Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rock It, Don't Stop It!

Crack Characters

Some really great characters breaking out of the wall!

THEFL's Outdoor Studio

Lydiaemily Models for 'My Girls'

Bankrupt Slut - Reading Is Sexy

Spinr Graffiti

Bugs and Masks

Graffiti 'Seen' on Melrose


Go! Go! Go!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


San Diego Needs Art, Too

Bankrupt Slut Interviewed by AIPdaily!

Bankrupt Slut just got interviewed by the top news site for the Porn Industry, AIPdaily~

The feature is right up top of the page, next to sex goddess Jesse Jane and the AVN Awards.

More HERE.

Wario Has a Posse

ASVP - Rugged


Stew Dent

Maggot - Collaborate!

This one is beggin' for some collaboration!

Marilyn Americana

Fresh Shit

Reuse, Recycle

Street Art doesn't have to be expensive!

Cat Cult Graffiti