Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Discovered this Dickchiken stencil down on Sunset.

Next to some hand drawn stickers from Fresh, Tuner and AS, and a tiny sticker from Bankrupt Slut

***Thanks Richard-the blog looks awesome. great pictures~ (check out the Richard's blog @ IngeniusEighty and some dope work from his pal Luke Viscious ***


More negative/polarized faces (unknown artist).

The history of this box shown in the layers is fascinating, and you can really see the ever-present presence Alec has had on the streets with layers and layers of pastes showing.

Barn is Fictional

Barn and Slob hand drawn stickers.

A Ytry tag, and Tuner hand done sticker in the background.


A Clockwork Orange involved piece of street art (unknown artist)

Pissed Off Slut

Bankrupt Slut, Smog City, and Hank Williams Jr. wheat pastes.

Looks like Bankrupt Slut got pissed someone put a lame printed poster over the Slut's hand painted one.

Get Up, Stay Up

Stickers and tags from Myth, Branded, Armoe, 125er, Pesoh, Whax, Bankrupt Slut.

On 6th street in downtown LA.

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird street art stencil in downtown Los Angeles.


Koffinz customized weed leaf next to the jet pack strapped penguins (unknown artist).

Slap Tags

A bunch of hand drawn slap tags on a stop sign off Fairfax.

Reva, Youe, ODDK, Decep One, Rene, Prism, Daps, Bloc, BR, Limes

Orange Grenade

Had to cross over a 8 foot deep ditch and some barricades to get this shot.

It felt like a war zone.

Unknown artist.


MTS/MES tags on this smashed wood box.

Not sure what the wood box is doing around the tree.

Nice canvas~

Frogs Amongst Us

We found this army of frogs on a light box in the Valley.

In collecting, there are always 'chase' or rare figures that are more sought after. The fact that a few of these are gold and silver makes it seem like these are the special ones.

Don't know why they are here, or what its about, but we dig it.


Bike dram

End the Federal Reserve

Some direct political campaigning, packaged in some cool art.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Trespass Flashing

The sign says 'No Trespassaing'.

The art has a topless girl flashing (unknown artist) and Seizer way up top.

Hooked Up - Dog Byte

Dog Byte is one LA's top artists on the streets, and has long been one of our favorite artists. We were absolutely thrilled to get this pack full of all our favorite works from him.

From Ducking the Truth to Bomb Boy to Singing in the Rain to Filth Mouth to Sensei Humor and all the way back to the early OG skull stickers, these slaps capture the goodness we've come to love on the streets. The larger Bomb Boy is hand stenciled.

These stickers differ from most in that they are die cut-and the shape adds a lot aesthetically to in our opinion.

Dog Byte also hooked up some awesome prints-Filth Mouth and special limited edition artist proof print of Sensei Humor. It is a museum quality print that is made of special metallic paper that looks like gold leaf--only its silver. We would love to show it, it is so pristine and nice, in absolute mint condition, but the paper is so fragile that we didn't want to risk any damage unrolling it for pictures. We will post pictures once its up on the wall, but for now you will have to imagine just how dope it is.

Thanks again to Dog Byte. Truly special. We love it!

Fuck This Life

Fuck this life sticker in LA.

Prefab 77

Prefab 77 wheat paste on Melrose.

Gills to Feet

Gills to Feet and WLLM stickers in Los Angeles.

Cloudy Blue Skies

Cloudy Blue Skies over a new Bankrupt Slut sticker facing the Hollywood Hills and a couple satellites.

The Beauty of Aging Street Art

Love how this Yoda piece by Free Humanity looks as it ages.

The red brick background of the Art Wall downtown makes a great canvas and gives it a 'New York' feel.

Smog City Posts Mad Bills

SmogCity does post mad posters and stickers all over town.

Someone came and sprayed some eyes onto the posters, making the smog skulls straight demonic.

Dig it~

Bates Motel

Overview, with art from Puke Monster, Gats, Leba, Septerhed, Eddie, Space Invader, and more

^Space Invader


^Street art sniper--love this shot (think the yellow sticker is from Subs RTH)

Love this shot. Unknown artist (Eddie?)

^Statue of Liberty from Jaw

^Graffiti from Agro, Realm, Faesm, Frey, Swoe

The Bates Motel is decorated with beautiful art in every nook and cranny.

And while it is not the case in Los Angeles, some people think that street art and graffiti are at war. The Bates Motel is a wonderful example of how the two different schools come together to make some incredible art.

Get Poled on Fairfax

Stickers from The Seventh Letter, Alec, Entree, Dog Byte, Pros and Cons, Cryptik, KH no. 7

Bummer WS

Jus kickin it


Dig this fierce wolf head from Septerhed.

Below it, some peeling pasters by Bankrupt Slut featuring artwork by Ashley Wood.

Tangled - MSK & The Seventh Letter

Here's a couple shots of this massive MSK and 7th Letter piece on La Brea.

Many times, graffiti is in hard to see places-back alleys, rooftops or hidden corners. This spot is in prime viewing position on La Brea, and you can see in the second pic how much traffic rolls by at any given time.

And we are diggin the Tangled movie ads-

Life of Kings

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Go Down -Liquid, Asane, Army of One

Liquid, Asane throw up some throw-ups on this abandoned building.

And Army of One's Grenade Boy is always right at home in the madness of the streets--and war. The last pic shows the candle tribute set up below him.

JTS - Always Watchin'

Join the Surveillance is always watching in Los Angeles.

Also tags from Limes, REC, B2GK

Dollar Pole

Ahh'd Art, Meow(?), and hand drawn ghost (unknown artist)

TSF - Claiming Shit Back

TSF can be defensive of spots, and like their space to be protected.

Don't know that Slick was trying to do anything but get up when he put the LA hands at the bottom and over a massive TSF fire hydrant piece. But regardless, TSF claimed it back with some posters on top of Slick's.

Get Dumped

Wait 6, Post, TVO, Agod, RK, Army of One, Roe, and more

Sticker Combo - Feels Like The First Time

Bankrupt Slut, Smog City, Dog Byte, KH no. 7, Inept, Toro, UWP, Sneak One, Bran TRB, Cryptik, Noxin, Dominoes, Josh?, Josh SB, Mesquite, and more in this mad sticker combo in Los Angeles


Sick piece from Plek UTI/CBS


MelroseandFairfax is BIGGER and BETTER than Ever~

After struggling many different ways to make the pictures show up bigger we finally got things fixed, and we are happy to announce that the pictures are BIGGER than ever, making the viewing pleasure BETTER than ever!!!

So if you want a better view, go ahead and click the pic. The size is much bigger.

Not all of the photos we have on file have been resized to be larger, so until we run through the pics we have, some will be bigger and some will not. Its fun to see. Like Gambling. So click a pic to see it big.

Go ahead.

Do it. You know you want to~

You can start here with these great pics from the Art Wall downtown. Love how all the art comes together. These are the big, general shots and there will be more specific shots to come.

Los Angeles Street Art from Yo Peace, Nomade, Free Humanity, Zoltron, Gats, Gridlock, StarPig, NMG, Cryptik, Calli Killa, Dog Byte, FREE MNDZ, Abcnt, Vigazzi and many many more artists.