Saturday, April 30, 2011

Military Graffiti - The Graffiti of War

Stencil Me Elmo

The Horrible Thing

Cats and Wolves

Everything Is Terrible!

Telegram to Street Art--Stop!

Get Up, Stay Up

New JR in Los Angeles

JR is back putting up art in Los Angeles.

Not A Chicken

Get Up, Stay Up-I Am Street Art

Awesome sticker combo. And a tag from 04!?

Click the jump for more

I See Goats

Thundering Silence

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hooked Up - Euth

The Audacity of Compromise

Lego SB

Will You Go Out With Me?

Alec Monopoly Gets Up! Action Shots~

Exclusive action shots of Alec Monopoly getting up on this rooftop spot.

Morley Gets Signed By Lazarides!

New Becca In Los Angeles

Lost and Forgotten

Get Up, Stay Up

Bringing Colur To The Streets

Qtip Gets Destroyed

Right after this shot, Qtip jumps. Click the jump below to see

Water in Cereal, My Stomach Will Not Settle

Crazy Cock

Sand One- Bow Tie's Art Show

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toxic Rats Not Banksy

Cal Poly - Banksy-esque?

More Ways to #FreeRevok-UPDATE

Skare Sticker


Los Angeles has set itself apart as the worldwide mecca for street art. LA has the busiest streets, the biggest name artists, and the most local talent. It is widely recognized as the hottest spot for street art in the world.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX has been curating the streets of Los Angeles for over a year, and now we are super excited to be curating our first gallery show.

The show is being held at the prestigious Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis. It is entitled 'What Graffiti is to New York - Street Art is to Los Angeles' and it features a dream team line up of the very best street artists and biggest stories in Los Angeles.

It is going to be epic. This is the show that will define the genre and solidify LA's place in the street art scene to the rest of the world.

Space Invader Gets Up With Eine

New Herakut Street Art in Los Angeles

Army of One Arrested for Street Art

Banksy Tattoo

Bankrupt Slut Dynasty

Ethos Goes Big in Downtown LA

Street Art- Drowning

Illadelph Has Smoking Dope Art . . .


Victoria's Secret Revealed

My Fart Is A Refugee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plant Trees, Do Graffiti

New Banksy in Los Angeles!?

Just two days after a new Banksy piece was spotted in London, a similar rat shows up in Los Angeles. Another Banksy in LA!?

Lineline Dot Goes Big On Melrose

Common Girls

Banksy's No Trespassing

Big Name Tags

Get Poled- Sticker Combo

The Double Truth of Ruth

The Real Reason Revok Was Arrested