Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Murals and Graffiti

Here is a dope mural in Miami.

Murals are always cool, but M&F loves the organic action of the streets most, like the bombs next to this piece from BK and Dub WAB LB 28 with shout outs to Atomik, and Ynot.

Also dig how the bomb didn't go over the mural, but claimed its own space next to it.

The World Is Yours!

New York graffiti artist Never gets up in Miami with a piece saying 'The World Is Yours!'.

Los Angeles Skill District

I Wuz Here gets up with a Skill District sticker in Hollywood.

Riding with a couple of tripped out graphic stickers, including one close up of teeth.

Bankrupt Slut holding things down at the bottom, on Vermont.

Stacked with Love

Stak(?) graffiti gets up on the rooftop with the LOVE Krew on Melrose.

Obey Street Art is Cool Like Diamond Supply

Funny scene happening here.  A classic and iconic paster from Obey featuring Andre the Giant gets pastered up in Los Angeles.

Then, up close on the face, someone came and tagged things like 'Steezy!' and 'Diamond Supply Co.!'.

Its funny because even though it isn't meant as an insult, it is.  In fact, its probably meant as a compliment.  However, comparing Obey street art to Diamond Supply Co. shows how Obey is viewed as a corporate brand by the masses, not as street art.

Shepard Fairey has dismissed the accusations of selling out.  But the fact remains that more people know Obey as a clothing line than a street art effort.  Furthermore, most people in general society recognize Shepard Fairey as the artist who designed the Obama Hope poster, not as the artist behind Obey.

The street art community might still recognize Shepard and Obey as a street art entity, but if most people don't, when does street art from Obey become street advertising like Diamond Supply Co.?

Or has it already?

Norm MSK Handstyle

Norm MSK bringing the tattoo handstyle to the graffiti walls in Hollywood.

Lethal Amounts Presents - Multiple Maniacs

Lethal Amounts presents the Multiple Maniacs Stencil and Screen Print Show.

With a big line up from lots of street art heads around Los Angeles, this should be an intertesting show.

Opening May 4th at 6pm, full details can be found on the flyer.

The Old Home Gets a New Paint Job

This is the front side of the old apartment building in Miami where M&F used to live, and this is the spot where M&F fell in love with graffiti and street art.

In the decade since living here, the building has gotten some new paint jobs, both at the Cuban restaurant next door and also around the entrance to the apartment buildings.

This building used to be bare except for some ever-present graffiti tags on the door, and even though it looks different, seeing it sure brings back memories.  For instance, see the 6 inch ledge below the 2nd story windows?  Well, one day Shasta decided she wanted out--of the window upstairs.  When we returned home Shasta was walking that 6 inch ledge back and forth below the windows.  And that hallway . . . Geez, you can almost smell the cat piss and mildew from here.

Its good to visit back in Miami, but its even better to come home to Los Angeles~

Home, Painted Home

This ghetto apartment building in N. Miami is where M&F used to call 'home, sweet home'.

Now, the building has a fresh coat of paint signifying its place on the corner of 20th Street, which is the beginning of the Wynwood (Arts) District.

Wynwood has always had an active local graffiti and street art scene.   But now, Wynwood has grown to be one of the most heavily painted street art areas in North America, where nearly every building is painted, like M&F's old home.

Eyes Popping Out

Its a hot day in Los Angeles, as Shasta is heated now that the temps jumped from a high of 68 to 92 in two days this week.  What happened to Spring?

Anyway, Shasta is sauntering in the sun and heat while some animated graffiti eyes pop out of the wall.

Monday, April 29, 2013

You Can Teach It!

Teacher goes big on another ebox.  With a ginormous 3d installation saying 'Teach Peace'.  The fine print says 'You Can Do It!'.

This piece is a tribute to Teacher's personal friend, Stanley Daschew, who recently passed away.

Rest in Respect~

Dope Dope.

Gone gets drawn over some 'Dope' street ads in Hollywood.

Yummy on the Rooftop

Yum claims the 2013 graffiti crown atop the building that hosted the old MBW Art Show 2011 in 2012.

Bleepbloop Stuck Up

Bleepbloop goes postal and gets stuck up on Melrose.

Growing Sticker Action

Tsmoketree continues to smash massive sticker combo's.  Click the jump for a look at multiple spots, and watch the sticker action grow!

Trrrrust Me . . . .

Trrrrrust me . . . . .  says the sketchy gator.

Painted by Mers CBS.

The Boston Bombing is a False Flag by the US Government

M&F hates to get all conspiracy theory.  In fact, we hate that term because the word 'conspiracy' makes it sound like a bunch of aluminum cap wearing fanatics criticizing the government.  But when the available evidence is more compelling than the official public record, then good citizens should and must question what is happening, and make our own conclusions based on the best evidence available.  Searching for fact is not conspiracy, and in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the biggest conspiracy seems to be the the way that the mainstream press has swallowed the questionable official explanation hook, line and sinker.  The amount of evidence stacked up clearly implies that the Boston Bombing not an example of random terrorism, rather a coordinated false flag attack by the US Government on its own people.

A 'false flag attack' describes covert military of paramilitary operations designed to decieve in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities than actually planned them.  Here are some of the red flags that have been raised around the false flag Boston attack.

Before getting started, it is not conspiracy to look at the available facts.  It is conspiracy if someone forms a hard opinion--no matter what that opinion is--without looking at the facts.  So, before folks get crazy, just check out the ideas raised, and make your own conclusions about what makes more sense.

First of all, as the official FBI picture clearly demonstrates, the backback detonated in the bombing is different from the backbacks either of the two suspects are shown to be wearing.  The logo does match, however, the bag a paramilitary looking dude at the site was holding at the time.  That is pretty basic stuff, and pretty elementary.  The difference should be clear to everyone.  Look at the pictures above and below for yourself.

And the questionable issues just continue.  The 'hero' who reportedly had both legs blown off in the blast is identified as Jeff Bauman, but Jeff looks exactly like Nick Vogt, a former US Army Officer who had lost both legs previously in war.  Check out the pics below, because it sure does look like the same dude.  Futhermore, 'Donna' who was one of the witnesses to the bomb, is actually Dawn  Hochsprung who months before was reported as being the principal at Sandy Hook and died there.  Seriously.  Check out the pic below, but you can't make this shit up.  The craziest thing is that the mainstream media will broadcast the misinformation, but doesn't question it.

Furthermore, there are some websites set up showing a rather convincing frame-by-frame accounting of the immediate blast scene.  It does look like there is some coordinated behavior, and why is there no blood where limbs are missing?

If only it stopped there.  But also notice how both suspect brothers were taken into custody in relatively good health--both walked on their own towards the government enforcement entities.  However, once the brothers are seen again, the body of the first one is completely ripped apart (wtf!?), and the younger one had a 'suicide' shot through the back of his neck--which, even if it didn't kill him also makes it so the guy can't talk.  At first the government reported the second brother shot himself.  A few days later they admitted no weapon was found with the second suspect.  No explanation for a bullet hole through the back of the dude's throat has been given.

Not to get all conspiracy, but it seems like the conspiracy is what the government says happened.

As far as media goes, it makes one wonder if this is another final nail in the coffin for mainstream media. Mainstream media is scared to tell any story away from the official talking points, which forces people to look elsewhere for truth, or at least a story line that isn't complete bullshit.  Even though the Boston Bombings have nothing to do with traditional street art, because the main news sources are failing to provide the full story, as an alternative news source, M&F felt this was something important that needed to be shared.

It is extremely frightening what happened in Boston.  People are outraged, as they should be.  But shouldn't we make sure our outrage is aimed at the right place?   Don't these strange and suspicious circumstances require that we take a closer look at the Boston Bombings and try to find out what really happened?

Cool Colors

Dig the way the colors line up in this shot.

This is a roll down gate, but believe this is a residential property, not a business location.

Dig it.  More people should paint their houses~

I Have the Biggest Heart You Ever Tore Apart

Tag saying 'I Have the Biggest Heart You Ever Tore Apart'.

Wonder if the person who wrote it got dumped since it is placed on a dumpster? (bada ching!)

Riding with Tragec and Bale AIG behind Melrose.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sick Street Art

Dig the way that this spot is completely bombed out with tags, and with a cool rabbit character from Bluse(?) to bring it all together.

As the tag from Sicks GS implies, sick~

Also riding with tags from Theme, Doom, Sewr, Don, Meak, Touch, 78, and many more.

Begging for Brains

A mini full color paster of a Zombie dude busking on the street playing guitar, and begging for brains.

The Zombie also has an Obey sticker on his guitar and a Septerhed sticker on his guitar case, which is full of brains.

With 'Spattah' on the wall behind it.

Snyder - Stuck Up in Miami

M&F loved coming up on Snyder's stickers in Miami.

Here is Snyder getting poled in a busy section of the Wynwood Arts District.

Dates and Dudes

More fresh work from Thrashbird.

Wheat pastes in Hollywood featuring stenciled portraits of dude's faces, with a date attached below to each one.

Not sure what these are about?

Christian Death

Funny sticker portraying a coffin with vampire teeth, smiling and holding a Christian cross.

Stuck up next to this comboed out sticker robot on Melrose.

Miami Flavor

Miami flavored street art with clear influences from the Caribbean.

Many different characters and images on this building.

Also notice the hard to spot illegal rooftop piece.

Dig your flavor, Miami~

For You, I'll Do the Weirdest Shit

Sticker combo on Melrose with all kinds of cool little 'weird' stickers.

Action from Smear, 14 Bolt HCP OTS, Borat, Tame, Lukas, SYB, Reti, Ikon, Land of Sunshine and more.

Nice Inside

Sick flares and movement inside the letters of this graffiti piece.

From Dices(?) AUB CBS behind Melrose.

Share the Road with Pretty Blue Eyes

Stickers getting stuck up from Helter, Geuse, Zeck REM, and Pretty Blue.

Near Melrose.

Skott Marsi

Gumby themed sticker from Skott Marsi stuck up on Melrose.

Burnin' It

Sick graffiti burner in Hollywood.

From ? KOS Crew.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Demon Dude

A demon dude chilling in this piece from Elksr(?) CBS AUB.

Blending In

This graffiti piece definitely sticks out.  But without any hard exterior borders on the letters, the art from the graffiti piece just kind of blends into the wall.

Dig it.

Behind Melrose.

Feeble Toys

A mural from the Feeble Toys crew, displaying some graffiti skills that would be described as neither feeble or toy.  This is some sick shit here.

Dig the morphing 3 headed crab boy piece from Cruz as part of it.

In the Wynwood District of Miami.

Rooftop Abyss

Uome and Abys get up on a Melrose rooftop.

Joining Versuz and ?

More Average than Jersey Joe

This wall is pretty cool, but the repeating faces can't be seen without making comparisons to Rime's similar piece riding in Miami.

Both pieces are awesome.  But Rime's takes the cake.  Since Rime also uses the graffiti name Jersey Joe, and this artist is named 'Not Your Average Joe', having some fun with the title saying 'More Average than Jersey Joe'.

Graffiti is Not a Test

Graffiti is never a test, because there is a always a severe consequence if caught.

Here is a bombed out piece getting trucked from Test in Los Angeles.

The Ceremonies

Pasters going up around town saying 'The Ceremonies'.

Think this is an LA band?


CRG gets stuck up in Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd.

Stuck up with Bankrupt Slut.  Riding in front of a mural from Dabs Myla, Rime, & How and Nosm.

RTL MTA - Los Angeles

Graffiti pieces from the RTL and MTA crews in Los Angeles.

Go Go

Go Go JOR JS and Kuwma paint a spot in Hollywood.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Painted

Graffiti in Los Angeles.  From Etch(?).

Heart Stuck in Los Angeles

Bleepbloop and Jen Korsen team up on a short lived piece on Melrose.

Hands Behind Your Back

Cool hand drawn sticker from Defa saying 'Hands behind your back. Palms touching'.

On Melrose.

Alec Monopoly Paints Scrooge McDuck

Alec Monopoly is painting different characters other than the Monopoly Man, although the content is still classic cartoon characters.  Like Richie Rich, and also this Scrooge McDuck mural on Melrose.

Click the jump for more pics of the mural--and a gratuitous shot of the combo on the stop sign out front.

Obey - Up on the Rooftop

Obey gets up on the rooftop on Melrose, claiming a spot above a recently closed down gallery.


Gafle PVS paints a graffiti piece over a spot where some long riding pieces from the Rotting Fresh crew sat.

It seems that this is less of a cap and trying to take the spot?  Usually when its a cap, its done much dirtier.  Gafle did leave the Rotting tag at the bottom.

Smashed In

When street art or graffiti gets up a lot, it is commonly referred to as 'smashing'.

But this is a different kind of smashing.  This spot gets pasted with a wheat paste showing a building that has been smashed in.

Joined in the hole by a sticker from Nervous.  Also check out the texture on this wall.

Boston Terrier or French Bulldog?

Can't tell if this image is a Boston Terrier of French Bulldog?

Either way, it is a cute lil guy.

Stuck up behind Melrose.

Working the Cut-Outs

Ozer MSK is working the cut outs on this graffiti piece.

Meanwhile, a homeless dude is calling one of the cut outs home.

In Hollywood.

Santa Monica Sprint Jubilee Celebrates - BritWeek

Downtown Santa Monica, Santa Monica Place and Britweek will be hosting the 1st ever Santa Monica Spring Jubilee Celebration BritWeek next week.

As part of the celebrations, British living street legends Inkie and Eine will be painting live murals during the 2-day event, as will LA's own Mear One.

The fun for BritWeek goes down on May 4th and 5th.  Click the jump for the press release with full details, contact info, and schedule information.