Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Final Pics from the Viper Room -- And 'Guess That Liquid'!

Final pics of the massively stickered out bathroom at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in this pic heavy post.

Also looks like a game of guess that liquid.  Piss and Puke? and Piss and Poop?

Massive Viper Room Sticker Combo (pt. 2)

More shots of the HUUUGE sticker combo bathroom at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip.

Street artists and bands, getting up in force--or Kid Force, as it were~

Made in China

Stickers from Cat Cult and Scoop PCHC saying 'Made in China'.

Pig on Pig

Chod gets up down low with a pig on pig themed custom dollar bill.

At the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax.

Sometimes We Never Grow Up

A tile placed in South LA featuring a smoking bear and the words 'Sometimes We Never Grow Up'.

True.  And always stay up~


Joiner stickers getting up at a hot stickers spot behind Melrose.

Happy Motha F'n Halloween!

The MF'n animals are all proud as peacocks this Halloween.  Happy Motha F'n Halloween from Shasta, Iggy and Qtip!

(More costume shots, and as always, more animal pics at TheCrazyQtip)

Gnome Home

A house deep in the Valley decorated with all kinds of Gnomes, cows, and other yard decorations.

Peace Hags

Or peace from Hags.

Handrawn sticker on Melrose.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

City Wide at Sunset

The LA Education fund is going city wide and getting up on everything from billboards to busses to advertising spots to bus benches with their campaign for public education.

This spot is in the Valley.  Support~

With some beautiful shots of LA at Sunset~

Lakers Love in LA~

M&F has previously posted this LA Lakers tribute mural painted by Spurn and Asylum, but here are some close up shots of each of the players featured on the wall including Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Jerry West(?).

Get Motha Fuckin' Up!

These poles behind Fairfax and a few blocks off Melrose are absolutely slammed with stickers and slap tags.

Getting up with Blind, MQ, Same, Abysr, Zombie,  Madman, Charm, JTS, Bankrupt Slut, Uome, Arson, Perue, Duart, and many, many more.

Its Election Season

Its election season, when even the ads turn political.

Interesting how the low-budget grass movement movements take to the streets with their message.

Its fitting.  Not everyone can afford the airwaves, but everyone is on the streets.

Vote no on Prop 32 & Prop 33!.

On the other side of the billboards are a couple more signs from the LA Education Fund with the full 'catastrophe' quote from HG Wells being utilized in this campaign.  It says 'Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Too true~

Up on the Rooftop!

Slober is up on the rooftop, getting up and smokin' fat blunts!

Jaber - In His Own Words

New video from Jaber!

Jaber just released a new video entitled 'In My Own Words', but interesting enough, not his own dialect.  The video showcases a slice of Jaber's incredible ways and means of getting up with the artist narrating.

Jaber discusses the inspirations behind his iconic White Ninja head character, whether or not that is indeed him (it is!), and how long it takes him to get up a graffiti bomb.

Mad respect for Jaber, the way that he gets up, and his approach towards the streets.

Check it out, and get some head~


Bankrupt Slut is arguably one of the most fucked with artists getting up in Los Angeles.  From prudes who don't appreciate the strong sexual content, to haters who don't like what is being said, to battles with other street artists, Bankrupt Slut does not cap people or start battles yet the Slut seems to get messed with as much or more than anyone getting up in LA.

Still, Bankrupt Slut holds down its name, and its hard to walk a block in Hollywood--or most of greater Los Angeles, without seeing some sort of BS nearby.

Here, Bankrupt Slut is returning to a 'Pussy Riot!' paster where the girl has had her face torn off but the poster is still riding, and Bankrupt Slut suggestively repairs the damage with a small sticker over the ripped spot.

Stay up~

Fast Food Monsters

Interesting little fast food monsters.  It looks like these critters have been cut out of food advertisements and decorated with eyes and a shape.

Fun way to give a character to the health risks of junk food.

Villans Vote Romney

Mutts may not like him, but villans love the idea of Romney getting elected.

Is this the bad guy who controls metal from Xmen?

From Thrashbird on Melrose.

Animal Activists (and Mutts) Against Mitt Romney

It might be a good idea for dogs to invest in this year's political process.  Obama famously selected a family dog through suggestions from the public once elected, while Mitt Romney has been criticized for his judgement in strapping his dog to the roof of his car for a day of driving to go on vacation.

There are a bunch of animal supporting bumper stickers on the back of this car near Melrose.  One says 'Mutts Against Mitt' (Romney), another reads, 'Cats nap.  Only Humans put them "to sleep"', some pit bull best friend stickers, and even some home made signs taped on that say 'Stop Slaughtering Us'.

The animal loving owner of the car was actually sitting in the car while we took photos, and as we walked by she eagerly asked if we like them.  We do.  And the world would be better if more people were kinder and properly took care of animals.

Click the jump for more-

Monday, October 29, 2012

Snyder Gets Up in Costa Rica!

Snyder recently made a 'vacation' to Costa Rica.  'Vacation' has been placed in quotation marks because Snyder is a working artist, and since doing art is what he loves, Snyder gets up even on vacation.

In addition to his previously posted Bathroom Bombing, Snyder also got up all over on the streets of Costa Rica with everything from colorful wheat pastes (featuring Snyder's iconic Drip-Stencil aesthetic) to stickers to hand painted graffiti pieces on walls.

Click the jump for more M&F exclusive pics and action shots.  And you can read about Snyder's full story of Snyder's vacation over on Carlsbad Crawl.

Graffiti Dogs are just like Graffiti Dudes

This is Otis, and Otis is the shop dog at 33rd Third graffiti shop.

It was amusing to see how Otis behaved much like a graffiti writer and he wanted to challenge Shasta and try to punk her to see how she would take it and if she would back down . . .

. . . but you can't punk a Queen Bitch.

Shasta is Old School, and she has been around long enough to know that if you play it cool and keep doing your thing, that the ones trying to test you will eventually run themselves out of steam.  Sometimes they might even come over onto your team.  And then, you get back to doing your thing . . .

Silly Poor People - Money is for the Rich!

Ouch.  A brutal wheat paste saying 'Silly Poor People - Money is for the Rich.  Either way We Win, You Lose'.

Even though a rich person would probably never actually be heard say this, the sad thing is that this is what actually happens.  The rich get all the money, and the poor get fucked while they scrub the riches tubs, mow their lawns, and vote Democrat or Republican (although one party will fuck the poor much faster!).

The trickle down never trickles down.  Happy election season . . .

People Interacting with Street Art

"Momma Said Knock You Out!"

M&F came up on a cool scene where two girls were posing and interacting with a new street art piece from Bumboy WC.

The piece features Chris Brown throwing a punch and the paster says 'Insert Head Here'.   The girls were having a good time with it, and each took turns pretending to be Rihanna.

Fun street art interaction!

Massive Sticker Combo at 33rd Third

The inside and outside of graffiti supply store 33rd Third is slammed with a massive sticker combo.
(Click the link for more!)

Note--M&F went here looking for some supplies but we are still looking.  Anyone know where to score a pre-made thick-tipped black paint marker?  (We've also tried the Ironlak store, Blick and the barber/graff shop on Fairfax--but can't find any anywhere . . .)


Kire gets up with a naked gas masked girl.  The girl also has a massive bush.

Up next to 'C' and in front of the MBW's mural on Pico.

Tarf Tarf - For the Fun

Tarf Tarf gets up with a couple different stickers at a couple spots on Pico in Los Angeles.  Dig the handstyle and the character.

Riding with Newt, Rasa, Prose, and Red over Arson.

Midnight Run

Look gets pasted on a midnight run.

Get Caught Doing Graffiti, Have Your Finger Chopped Off

This mural seems to suggest that if you get caught doing graffiti, you might get your finger chopped off.

That's for the first offense.  The 2nd time you get caught, you lose your hand below the wrist.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Old School Mr. Brainwash Mural Still Riding

This mural is one of, if not the only, mural from Mr. Brainwash that is still riding in Los Angeles with his old school style of celebrity stencil.  This is prior what we will call MBW's 'Love Phase'.

This wall features Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Bob Marley, ?, Ray Charles, and Marilyn Monroe.

Mean Fucking Dogs!

Pitbulls should never be banned, but God damn, this was one of the scariest dogs we have seen in awhile.

The orange dog would bark fiercely at the fence, and then turn on the white dog start biting and attacking it.  Crazy.  And what made it so frightening is that the orange dog was jumping at the back fence and looking like it could almost make it over.  Yikes.

Shasta was like WTF?

Anyway, the dogs must have been inside while the side of the back garage got painted with CBH.

Peelin' but Ridin'

This wheat paste is peeling but still riding in South West Los Angeles.


Fun little Afropuff sticker in Los Angeles.

Eat Drink Fuck Live

A box on Pico gets comboed with street art from Wil, Look, Bravo, and more.

Eat.  Drink.  Fuck.  Live.  Get Up~

Through the Lens

Lenz gets up with an interesting sticker stuck in South LA.

Amazing Halloween Yard Decorations (pt. 2)

A grip more shots of the stellar Halloween yard decorations in this impressive yard near Pico and Fairfax.

These are the type of people who must hand out full size candy bars for Trick-or-Treat!

Amazing Halloween House Decorations

Hope that everyone has had a good time raging at some Halloween parties this weekend.

A lot of homes in the LA area have got into the spooky spirit and decorated their yards with Halloween themed decorations.  However, this house near Pico went out balls out decorating their yard with Hollywood quality models, 20 foot demons, full graveyard and more.

Click the jump for more pics!

Random Act of Flowers

Always love seeing Random Act's random hand painted flowers around Los Angeles.

Get Up, Stay Up!

Slap tags all over this sign, including a couple small ones made to look like actual tags or throwies.

Getting up from MCHN, Arma, Trekums, Stun(?), Newt, Xoxk, and many more.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vote Romney, er . . . Fonze

Perhaps Fons is a Democrat, or perhaps he just doesn't like Romney, but Fons caps a couple of Vote Romney pastes from Thrashbird.

Not sure, but think that the 'Vote Romney' pieces are sarcastic, based on the sketchy crew of criminals and villans Thrashbird has put around town.

Bot Handstyle

Handstyle from Bot SRT getting up on Melrose.

Snyder - Bathroom Bombing in Costa Rica!

Snyder just visited Costa Rica, and the last night in his hotel room, Snyder painted a surprise Doodle on the wall of his bathroom.

Snyder's work is so approachable that he is one of the few artists in the world who can paint an uncomissioned piece like this, and have a good chance of it being welcomed by the business owners.

Dig it!

Up on the Freeway

The entrance to the 101 Freeway in Hollywood always seems to be decorated with some sort of street art, and right now it has a pair of large red, white and black tile looking pieces that say 'Company'.


Smog City, Bankrupt Slut, and Boke(?) BS get up and get stuck on Fairfax.

Mickey Mouse after He's Dead

A skeleton themed head with Mickey Mouse ears on Melrose.

Friday, October 26, 2012

You Are Dying - But Live the Good Life While You're Here

It might not seem that way from looking at her, but Shasta is 12 or 13 years old.  Shasta was a runaway bitch in heat when she joined the MF'n family in the year 2000, so never been quite exactly how old she is.

But in her 13 years, Shasta has seen more of the world, and sniffed the butts of more animals than most dogs know exist.  To name a few of her exploits, Shasta has been sprayed by a manatee along the coast and bitten the horn of a buffalo in the Badlands.  This dog has travelled to 45 states and most of Canada.  She has toured the back stage area of the circus in Miami and visited Zoo's in Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles.

Shasta is a big reason why this blog started, and it was walking with the dog through the back alleys and train tracks in Florida that sparked our interest in graffiti and street art.  Shasta is why M&F explores more on-the-ground territory than any other street art site pretty much anywhere--we just follow the dog.  And we have always felt that the highest form of either is beautified marking of territory.  Its primal.  Like a dog pissing.

For the first time Shasta is starting to show signs of growing old with her eyes developing cataracts, and her hips cannot climb hills anymore, but her spirit is still willing.  Shasta is a good example of how someone may be dying--indeed we are all dying, but live the good life while you are here . . .

Dig this custom dollar bill from Chod.  Placed on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.  And really dig the shots of Shasta in this series, which is what led to her being featured on this post.

Click the jump for more.  Live while alive.  And Stay Up!

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Bumboy WC returns to this same spot where he had an earlier piece featuring the same screaming woman from the Kent State massacre.

This new piece has her screaming next to a container of spilt milk.

Dig these pieces from Bumboy~

Get Up, Stay Up!

Ibuster gets up at Melrose and Fairfax.

Riding with slaps from Paz, Prego, Presto, Phret and Uome.

Blending In

A paster featuring a lizard blending in to a leaf and wood chip background.

Next to a girl walking Melrose with some hot torn thigh highs.

From TBD Photography on Melrose.

Vote Romney and Wall Street Will Be Happy

Alec Monopoly getting up down low next to a paster from Thrashbird, ironically saying 'Vote Romney'.

The Thrashbird piece is on some sort of strange metallic tin-foil looking material.