Sunday, June 30, 2013

Smug Paints Dytch

Awesome graffiti mural.  Painted by Smug One and featuring LA's own Dytch CBS in the portrait.

Located on Dytch's own CBS stomping grounds of the alleyways behind Melrose.

Dig it~

Graffiti Vulture

Awesome character with this graffiti vulture reppin a CBS belt buckle behind Melrose.

Dig it~

LOUDLABS is Flippin Out!

After being the first on the scene to capture the flaming car wreck that was confirmed to be the death of journalist Michael Hastings.  Michael's death was suspicious, however, after LOUDLABS got repeatedly accused of being part of the conspiracy, LL decided that in order no to 'flip out', that it was time to go on a little vacation.  

LOUDLABS took a vacation to Flippin, Arkansas.  Yes, that really the name of the place.  LOUDLABS had some fun flippin' out and getting up street art in Flippin, everywhere from fence posts to the city jail.  Click the link to check out the pics

Get Up, Stay Up!

A couple of cool, bright characters from Minau and Chivitz pairing up behind Melrose.

Dig it.  Stay up!

Los Angeles Drive By Shots

Drive by pics of graffiti and street art in Los Angeles.  From East Hollywood to the highways and byways.

Kicking it off with a driving graffiti mural above with action from True.  Click the jump for more!


Exhaust CBS must have been exhausted after painting this mirrored graffiti piece behind Melrose.

Peace Through Ass

A classic Peace Through Ass sticker from Teacher stuck up in front of Macy's.

Is That What You Meant?

Sick graffiti burner from Ment One behind Melrose.

Dig the color flow in this one.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Drivin' and Cryin'

Drive by LA.  Such a beautiful place.  Enjoy the shots from all over the city, but mostly in Hollywood.

^Although we have had many friends do time on it, we always 'BOO!' the so-called Hollywood Beautification Team.  Support and do the same.

Doorway Handstyle

Some signature handstyle tags getting up in a Beverly doorway.  From KYC SYB and Hanos.

All Over Los Angeles

Shots of street art, graffiti and stickers from all over Los Angeles.

Stuck Up, Stickers

A closer look at the stickers making up the gigantic combo on the window of the front of Sportie LA.  Slaps from Enes FTS, Profes FTS, Bleek, 455er, Boe, Blink, Bran One TRB, News, Shie 47, Asmar, Klutz, JTS and more.

Sportie LA Returns to Old Form

Four years ago, when M&F first moved the Hollywood, the front of Sportie LA on Melrose was a gigantic sticker combo.  Then, the window got completely scraped and buffed in 2010, and it has taken a full 3 years to return back to shape.

Check out the pics!


Cool corner with graffiti pieces from Trixter UTI, Byson, Wowsa(?) Cache and Crae K4P.

Drive By Los Angeles

Drive by series from all over LA.  Graffiti, street art and more.  From Pico to the Valley to Hollywood to your mom's house.  Click the jump for more!

^Kicking things off with an awesome and classic Retna and El Mac mural on Pico.

Its So God Damn Hot, Even the Polar Bears Are Melting

Like the title says 'Its So God Damn Hot, Even the Polar Bears Are Melting'.

Here proof, with a mural high up on a building in downtown Los Angeles.

Get Your Homo On!

The United States Supreme Court recently ruled in a 5-4 vote that gays can marry and are entitled to the same full legal rights as straights.

Dig it.  So get your homo on!

Foreskin themed street art from Homo Riot riding above Sheep in Los Angeles.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Close Up with a Weirdo

An intimate up close look at the Wierdocult mural on Melrose.

Dig how the chip on the wall works with the piece to look like tooth decay.

Street Art is Kind of like Meditation

Street art is kind of like meditation for those who do it.

For those who want a taste, just look at the beautiful outside shot, breathe in and out, and repeat this sticker name 'Ooooohhhhhmmmm' with each exhalation.

Ohms postal slap riding in Ventura County on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Eker Gets Rolled

Eker ANF MIL gets rolled on the West Side of Los Angeles.

Teacher Goes All Out

Teacher always goes all out.  Its why his artwork is atop more billboards in LA than anyone else over the past 2+ years.

Even when he's getting a slap up at a relatively obscure spot like the back of a sign in somewhere Los Angeles, he still goes all out to get up high.  Riding a foot and a half above Bankrupt Slut.

Love these spots.  These little clues and treasures left throughout the city.

Stay up!

If You Own an Auto Body Car Shop in Los Angeles . . .

 . . .  then you are probably going to have a pretty awesome paint job on the side of your building.

Like this one here.  A tribute mural to Ayre(?) from the AWR crew.  Not sure when it first went up, but been riding so long the colors are fading.

Billboard Bombing!

Big time graffiti billboard bombing with double hits from Ster Gory and Shex.

Great placement.  Live for it!

Koala Sneeze

Snee and Koala get bombed in LA's West Valley.

Dogs are Not the Problem, YOU are the Problem

A cardboard sign hung up above a dumpster on Melrose saying 'STOP Dumping Dog shit around here.  Dogs are not the problem.  You are the problem.'

You know, its kind of true that a problem dog generally has a problem owner.  But right here, the owner of this Melrose dumpster is just being problematic the way they don't want dog shit dumped in a dumpster.  Seriously.  Take the lock off your garbage, and let responsible dog owners pick up after themselves.  Quit causing the problem.

On the dumpster is a fresh paster saying 'Broke and Hungry'.

Elementary Art

Mr. Ramano goes back to elementary style with paster featuring some child-friendly smiling cone with Mickey Mouse heads popping out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classic Flashback - MBW on Melrose

Another classic flashback of Mr. Brainwash on Melrose.

This piece has Einstein writing 'What you are is what you decide to be'.

Interesting to see how the same spots stay riding for years.

Teaming Up

The Team Crew bombs over a stale mural from Dog Byte off Melrose.

Hits from Uome, Perue and 1oz(?) with shout outs to Love Krew and Glory Boys.

(Canvas) Up on the Rooftop

Dirt Cobain gets up atop the Fairfax produce mart with an actual canvas hung up there.

With a tag from Trustocorp's graffiti briefcase down below.

You Hate Us and You Don't Know Why!

Hand tagged sticker from Blynde One UAO saying 'You Hate Us and You Don't Know Why!'.

M&F has its own share of haters, and we can relate to the sentiment.

Indeed, Blind gets up in literally every corner of Los Angeles.  And he doesn't go over other artists, just making his own way.  If people are hating, they are hating on the fame.

Haters gonna hate, but M&F loves what Blind is doing.  Stay up (since '95!)!

California Man Faces 13 Years in Prison for Writing on Sidewalks with Chalk

M&F has written a couple recent articles about the way the United States government continues trampling on the rights of citizens and the media.  While theorists surmise that his car was chipped, not matter what the explanation, it sure seems strange the circumstances surrounding how Michael Hastings died with the car engine ending 50 feet from the crash site?

But what does this have to do with street art?  Everything.

When the rights of Americans begin to get abused by the government itself, we are in grave danger of becoming the police-driven totalitarian state.  And when that happens, the punishments for street art get ramped up to ridiculous levels.

Like right now in California.  Yesterday, Jeff Olson was formally charged with 13 counts of vandalism for writing in front of San Diego area Bank of America branches with water soluble children's sidewalk chalk.  Olson faces 13 years in prison if convicted, which might seem like a real possibility since the judge granted an unprecedented ruling which forbids Olson from "mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial".  

What.  The.  Fuck?

The judge claims that his action to deny freedom of speech is acceptable since 'The State's Vandalism Statute does not mention First Amendment rights.'   Hmmm.

If there is a silver lining, it might be that even if convicted, Olson will set a new precedent for the Vandalism Statue in California.  Since a judge can not throw out a fundamental Amendment to the Constitution, it is likely that Olson's conviction would get overturned.  And that, would hopefully, set a new precedent where Freedom of Speech is assured, even in cases of vandalism.

This is why the Amendments were added to the Constitution, to prevent against abuses of power exactly like these.  But if we don't be careful, and if Americans don't demand accountability from our leaders, we might soon find ourselves pitted against a government without these fundamental protections.

Stay up, Jeff Olson.  Keep your head up, and just stay up!~

***The above pic is of some political chalk drawing in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement from Toolz***

Damn Son

Deliciously slick piece of graffiti letters from Dcypher CBS behind Melrose.

With a crazy cool character at the end from Griffin.

Dig it~

Drive By Los Angeles

Shots from all over Los Angeles.  From the Malibu coast to Melrose.  Parking lots and hot spots.

Couches, stickers, wheat pastes and throwies.  Click the jump for another huge feature of assorted pics from all of LA!

^Above, the Great Wall of Topanga

Trucked Up

A classic VW van gets comboed up with all kinds of stickers and tags in the alley way behind Melrose.

Hits from 125er, Lore, Gase, SMV, Stasher, Slob, The Secret, HTE, Pork, Ouch, DeOne, Tamer,
Sepek and much more.


A character from Bleepbloop on Melrose demanding 'More'.

Alley Way Drunk

An alley way drunk sits rooftop raging with fistfulls of drink on Melrose.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Insane mural from Weirdocult featuring a punk girl with 'Weirdo' tattoed on her lower lip.

Amazing art skills making this piece look so fluid.~

Malibu Street Art

Malibu has a relatively active street art and surf sticker scene.

Like here.  These are some cool hand painted pasters put up on an ebox in the heart of Malibu.

Dig it.~

Back So Sune?

Sune MTL bombs a huge outline in LA's West Valley saying 'I'm back!'

Tweaking Out

A beachside rock gets carved with some art from 'Tweak'.

Wonder if this was more of the person's state of mind at the time rather than a proper artist name?

Along the beautiful beach of Ventura County.

What's Inside Your Dirty Mind

Head paster from Dirty Model off Melrose.

Also notice the ghostly dusted effect of the half buffed paster next to it.

Graffiti is like Pissing to Mark Territory

M&F has said it many times before, graffiti is a primal activity that is rooted in humans' animal instinct to mark territory.  Its like an animal pissing.

Well, it might be redundant, but her is a shot combining both methods of marking territory.  A golden shower of piss in front of tunnel graffiti next to the beach in Ventura County.

Remember, when it says 'Drains to Ocean', this is where it ends up.  And no matter where you go in California, someone has probably marked territory there one way or another.

Drain your thang.  Enjoy the pics. You are welcome~

NRC - Stylin' at the Beach

NRC is stylin' at the beach with this prominent ebox paster in Malibu.

NRC has been getting up literally all over Los Angeles for some time.  And this is about as far West as anyone can go before the land runs out.

Dig it.  Stay up!

Drive By Graffiti and Street Art - Los Angeles

M&F has been using the term 'drive-by' to describe when we have combined a lot of posts into one massive feature.  This is another such sampling from all over Los Angeles.  Click the jump for 20+ more pics of art around LA.

^Kicking things off with an Este bomb riding on Melrose with Icy & Sot and JR.

Lindsey Lohan and Blue Pills

Here is some blue street art of Lindsey Lohan.  But after checking out of rehab, she is probably just thinking of some blue pills.

Pasted up on Beverly.

Daily Artistic Individual Minds Easing Dreams

Sticker combo stuck up next to Retna's painting of a gallery building on Beverly.

Slaps from NRC, Bankrupt Slut, Fuxus, CBNC, Daily Artistic Individual Minds Easing Dreams and many more.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LA Love

Some LA love from Brazilian graffiti artist Chivitz.

Rocking a blue bandana and throwing up an LA hand sign behind Melrose.

Dig it.  Stay up!


Funny interaction on this doorway capping.  Originally, War n' Buffet put a messy tag on the door saying 'Love is Always Open'.

Then, someone came along and crossed out 'always' with blue paint.  And on top of the blue, Lyer came and added a white tag.  Funny, because the name itself works with what it the piece is saying.

Love is not always open.  If it is, tell your love to be more selective.

Beg Rich Yet?

More action on this sticker combo on Melrose.

With slaps from PDB, Begr, Rich, Spor, Blvd. Love, 27!, Slob and much more.

A Closer Look at Cranio

Cranio has awesome and engaging characters that are full of life.  Cranio employs a unique drip effect to capture that personality in his pieces.

Click the jump for a closer look at Cranio's paint