Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Battlin'

'Bankrobber' Video Showing How A Banksy Is Stolen

Slut Gettin Poled

Hello I'm Kush Dat Killz

Pics From Desire Obtain Cherish's First Solo Art Show (Pt. 2)

Stencil Head

Qtip Wants to Burn One with Tyler the Creator

We Just Want To Play

We All Inhale

Kase - King of Style

Eye's Out

El Toro Stickers


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pics From Desire Obtain Cherish's First Solo Art Show

Simply put, amazing~

Open Trench Love At The Strip Club

Judge Tosses Euth's Lawsuit Against Green Day


Good Doggie

Cool little Chihuahua stencil.

Found on Melrose.

dogs, stencil, street art, Los Angeles,

Demons Inside

Erie Up, and Erie Tribute Pieces

The Blind Man Drowning

Get Up and Dance More!

'The Goal Is To Fall In Love With The Act Of Creating Art'

British University Argues Banksy's Work Needs Laws Protecting It

Hooked Up - Smog City


Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Say No to 'Death To Bumpkins'

Graffiti Writer Falls From Billboard - Lands On Car

Helicopters, Heaven and Shiny Red Heels

Snyder's Garden Still Blooming

All The Girls Love Earl

Lydiaemily x Free Humanity

Taking It To The Bank

Refund Wanted


Bugger Off

Bomb Theorys

Bran One Battlin'

Bran One Battlin'

Beautiful Like A Flower

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Such A Slob


My Spirit Animal

Fillin' In

Fuck Monster

There She Is

Fragile is EVERYWHERE! in LA . . . kay?

Cactus Monster

Evil Doom

Our Habit