Monday, September 30, 2013

Teacher & Chod - Church of None of This is Real Video

Teacher and Chod just released a video capturing all the action around their recent project, the 'Church of None of This is Real'.

This new video captures the full life span of the Church from the artists describing their motivations, to the building & decorating the piece, and then finally putting it out on the streets (and seeing people's reactions).

The story line is complete except for the ending.  Anyone know where the church ended up?

Cyrcle - TryUMPHant

Cyrcle has been traveling all over the world painting and doing art.  Now, Cyrcle returns back home to Los Angeles to triumph, and they do so with a giant new commission mural on Santa Monica Blvd. entitled 'TryUMPH'.

The mural was a collaboration with musician Woodkid's music inspiring Cyrcle's imagery.  Cyrcle describes the piece this way:

The piece is inspired by the story behind Woodkid's music, only now being told through our aesthetic.  The Woman represents the Boys mother, she is longing for the child she once had in her arms and worried about his safety and wellbeing out in the world.  The Warriors represent monsters and obstacles along the boys journey.  Yoann's music has spoken to us since we heard "Iron" a while back. He's not just a musician or a directer or a designer he's an artist all the way, love that shit about him! We connect deeply with the Boy in his films, forging our way through the world as artists navigating through the monsters of LosAngeles and the world! Try, Fail, TryUMPH.  Ultimately we strive for happiness and success through our work.  Faith, courage, honor, and power. Runboy RUN!


Dig it.  This can be found on Santa Monica Blvd., a couple blocks East of Highland.

Stay up and stay 'TryUMPHant'~

Abek's Watching You

Abek gets up with a creepily ominous sticker saying he's watching you!  Looks like a double postal sticker was used.

Riding on Melrose with Stashr and Gee Funk.

Fucked Up Like Daffy Duck

Smoke weed till you get fucked up like Daffy Duck.  Or Daphne.

Giant, oversized paster from Combo on Beverly Blvd.

You Killed Me First

You Killed Me First gets up with a classic image and a trio of classic radio themed stickers on Melrose.

Dig it~

LA All Day

RS70 gets up and gets wood behind Fairfax.

In front of a graffiti burner from Trav MSK.

Rasta On

A rasta bus rolls past some painted rollers on Fairfax.

There She Is!

There She Is gets up with a hand painted paster on Melrose.  Also looks to be custom burned a little before getting pasted up?

Riding with some half torn mini pasters from YKMF, which it looks like someone tried to take from the streets.

Banksy - Please Me, Quit Teasing Me

A photoshopped version of the image of the Banksy's graffiti writer puking flowers has been passed around the internet.

Nice trick, but its just another tease.   There is still no info as to where this piece actually is, or the announcement from Banksy as to what exactly 'Better Outside Than In' refers to.

But Banksy's website does bear the cryptic word 'October'.  Today is the last day of September.  New news is expected soon!

User 2Late

User gets bombed in the Valley with shout outs to 2Late and Thx.

When is the Day Where it ALL Makes Sense?

When you were a kid, it seemed that there might be such a day, but as one gets older, it seems less likely that there will ever be a such enlightenment.

Tagged mattresses from HerR(?) in Los Angeles.

***Thanks to Blubuni for sending over the pic!***

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Walking Dead Thrashbird

Billboard takeover by Thrashbird.

Dig how Thrashbird interacts with the billboard, making the message his.

Dirt Cobain also tagged and slapped a couple of pasters up there, but they do not interact with the piece.  They are just there.

The difference really points out the difference between using the streets to make a statement opposed to just slapping shit up.  Not that there is anything wrong with either, just one is clearly on an elevated level.

Epyon & 3Pahs - Thuggin'

Epyon and 3Pahs go thuggin' while they party on bombing this spot beneath a Love Me roller on Fairfax.

Up In Smoke

Doubled pasters from Combo and Abraham Lincoln with a mohawk from RVSR.  Dig the Abe, but its always different when its from a clothing company.

These Combo's haven't been capped yet . . .

Bad Karma

Karma is only bad . . .

The rest of the poster is ripped, so we will finish it.

. . . when you do bad things (like rip posters down!)

On Melrose.

I Am In This World But Not Of It

A cool portrait sketch from Dre at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.

At the bottom it says 'I Am In This World But Not Of It'.

Dig it~


Doomsayers get pasted up on the exterior walls of the freeway in Hollywood.

Click the jump for a closer look

Weed Store Characters

At a random weed store in the Valley, the sign in boards are decorated quite awesomely, and then tagged on top of that.

Its like a stoner sign in sheet for graffers.

Haha, User gets up all over Los Angeles and it makes sense he's on here~

Dig the art!  Stay up and stay high!

Classic LA Stickers

A grip of classic LA stickers riding high for years.

Slaps from Back UAO RK, Blind, Skarekrow, Paz, Zeal, Rums, Tzek, Bankrupt Slut, Spattah, and more.

Cult Classic

Casket Cult gets stuck up with a classic sticker of Tupac and Biggie, however the photo has been modified to show them wearing CC gear.

Riding with Deelr Cyck on Melrose.

No Matter What It Is

A tiny paster from Nomatter Whatness.

Not sure what the image is?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Drunk Drunk

A couple of bears getting fucked up.

From Sebastian Walker.


Thrashbird and Dirt Cobian paint their names.

Slobby All Over

Not sloppy, Slobby.

Slobe gets up with two graffiti bombs along this alleyway.  With shout outs to Arson and Pabst on the purple one.

Riding above Uome on the other.

Headless Sightings

'Headless Sightings' sticker on Melrose.  Just as a dude, with a head, walks into the picture.

Becca - Ready to Fight

Becca's got her boxing gloves on and is ready to fight on this alley way paster.

Hungry Eyes

Another one of these eyes stickers riding on Melrose.

Same artist also up in the Valley.  Anyone know the artist's name?

Looks Like Fun

This sticker from Word is titled 'No Fun'.  But it shows a couple of naked girls getting it on.  Looks like fun~

Riding on Melrose with Hidden Friends, Doom Sayers, Bankrupt Slut, 455er/All the Girls Love Earl, and Ponsr Charm WAI AL OTR.

Don't Bogart It, Bro!

Wake n' Bake.

Combo has managed to find some spots that haven't gone over other artists or got fucked with on the streets.  Like here, Combo caps an advert instead of art, and the piece remains riding.

Looks like the dude in the picture is the type to hang onto a spliff and not pass it.  Don't bogart it, bro!

Thrashbird Was Not Here

Thrashbird was not here.


Zombie gets up with a paster adorned with hand painted colors.

Zombie has always had a special flair for colors that pop.

Dig it~

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Wild Alien Creatures of Area 51

The government is finally starting to declassify information relating to Area 51.  So far, they have admitted its there.

Can't wait til they get to the juicy stuff like aliens, flying saucers, and perhaps crazy creatures like this one.  Going over a Bubblehead bus bench on Melrose is a wild street art character from Saludo CH.

There's a 'Fuck You' in There, Somewhere

Like the title says, 'There's a 'Fuck You' in There, Somewhere'

All kinds of dirty messy stuff, going over and capping going on, and right in the middle is a ripped paster of a hand flippin' the bird.

On Melrose.

Air, Water, and Stickers

Air, water, and stickers.

You know, the necessities in life~

Stuck up in West Hollywood with slaps from Moskoo(?), Borat, Illin with MCA and more.

Before I Die, Cause I'm Not Dead Yet!

The third and final GIANT feature capturing the 'Before I Die' public art installation on the front of DBA Night Club in West Hollywood.

Click the jump for a look at what all the crazy Angelinos want to do before becoming Angels.

The Mainstream Media Does Fine Journalism

M&F often pokes fun of the mainstream media, because they are clueless and don't have the balls to report true investigative journalism.

And it is always funny when street art makes the mainstream, because it is such a watered down bullshit portrayal of the genre, that one begins to realize everything on the mainstream evening news is watered down bullshit.  Even the grandparents have turned the evening news off.  Does anyone still watch this bunk?

Well, NBC Los Angeles just did a 3 minute feature on where Banksy's teaser might be located in LA. No, there are no new answers, and its hardly worth watching.  But M&F does think it is quite funny how NBC inserted Melrose and Fairfax into the title without mentioning, interviewing, or crediting MELROSEandFAIRFAX:

Keep up the fine journalism, mainstream news.~

Stay up, Los Angeles!

Bleepbloop - Laying Low

This cardboard piece from Bleepbloop was hanging from a pole next to this spot on Melrose.

Somehow, the piece got knocked to the ground, where it is laying low on the sidewalk.

No one had claimed the piece yet.  Perhaps, not because of the art, but because this location is right in front of Sportie LA, one of the hippest spots for trendsetters to grab the hottest sneakers. And the old man loafers that were used to hang the art probably don't appeal much to the sneaker crowd.

Sure that this piece from Bleepbloop eventually found a home.  And if the shoe fits . . .

Oh Shit! Banksy's Art Show is in San Diego!

Well, its close to LA . . .

The San Diego Times are reportedly getting set to publish an article saying that Banksy's art show will be in San Diego.

Miami Players Club

The Miami Players Club get stuck up 'cosmic chronic' style on Fairfax.

The Cat in the Mask

Everybody has heard of the 'The Cat in the Hat'.  But are you familiar with the cat wearing a mask?

Street art on Melrose featuring a stenciled black cat waiting outside a hole, then 'masked' with a sticker from CruArt.

Naughty Panda

A naughty panda bear face grinning at girls on Melrose.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Will Happen to All the Indie Stars?

Great question~

A paster featuring Curt Cobain holding a Starbucks cup and wearing a Starbucks apron.  Pasted up at the corner of Beverly and Fairfax--ironically enough, this corner is the home to the CBS studios and is usually a spot people hit when wanting to get noticed.

In this day and age, with social media merging with mass media, each and every band, person, artist and corporation are all using the same platforms.

Is anything underground anymore?

Is underground even possible these days?

Boom! Graffiti Like a Hollywood Punch in the Face!

Boom!  Graffiti like a punch in the face for Hollywood!

Many times, street art and graffiti is more exciting wondering how did they do that than what the image is.  And this is what we are talking about!

Klozer and Blune(?) go HUGE on this heaven on the 101 Freeway.  This is in the hottest of hot spots, just as the 101 leaves Hollywood.

Crazy impressive spot.  With all the barbed wire, and fencing, and heights, its a wonder how these graffiti writers managed to hit so hard and go so big.

Dig it~  Stay up!

MELROSEandFAIRFAX is More Entertaining than Your Television

Yup yup.  M&F is more entertaining than your television.  And sometimes, you might get both!

A sticker combo'd out television has been left at the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax.  Riding with all kinds of action from Stashr, Task 42, Gee Funk, Lethal Amounts, Skullphone, Nightmare Air, Dirt Cobain, Ahh'd Art, and more.

Stay up!

Everybody Doesn't Beat Up Girls

Another paster from French street artist Combo's street campaign 'Everybody Smokes'.

This one features Chris Brown.  Why in the world would you feature someone like Chris Brown?  He's not the cool-James-Dean-type-bad-guy.  Chris Brown is the anti-role model.  Not everybody beats up girls . . .

Shit, M&F loves smoking marijuana.  But if Chris Brown does it, that's enough to make us want to stop.

Also notice how these posters from Combo are capping everything on the wall.  Yes, it was messy before.  But this is just pure disrespect.

LA has its own positive role models and street art.  And everybody is already smoking.  So when is Combo going back to France?

Kiosk Smashes Venice

Kiosk smashes Venice with pics from all over the West Side.

Click the jump to see Kiosk getting up with hand painted pieces at many locations.

Stay up!

Before I Die I Want To . . .

What do you want to do before you die?

Well, it seems that the most common thing that people in Los Angeles want is to get rich.  But beyond that, there are some really cool writings on this board.

Some of our favorites are:

'Illegal and Unafraid'

'Make my mom proud! (and Rich!)'

'Create Sexual Freedom in This Country'

'Watch my daughter fulfill her dreams'

'Give back to those who gave to me'

'Change the world with words'

Indeed.  We are on board with all of these sentiments.

Click the jump to check out a HUGE 20+ pictorial feature.  Stay up, Los Angeles!

Before I Die . . . What Would YOU Do?

A new public art installation entitled 'Before I Die' has gone up on the front of the DBA Night Club in West Hollywood.  The walls are stenciled with the beginning phrase 'Before I die I want to . . .' and then the public is invited to use chalk to write in what they would like to do.

This wall was first placed in New Orleans years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

As people in the street art and graffiti communities know, there is some kind of personal ownership to writing a statement on the wall.

So, what would you do?

Ready for a Kegger this Weekend?

Kegr is.  Going big with a graffiti burner bomb at a spot where the 101 meets the 170 in Los Angeles.

Waiting for Banksy's Show Announcement is Like Reading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Here is another one of those pasters advertising an upcoming November Art Show in LA.  After it got pasted, someone came and added an 'F' to read Fart Show, and then someone else came and placed the cut out of a German Shepard.

I bet a lot of people think their dogs could star in their own 'Fart Show'.~

But enough with the teasers.  Seeing all of these around the streets, and the Banksy ones, its like reading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Enough with the teasers--lets see the goods!

Art Show, Fart Show - We Want More Details!

(That said, guess marketing like this is another reason Banksy is such a great artist.  The canvas is our expectations! Still waiting with fingers crossed . . . )

Holding Up the World

There are cutty spots, and then there are nearly impossible to see spots--at least without the gate being open.

This gate was locked at the time--we checked.  But it must have been open at one point for the paster of a girl holding up the world to go up.

A Life Worth Leaving

Gysr gets up with a character and a tag saying 'A Life Worth Leaving'.

Thrashbird gets up next to it saying 'Ya I know . . . but it ain't today!'.

On La Brea.