Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hollywood City

Gorgeous drip tag.

Unknown artist.


Urban Iconography

Next week is a show not to be missed.

Saturday October 9th Pedersen Projects will host the opening of Urban Iconography--a gallery exhibition showcasing some of LA's top street artists -Euth, Inept, Shark Toof and Smog City.

This show is particularly exciting because all of the artists are active on the streets, throwing down some of the dopest aesthetics around. If you follow the blog you know the weight that these artists carry.

The show features a massive 8 panel mural of combined art work.

The buzz has been festering and we get the feeling that these artists are on the tip of blowing up. Its the start of a movement.

Also, prints from Faile, OBEY, AIKO, and Blek Le Rat will be available at the show.

We are excited for this one~

The Opening Reception is Saturday October 9th from 6-10pm, and Urban Iconography runs through November 6th.

EZ Lube Dillon

Bob Dylan paste from Alec.

And the remains of Free Humanity's Virgin Mary to the right.

Not In My Name

Hinge CNG


Jukez, Eatz, Yung - OES

IUWK, Lust, Blizter, Aldoe, 2dur, Erie, RK, Difer, Merch, DSBK, Roms, Ters, PMK, Westk, Herbk, Keger, IGS, Mace, tags and more.


Anarchy and Capitialists

Mear One

More Cobra Snake

(I think the top one is his too?)

MGOT and Tosk Heaven

MGOT and Tosk go big. And High.

Andre Has a Posse, Terry Has a Hottie

It seems that a lot of sticker artists make a tribute/new version of the classic "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker by Obey.

Here's Bankrupt Slut's version.

Featuring Terry Richardson and an old lady (his mom?!), it seems he gives a thumbs up for having a hottie.

The Cobra Snake Up Laurel Canyon

Love the setting of this one.

So LA . . . we miss you

Trucked Up

Reas, AE, Veinz, Breg, Koie, Soldr, Deals, TRS, tags and a few more.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Truck is All Over

This truck is all over town.

You never realize how often you pass a random vehicle, until the vehicle really stands out.

Dope work from Vyal, Werc and Coi. (and of course MelroseandFairfax had to get in on the action)

Get Up, Stay Up

RLK, Lash, MelroseandFairfax, Bankrupt Slut, Hamok, Newt THR, and a few more.

The Cobra Snake

The Cobra Snake has the area of South La Brea slammed.

Also featuring tags from Trash and Pie.

Trucked Up

Solar, Amen, Reds, AE, Rever, Deuz, DOC, Breg, Veinz, Koie, RKT, graffiti, tags, Los Angeles


Dark Cloud, Visual Narcotics

Both these artists are known for prime placement.

Kene 5 Rooftop

Get Up.

Supply, Demand Sluts

Supply and Demand and Bankrupt Slut

Highways and Biways

LM, Bankrupt Slut, PBK, Loer, MadGuy, ATO, Eaor, PLF, Clever, Gozm, stickers and tags.

Getting onto the 101 in the Valley.

Puke Monster

Back in LA (actually on our way out of town) we spotted this puking monster off the 101.

Unknown artist.

Tag in front by Nator.

Graffiti in Victorville, California

Victorville knows whats up.

As MelroseandFairfax continues on our roadtrip, we've had the opportunity to see some graffiti in far off places. And even though Victorville is a small town, it appears to have a vibrant graffiti scene, much stronger than the town size would suggest.

We only drove the main strip (looking for gas- this is NOT the place to get gas, we drove the main strip from one end of town to the other and did not find a single gas station!?) but we did see a lot of graffiti, from big rooftop buildings, to throwie's on trucks, to tags and stickers. ITS really stood out with a strong paint and sticker game.

Enjoy the flics~

Its Bomb up top, Gyte? truck throwie, Die tag

Emund?, D3KO, 8CP, WOR, STK, CB, AC, and ?tag


Ahead etch. Grimey.

LA OG Filuts? Sew

6636r, Soar, Auro, Fulpem?


Obey Giant

Lookout Mountain

Bankrupt Slut and Free Humanity add to the natural beauty of Laurel Canyon by with some pastes on a box by Lookout Mountain.

Abstract Beauty of Street Art

This lonely cart saddled up against a tagged up bench is beautiful.

Can't make out the tags.

Krape One

Krape One, RTH hand drawn sticker and Really tag.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obey the Buff Monster

An OG street art sign from Obey and Buff Monster.

I think that Obey and Buff Monster are good friends, so guess this is a tribute.

Love the Andre Buff Monster.


Breg, RK, Love, Trust, and more.

Mr. Smile Buffed

Mr. Smile, with all the good parts taken off.


Mear One Mural Behind 6th and La Brea - Incredible

This mural is beyond words. One of our favorite paintings ever- the colors, movement, energy and presence of this piece are incredible.

Painted by Mear One in the alley way behind 6th and La Brea, the painting is a tribute to Alphonse Mucha.

Outstanding. A must see if you are in the Los Angeles area~


We snapped the Gozm sticker in the valley and the tag on Melrose.

Really cool to see how Gozm's style has developed over time from simplistic to sick handstyle.


Clever and Gozr?

In the Valley.