has been a lot of talk online about the words and tags that Banksy utilized in his New York Wildcat. There is clearly a peace sign, and a 'NY' for New York, and next to the peace sign, there also appears to be a gone over Cope2 tag. Cope has been shamelessly begging for attention from Banksy during the entire month Banksy has been in New York. Cope wanted it so much that he even posted a fake picture of a fake collab with Banksy, featuring a fat pig and NYPD over Cope's tag. And a lot of people think that Banksy might be tributing Cope with this tag, but unlike the peace sign and the NY the 'C' on Cope is clearly painted over. In the graffiti world, going over a tag is an insult. So not sure what Banksy was trying to do there? give Cope props? or memorialize him forever getting capped?

And yesterday M&F called out New York for not recognizing this new piece of art all day. It turns out that some locals saw Banksy paint this piece. It did not go unnoticed all day. Banksy did it in the middle of the afternoon, around 3:30 in the daytime. It took Banksy about 20 minutes to paint, and he did it all by himself, with no assistants or assistance. Boom.

Click the jump for more of Banksy's Bronx Wildcat

Banksy Takes On Wall Street?

Some new pictures just got put up online, reportedly showing Banksy's newest piece.

At first, this might look like a Banksy piece. But from looking closer at the art, this does not feel like Banksy. The shading is off, the market line is strange (wouldn't Banksy have it doing something, not just there).

Not Banksy. Just another someone clearly inspired by Banksy's month-long residence in New York.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Banksy vs. The Banality of the New York Times and the Mainstream Press and Modern Life ***UPDATE***

Andy Warhol said that an artist should not worry about what is written in the press, they should just measure it in inches.

BanksyNY's month long residency in New York has highlighted the many strange ways that people react to art. Throughout it all, Banksy has tried to incorporate many layers of meaning in each of his pieces. Still, the main discussion with the masses doesn't seem to get far beyond the monetary value of the art. But maybe its not the people's fault? Maybe, a HUGE part of the problem is the mainstream media. The mainstream media is so out of touch that it is hilarious. And the way that the New York Times has handled Banksy's New York invasion has shown that.

Banksy has steadily been building his buzz all month long. Banksy's art works and art stunts have gained the attention of every major news outlet.  Banksy's influence was so dramatic and heavy that for a couple of days in the month, the term 'Banksy' was the most searched Google term in America. Banksy is arguably the most widely recognized artist in the world, and so, as one of his final acts for Better Out Than In, Banksy submitted an editorial to the New York Times.

Now, this is where things get funny. The New York Times refused to publish Banksy's short essay, but the very next day they published a much longer article about Banksy. The article that was published included a banal run down of Banksy's pieces in New York, and how the people have reacted to it. The article completely ignores Banksy's editorial, until one of the final closing paragraphs. The space given to explain why Banksy's editorial was not published took up just about as Banksy's essay would have anyway. But the New York Times said that Banksy's essay "wasn't at all what we were expecting, so it was rejected".

This is the perfect example of how the mainstream news is, (28) days late, a buck short and missing the entire point completely. It was nice of the New York Times to join Banksy's month long celebration--3 days before its over (now that's great reporting!). Then they publish a bland and boring profile article about the artist instead of the incisive and incendiary words that the artist asked to be published--a buck short. Furthermore, the published article completely dismisses Banksy's ideas while trying to catch at the tail of Banksy's energy. This shows how out of touch the mainstream media is. The mainstream media is handed a juicy story, but they refuse to print it. If anyone wonders why mainstream print news is dying, its because of the news organizations themselves. The media has dumbed down the news to the lowest common denominator so that its not worth reading anyway.

Warhol wanted his media to be measured in inches, so to him, this would have been a victory. But Banksy is not Andy Warhol. Banksy is bigger than Warhol, and, once again, the greatest artist of the modern generation (--its worth mentioning that Damien Hirst spent this month body painting Rhianna--that is the type of art the mainstream media is comfortable with, but really who gives a fuck? Did Hirst's art change the world? Banksy's kinda did).  Banksy is not Warhol or Hirst. He is better. Banksy actually has ideas in addition to his art, and Banksy's ideas are worth hearing. Hirst can have Rhianna and his dots. Warhol can have his inches of print and his soup cans. Yes, Warhol can keep his inches, but please give us Banksy's wisdom.

Banksy dares speak truth to power. Banksy is anonymous like a super hero. And Banksy is our best hope against the banality of mainstream media and modern life.~

Stay up, Banksy!

***UPDATE -- The New York Times has published another long article on Banksy today. The new article says nothing new, and is loaded with cheap insults and weak comparisons to other artists. The author even has the gall to call Banksy's 'Sirens of the Lambs' his "most political piece", while the author completely failed to mention Banksy's unpublished editorial submitted the New York Times. Seriously, fuck you New York Times. You set the bar so low that you tripped. The NY Post has done a better job covering Banksy this month. You just don't get it, and while you don't get it, the inches of words you print are digging print journalism's own grave.***

A Closer Look at Banksy's Bronx Zoo

Here is a closer look at Banksy's Bronx Zoo graffiti leopard.

This location was listed on Banksy's website as Yankee Stadium, but this is not on the stadium itself, but right across the street.

The blue background and fierce spirit of this piece seems to make it a favorite amongst many fans. But perhaps the larger point that Banksy is trying to make by waiting all day to reveal this piece is that just like in the jungle, the wild cats are still blending in.

C'mon New York. After a full month of Banksy and this piece did not get spotted on the streets all day!? Big time fail. Banksy has opened eyes during Better Out Than In, but apparently still not enough to notice everything unusual in the Big Apple.

BanksyNY Brings the Bronx Zoo to Yankee Stadium!

People were wondering if Banksy was going to hit an iconic New York landmark site, and now he has. On October 30th, Banksy brought the Bronx Zoo to Yankee Stadium!

Good Thing BanksyNY's Art is Going to Art Lovers -- Now on Ebay

Gothamist published an article with the owner of Banksy's 'Grumpy Asshole' truck.

The new owner is not impressed. He says "For me, its worth nothing more than art on the other sides of the truck. I don't know art. To me it has no value. I can't appreciate that."

The owner is an Orthodox Jew, so he did not answer his phone all day on Sunday, allowing the truck to sit there all day. Even though it was unprotected, there was no vandalism, only fans writing their names in dust.

The owner is now trying to sell it to the highest bidder saying "I can replace the truck so it doesn't have value to me--but it has value to someone else". Apparently, this own can appreciate the financial value, even if not the artistic.

Now, wonder if there is some rich grumpy asshole willing to pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 'Grumpy Asshole' truck?

***UPDATE -- Banksy's Grumpy Truck is now on Ebay for $120,000. Or better offer. The asking price might seem like a bargain since Banksy's 'The Banality of the Banality of Evil' is currently above $300,000+.***

BanksyNY -- The Banality of an Art Auction -- ***UPDATE: Now Over $300,200!**

The auction for Banksy's art piece, 'The Banality of the Banality of Evil' is currently at $220,200, with 74 bids. This is after only one day of bidding, and still less than 24 hours into it.

Its actually kind of exciting to see these numbers jump. But the amounts are so ridiculous that it essentially like pretend money to most folks like you and me. But it is sure crazy watching those numbers climb!

Meanwhile, still waiting on Banksy's reveal for today. Usually, when Banksy has waited, it generally has meant that it is not a graffiti based piece, and also, something that Banksy wanted to last through the day without being noticed, before he claims it and the crowds go nuts. Stay tuned for Banksy's piece for October 30th!

***UPDATE -- The bidding has now jumped up to $300,200 with 83 bids***

Deeper Look at Twin Towers

Here is a return visit to Banksy's Twin Tower's tribute in New York City.  This stencil was one of Banksy's earlier pieces during this month, but now his later pieces with Banksy's unpublished essay submitted to the New York Times, and the 'Blocked Messages' stencil.

The New York Times refused to publish Banksy's words, but then the tabloids took the story and ran with it. Now, everyone is still talking about Banksy's letter and what he meant by it. The thing is, the level of discourse is disappointingly simple. Most of the online chatter seems to be about why Banksy cares about the way a building looks and if he has offended New Yorkers with his essay. But, that is not Banksy's point.

M&F believes that the bigger point that Banksy is trying to make, is that people and countries get judged by how they handle their trials and tribulations. And 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack to ever take place on American soil. So how has America responded to the tragedy? Banksy's point in critiquing the architecture of Word Trade One, its not just about the way it looks, its about what happened in the process. Instead of making America a stronger and better place after 9/11, the architectural complaints that Banksy is making about the building are really saying that the values America exhibited after 9/11 are not how to make things better, the values America has shown with World Trade One stand for corporate greed, compromise, and what-is-not-necessarily-in-the-best-interest-of-the-American-people. Banksy's letter is not simply about architecture, its about how America fumbled the ball after 9/11.

Banksy is not insulting New York. He is encouraging America to do better. That's what the flower means attached to the Tower in Banksy's art. After something bad happens, try to turn it into something beautiful. The World Trade One shows how America has failed.

If you still take offense to Banksy's letter, ask yourself, with everything that has happened since 9/11, is America better? or worse? -- Exactly.

Stay up, Banksy. Stay up, New York. And stay up, America~

Click the jump for a pictorial return visit to Banksy's Twin Towers Tribute--with pics from before it was defaced

New Spot, New Location, STILL Not Banksy

Geez, people. M&F tried to tell you all yesterday -- this dude is not selling legit Banksy t shirts.

Banksy's publicist has now confirmed that this dude selling 'I Am Banksy' t shirts has nothing to do with Banksy.

Kinda funny, like how all the 'die-hard' fans who know enough to recognize a Banksy (or so they think), but they don't know what the man or his plan is about. Bet, these are going to sell out again today. So, who's going to go and buy some more fake Banksy t shirts?

BanksyNY - Not Ratted Out

A lot of people have been wanting Banksy to return to his rats, something he has not yet done during Better Out Than In.

A rat just showed up on the streets of New York, but this rat is not Banksy. When did Banksy forget how to paint? Banksy is known for adding freehand highlights with shadowing and flairs to his stencils, but he doesn't forget major features like the face and tail.

Nope. Not Banksy. Just more mediocrity.

Clues Tucked Inside Banksy's 'Banality of Evil'

The photographer can be seen in the official photo released from Banksy's website.

This gives a slight glimpse at behind the scenes and clues as to how Banksy works.

Still, the details are difficult to make out. It the photographer a brown haired woman? Or a guy in a hoodie?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Closer Look at Banksy's 'Banality of Evil' -- #Richpeopleproblems

Here is a closer look at Banksy's 'Banality of Evil'.

For more history on this piece, apparently it was purchased 2 months ago from the thrift shop for $50. And then it was re-donated earlier today with a strong suggestion of where to hang it in the front window.

The bidding on this piece started at $74,000. Perhaps that was to establish the actual value, so that any amount spent over that value by the bidders is tax deductible, since the its being sold for a charitable cause. So, these rich people get to buy a Banksy and save money! #Richpeopleproblems

The bidding on Banksy's painting is currently at $157,200 with 37 bids. Click the jump for a closer look at Banksy's 'Banality of Evil'.

***UPDATE -- the auction is now at $203,100 with 48 bids***

Banksy's 'Banality of Evil' - Up for Auction Now! -- ***UPDATE: 37 Bids Currently at $157,200!***

Banksy's 'Banality of Evil' is currently up for sale for sale at a live auction. Starting bid is $74,000.

It is signed, by both artists (pic below). It does come with a Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity.

Any bidders?

***UPDATE -- Yes. There are multiple bidders. With deep pockets. Only a few hours into the bidding process, and Banksy's Banality of Evil is currently at $157,200 and has received 37 bids. Stay tuned for more!***

Banksy's Banality of Evil - YOU Can Buy It!

Well, Banksy seems to be giving everyone who wanted the chance to buy a Banksy the chance to put their money where their mouth is~

Turns out Banksy's 'Banality of the Banality of Evil' is for sale and you can buy it. For real. Banksy's painting will be included in an online auction that will happen later today. As of now, Banksy's painting has not been posted. Will update as soon as it is. Proceeds from the sale will reportedly go towards helps AIDS research.

So, Banksy's painting is for sale. But a lot of people are saying that the Nazi ruins the aesthetic. Will this piece command a hight price? or not?

And, does this piece fit the theme 'Better Out Than In'. Seems pretty 'in' rather than 'out'.

BanksyNY -- The Banality of the Banality of Evil

Banksy finally released his art piece today. Its entitled 'The banality of the banality of evil ' and described as Oil on oil on canvas, 2013'.  Banksy says this was A thrift store painting vandalised then re-donated to the thrift store. 

This is one of Banksy's favorite tricks, the re-appropriation of an earlier painting.

So, does this now mean that the Nazi painting is for sale at a New York thrift shop?!

People Are Always 2 Steps Behind Banksy -- UPDATE -- This is NOT Banksy's Art Today

Banksy has not yet made his announcement today, causing many to believe he could be releasing a video or legal installation later in the day.

Meanwhile, many folks are speculating that this dude selling 'I Am Banksy' t-shirts in New York might be today's art.

Nope. Its not. But this dude selling shirts sure lucked out!

Still waiting (not in vain . . .) for Banksy's October 29th piece.

***UPDATE -- The T shirt seller has now sold out. Reportedly, people were buying 10 at a time, and he sold out. Folks are clamoring about the chance to score a authentic Banksy again. People, this is NOT Banksy's art piece for today. Guaranteed. How do we know for sure? There is no traffic cone. Boom. Tell your mom before she trades her thong for one. NOT Banksy's Tshirts. But a very lucky Tshirt vendor.***

Los Angeles is Always a Vacation

LA is always a vacation.

Sometimes, living here the locals take it for granted.  Not M&F.  We try to be thankful and remember each and every day that this place is paradise.  LA might be home, but this is the place that everyone else in the world dreams about visiting on vacation.  This is your life, every day. Smile, Los Angeles~

This sticker of a dude rolling with a suitcase on Fairfax seems to capture how LA is always a vacation.

Stay up, Los Angeles!


In the midst of Banksy's trip to New York, some folks have set up a website meant to capitolize on the financial aspect of Banksy's street art.

StealBanksyNY, with a tagline 'Better Ours Than Theirs', the site provides a map of all of Banksy's New York pieces with the word 'Free' at each location. The site even updates when the pieces are damaged or removed saying 50% off or 'out of stock'.

Looks like Banksy's Beaver is only 15% off. We'll take it!

So steal yourself a Banksy. Hurry, get it before MOMA gets it!

Monday, October 28, 2013

BanksyNY -- If Christmas Happened Every Day, It Would Be Hard To Stay Excited

Some people have started to say that Banksy's novelty has worn off. Well, if Christmas happened every day, it would be hard to stay excited. 

Those same folks seem to have begun to take Banksy's efforts for granted. Indeed, it seems that the buzz surrounding Better Out Than In has died down a bit. The peak seemed to be the week following Banksy's Central Park Art Sale.

M&F is exhausted from this month of mayhem, but we want to point out that this ride has been spectacular. Banksy's residency has made us fall in love with the streets, and Banksy all over again. 

Banksy could have remained elusive. He did not have to do this, but he took on this tremendous undertaking, and gave all the street art lovers an entire month of Christmas. Every day a new Banksy.  And what Banksy has taken on and accomplished in New York this month has been truly amazing. 31 days is a long time to do anything. Not every piece was a homerun for everybody, but each piece was a hit for someone. Banksy has consistently stayed fresh and engaging throughout the month. And he did it all on the streets that never sleep facing pressure from the police yet he did it all without getting arrested. Boom. 

Big thanks to Banksy for this month of Christmas in October. There are still 3 days left, and M&F is going to be cherishing each and every one of them~

Stay up!  And click the jump for a deeper look at more craziness surrounding Banksy in New York!

Banksy's Art Fights Back

Another great animation, this one showing Banksy's art fighting back. Banksy's future robot is spraying the dudes installing metal gates over.

Great stuff from Gramvino.

BanksyNY - Posin' Before the Art Gets Closed In

Yup. Folks love to pose with Banksy's art. At least before it gets closed in.

^And this girl can pull that pose wherever she wants and still get people taking photos! Click the jump for more

BanksyNY - Lost a Gig but Didn't Lose a Penny

Today, the NY Daily News reported that Manhattan retailer Century 21 had plans for an upcoming 'showcase' of Banksy's work. However, in response to Banksy's editorial regarding the World Trade One, Century 21 has now cancelled the 'showcase' Banksy art show.

Oh well. Its no skin off Banksy's chin. Banksy doesn't whore himself out for corporate gigs (unlike the majority of other big name graffiti and street artists out there). So even though Banksy lost the gig, this didn't cost him a penny.

In fact, its kind of like natural selection. After all, Banksy wrote some words of truth, and the corporate titans who couldn't handle what he had to say are now bothered? Well, good. Banksy's art is effective on so many levels~

BanksyNY - Maybe the Future is More Exciting

Banksy's 'Robosapien' gets boarded up already in what has become an expected and boring response to Banksy's street pieces in New York.

Apparently, the owner got talked into protecting the piece by all the Banksy 'fans'. Still not sure what the proper response to Banksy's street pieces is other than to let them ride. But what this circus has shown us is that the most boring part about Banksy's art is the response. Please Banksy, save us from us.

Maybe the future is more exciting . . .

A Closer Look at Banksy's Robosapien

^ The NYPD already loves Banksy's newest stencil!

Here is a closer look at BanksyNY's 'Robosapien'.  Banksy is always hitting on many levels, and turns out that the bar code that the robot is spraying is actually a catalog number for homo sapiens.

Click the jump for a closer look at Banksy's Robosapien.

This Site Now Contains MORE Blocked Messages

Only a day later and Banksy's 'Blocked Messages' has now been 'blocked' too.

It seems that Banksy struck a nerve with this piece combined with his editorial for the New York Times, and this piece got buffed quick. The NY Times wouldn't publish Banksy's piece, but other NY tabloids are saying that what Banksy wrote 'spit' on the graves' on the 9/11 victims. It sure is funny how the media spins things when Banksy is trying to do the exact opposite, and says so in the essay itself.

Blocked Messages might have been our favorite of all the days all month. Even if Banksy's message got blocked, and the New York Times wouldn't publish Banksy's article, the ideas have not still got out, and the conversation that is happening because of this, has not been blocked.

Stay up!

BanksyNY - Graffiti Robots of the Future

Banksy's newest piece gives a teaser of how graffiti will look in the future. Robots will be tagging bar code around the city.

In the far shot, there is also a pigeon flying off as part of the art.

***UPDATE -- the pigeon is not part of the art, just a random & beautiful 'artful' addition.***

Banksy - Spouting Off

Another cool animated gif bringing Banksy's art to life.

Dig it~

***Pic credit to CaptainHavoc for the animation***

Sunday, October 27, 2013

BanksyNY Pulls a Triple Header

Banksy pulled a triple header tonight in New York with 3 separate installations, Silence of the Lambs, the Garden Truck and the Grim Reaper all converging at one location.

Click the jump to enjoy more BanksyNY madness from all over New York

Inspired By Banksy

Banksy's month long residency is now drawing into its final week.  Its almost sad thinking that the circus might be over, but during this month Banksy has left his mark on New York. Not only did Banksy decorate the city himself, but he also inspired all kinds of folks.  People got inspired to do everything from create art to have a discussion with Banksy.

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A Closer Look at Banksy's 'Blocked Messages'

Here is a closer look at Banksy's 'This Site Contains Blocked Messages'. Like an onion, the layers of meaning keep unveiling themselves.

There are two additional major things to take note of with this stencil. First, the placement of this stencil is in clear view of Word Trade One, or Freedom Tower. So, it seems that this street piece was done in planned conjunction with the release of Banksy's editorial for the New York Times.

Which is the second thing to note. That Banksy officially released 2 pieces today, which makes up for the day missed due to police activity.

As for the crowd reaction, it seems like the number of people are dying down around Banksy's street pieces a little bit. Even the taggers seemed to have run low on their hater spirit? Guess this is an example of how Banksy's perseverance has outlasted the initial waves of hate.

BanksyNY - Takes Aim at New York Times & NYC's Shyscraper'

In addition to the Blocked Messages piece that Banksy released earlier, he also updated his website with this proposed editorial for the New York Times.  The New York Times refused to publish Banksy's article, so Banksy posted the words on his own website.

With all the mainstream press that BanksyNY's month long artist residency in has garnered, it is a bit surprising that the NY Times refused to publish an editorial from arguably the biggest artist in the world. The refusal probably had more to do with what Banksy is saying in the article, than anything else.

In his article, Banksy aims some real gut punches to the city of New York. He starts out by saying that the biggest eyesore in New York is not graffiti, its the One World Trade, the building built in place of the Twin Towers after 9/11.  Banksy calls it '104 floors of compromise' and says that it is a 'thousand foot tall sign that reads "New York - we lost our nerve'. Ouch. Banksy's main point is that the One World Trade is a symbol for how America has slipped with its handling of 9/11. It represents, Banksy says, how '10 men have condemned us to live in a world more mediocre than the one they attacked, rather than be a catalyst for a dazzling new one'.

Damn. Its true. America has fumbled its handling of 9/11 like a football. And Banksy dares say that the new empire has no clothes. And needs a new paint job. Talk about speaking truth to Power. Its so powerful, that the Power just doesn't want to publish this truth.

In his unpublished editorial, Banksy also reveals so motivations for why he chose New York for this artist residency. Banksy says 'Nobody comes here for your well mannered common sense. We're here for the spirit and audacity.' Boom.

Guess the bottom line is that the establishment is happy to look at pictures from artists, but they still don't want to hear what the artist's actually have to say. "You send us words!? We want pictures!" Lol. Guess Banksy will just keep up with writing his messages on walls~

Stay up!

BanksyNY Confirmed - This Site Contains Blocked Messages

Its been confirmed that the 'This Site Contains Blocked Messages' is from BanksyNY.

Dig how this piece hits on many levels. On the surface, Banksy's letters have been painted over a buffed wall, so the graffiti messages have been blocked. And on another level, its kind of like how the Mona Lisa is always looking at you. And whenever this image gets posted on the internet, it will be like the image is referring to the internet site, not the wall itself.

Blocked Messages?

Rampant rumors are swirling that this piece in New York is Banksy's latest.

As of yet, this 'Blocked Messages' wall has not been confirmed on Banksy's website.

Banksy's Geisha - Street Museum

Banksy's Geisha has turned into a street museum.  Complete with visiting hours, gates, guards and all the fun you might find at a real museum. But you might get mugged at this one~

Lol, out of all the ways that Banksy's pieces have been handled on the streets, what is the right way? M&F does not know. In an ideal world, it would be great if Banksy's art just lasted indefinitely on the streets. But all of these other options--tagging, metal gates, or the auction house just don't seem to do the art justice.

GA One probably left that tag above because he tried to visit Banksy's piece, but was pissed cause he couldn't see it cause it wasn't during visiting hours~ (that is a joke if sarcasm is not clear over the internet)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

BanksyNY is Big Money!!!

One things for sure, some folks are cashing in (^!) on Banksy's visit to New York. Apparently, the wad above was from the store across the street from Hustler, and the shop started selling Banksy magnets after Banksy painted his Waiting in Vain piece there.  More dough for the strip club!

You know, speaking of money, its worth noting that Banksy is one of the few big-time artists who does not get accused of selling out. Just sayin'.

Another sure thing is that people are getting better at posing with Banksy.  Click through to see some of the best shots of people interacting with Banksy's art.

Stay up!

Teach Peace -- Thrashbird Style!

Teacher and Thrashbird team up on an impressive billboard takeover. The piece features a modified billboard with Thor now saying 'Teach Peace -- Thrashbird Style!'.

As if bombing a billboard in Hollywood weren't impressive enough, there are two things that are particularly noteworthy about this particular takeover.  First, notice the life size model on the billboard, posed as if trying to snap a cell phone picture of Thor.  Nice work, and also crazy to see the how tiny the actual is when compared to a billboard.  The other thing is the screen on the cell phone. Even though it looks like it, its not a real cell phone, Teacher actually painted the screen image! Dang! Talk about attention to the smallest detail on a massive scale.

If you want to see this piece in person, you can catch it along the way to Bankrupt Slut's show tonight in Burbank because this piece is on Cahuenga Blvd.

Dig it. Stay up!

Wheat Paste Wars

Shie 47 is taking his big time sticker game even bigger. Amping things up with a brand new campaign themed 'Wheat Paste Wars'.

Shie 47 is joined by El Nino.  Together, they are not in war against other artists, but against police, hero's, and anyone against fighting the good fight as a street artist.

Keep fighting the good war and stay up!

BANKRUPT SLUT - Halloween (It's Time to Get Freaky!)

Oh hell yes!

BANKRUPT SLUT just released a brand new song.  Just in time for the holiday, its called Halloween (It's Time to Get Freaky!).

Take a listen to Halloween (It's Time To Get Freaky!) on Soundcloud.  Free download is also available.

This is one of the first time's M&F has published BANKRUPT SLUT's music, so while you're there, take a listen to Graffiti Saved My Life. And then check out Panty Dropper. Together, the songs will get everybody in the mood for Bankrupt Slut's concert tonight. Tonight (Sat. Oct. 26th), at the Park Bar in Burbank (2007 W. Burbank Blvd. 91506) BANKRUPT SLUT takes the stage at 8.

Like the song says, "every girl always wants to be a slut, and Halloween's when they all dress up!"  So c'mon! Put your best thong on and come check out BANKRUPT SLUT in concert, tonight!~

Banksy Trucked Up -- Not Grumpy, Assholes

Banksy's 'Grumpy Asshole' truck has been located by some very ungrumpy non-asshole Banksy Hunters.  In what looks like a beautiful day in New York, this truck is perhaps one of the best scenes yet for a discovered Banksy.  All the fans writing their names next to the piece permanently in the built up dust.  Dig it~

Also, Banksy updated his website twice today.  Once to show a truck with a cropped license plate (instead of the original).  And also, about Banksy's 'Waiting In Vain' piece, he wrote 'For those of you wanting to know if this was a permission piece, it wasn't.'

Boom. We wondered. Question answered. Much respect~

If you're not a grumpy asshole, click the jump for more fun!

Thrashbird - Why Can't a Wall Just Be Art?

Thrashbird adds a response to the wall that Plastic Jesus hit a day earlier.  When Plastic Jesus hit it, he added a stencil asking 'Why can't a wall just be a wall'.

The next night, Thrashbird came and modified the wall again.  Now it reads 'Artise Here' and below, 'Why can't a wall just be art?'.

This is also described as a performance art piece with Thrashbird himself posing in his signature 'Everybody You Know' pose.

BanksyNY - The Grumpier You Are, the More Assholes You Meet

Banksy revealed his newest piece today. This one is not pretty as much as it is truthful.

The art is a simple tag that says 'The Grumpier You Are, The More Assholes You Meet . . . "

Its true. Is this perhaps a jab at any folks who have not been repeatedly impressed, day after day, for every day out of this month, during October?

Fuck yeah. We dig this one. Just when Banksy brings you flowers, next he reminds you that you might bump into death at any time, but then, while you're living, Banksy encourages folks not to be an asshole. Banksy's art probably demonstrates better morals than the Bible.

Stay up. And don't be an asshole~