Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mr. Brainwash Gets Buffed

Here is a pic of Brainwash getting buffed after the Seth McFarlane Oscar after party.

MBW seems to have a lot of people who seem to enjoy rooting against him and no doubt some folks will enjoy seeing pics of Mr. Brainwash buffed.

***Thanks to Muzzle Flash for the pic***

One of These People is Not Like the Others

Like the old Sesame Street song goes, 'One of These People is Not Like the Others'. Cant you spot the icon who had their throat slashed and upside down cross added?

This pic is of the Mr. Brainwash art installation at the Seth McFarlane Oscars after party.

Andre the Giant has had his neck slashed and some unholy markings added to his body.

Thanks to Muzzle Flash for the exclusive pictures, and Muzzle says that he thinks this vandalism is likely aimed at Shepard Fairey/MBW and might be the work of "Cuttahotha, I recognized the inverted cross and black/pink combo.. he goes old school vandal style, normally targets institutions of consumption.. "

Dig it.  Street art is crashing the Hollywood party scene~

Faux Savior

Dumpster action in downtown Los Angeles.

Stickers, tags and street art from Faux, Savior, SOB, Seizer, Dirty Jersey, Mr. Ramano, Murder, Mosk, Krer, H Bak and many more.

Sky High

Impressive billboard graffiti going sky high in Los Angeles with huge bombs from F1 and KT.

Aftermath Pics of Mr. Brainwash's Seth McFarlane Oscar Party

Here are pics of the aftermath left over from Mr. Brainwash's Oscar night party which was hosted by Seth McFarlane.

Big thanks to Muzzle Flash for the pics, who also sent in this blistering description of the scene:

Images of the aftermath of the Seth McFarlane Oscar after party.. Decorated by Brainwash. The stages were trashed and as you expect the art was gaudy, trashy and poorly executed. Piles of trash. Including a Darth Vader and Yoda made of tire rubber that look like they belong in some half ass miniature golf course outside of Minot, North Dakota.

Ouch.  But that Vader is looking rough. . .

If You Like Girls, You'll Love Sonata

If you like girls, you will love the art work of Sonata.

Sonata's work always features beautiful girls, and his street murals have been some of our favorites in LA over the past few years, and now Sonata is launching a new website with all different mediums.  Sonata paints everything from oil paintings, to sketches, to fashion.

Check out the new website, follow Sonata on Instagram @SonataArt, and click the link below to see more of Sonata's new work

Respect It, Ride It, Forgive It, Our Playground.

New sticker from LOUDLABS chiming in on the Melrose and Fairfax area being LA's street art district.

This slap says 'Respect It, Ride It, Forgive It, Our Playground.'  LOUDLABS has roots in extreme sports, but the saying applies to the streets a well.

Riding with LA EX, Those Folks Get Familiar, I Wuz Here, Icy & Sot, Alkoe, Its a Vinyl Thing, Alkoe, and Killtron.

Indeed.  Ride It and Stay Up!

Get Up, Stay Up!

A fresh Frida stencil from Vie3 gets up on Melrose.

Joining Koffinz at a hot spot in front of De La Barracuda.

Dig it.  Stay up!

Carlton Dole for Mayor of LA

M&F is always intrigued whenever a politician uses street methods like stickers as part of their campaign.

Carlton Dole is one of these candidates.  Carlton is running for Mayor of LA, but with only 50 likes on his Facebook page, he is not an early favorite.  The sticker is kind of freaky with an upside down skyline in black mirroring the right side up one, however, the things that Carlton mentions on his platform might be beneficial to LA, even if they might also be far fetched.

Wake n' Bake - I Love Dank

Wake n' Bake special.  I love dank sticker stuck up in front of the Hollywood Hills.

With the Observatory in the background.

Love dank and the Hollywood Hills~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amazing Pics of LA's 'Street Art District'

M&F contributor Keith sent in some amazing aerial pics of LA's now official 'Street Art District'.

These shots are really incredible, as the birds eye view really captures the sign and does the placement justice.

The sign is welcoming all artists at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.

Stay up!

Miss Van - Still Running Wild

Miss Van is 'Still Running Wild' with a mural bearing the same title in downtown Los Angles.

Miss van teemed up with Dan Quintana and 2 Toowee on this piece.

Dig it~

Authentic Cat Cult?

Last week we would not have thought twice about it, and would have assumed that this is Cat Cult.

But after seeing how Odd Future has been using some very similar cat heads as well, so similar that Cat Cult has filed a Cease-and-Desist order with the Fairfax crew.

Still, think this is an authentic cat head from Cat Cult.

Boomin' and Zoomin'

Kid Zoom is still boomin' with this piece riding from 2011 in downtown LA.

Gas Mask Man

A gas mask wearing man gets stuck up in downtown LA.

Graffiti Becomes Street Art

This wheat paste features a photo of Saber's American Flag installation that he did for Occupy Wall Street.

Now being put up on the wall, interesting transition how graffiti essentially becomes street art.

The paster is from TBD Photography.

Rock Addiction

This box monster from TSF has a clear rock addiction.

Piece located in the Arts District downtown.

JR Back in Los Angeles?

Fresh new giant piece on Melrose and Martel.

Only one street artist goes this big with faces.  Even if another did, there is only one who could smoothly paste up the roll up gates at the bottom of this installation.  By all looks and appearances, it would seem that JR is back in Los Angeles!

Are You Sad?

Me too, sometimes.

Stuck up in downtown Los Angeles with a bunch of different color tags.

Eggs for Breakfast

JS gets up with a hand dawn graffiti postal sticker with a shout out to Eggs, Trust and Prize.

Riding on a dumpster with tags from IDK, SWG, Duek (?) 76 IK ASC.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Banksy's Garden Girl Isn't Going Anywhere

Many times, like the recent situation in the UK, Banksy's street art pieces get cut out of the wall and removed from the building they were placed on.  This is because the price of an authentic Banksy can sometimes be worth more than the building itself.

Well, Banksy's Garden Girl on Beverly isn't going anywhere.  It is a tremendous piece, well over 10 feet tall.  Furthermore, the wall that it is placed on is cracked and broken.  Even if someone wanted to, this art could not be captured in one piece.

As the picture below shows, there is even a half an inch difference between the different areas of the wall.  It looks as though this wall has been in this condition since before Banksy painted it, and his smooth use of the uneven surface is quite impressive.

Banksy's Garden Girl isn't going anywhere~

Risk Revok Abel

Risk, Revok and Abel team up in downtown Los Angeles to paint this flower piece framed by graffiti barbed wire.

Robot Suicide

A robot hangs itself by its tie.

Stuck up in downtown Los Angeles.


Catman gets stuck up in front of Roa's skunk, man.

Pixel Pancho in Los Angeles

Pixel Pancho travels all over the world painting huge pieces, and he put up this gorgeous mural in downtown Los Angeles.

Twisted Metal

Some twisted metal in downtown Los Angeles.

A city garbage can and a metal shopping cart get warped and twisted.

OES Roll Call

OES roll call in downtown Los Angeles.  Signing in from Jetso, Manoe, Jukes, Thyef, Eater, Enik and Gezah.

Winning and Luzing

Luzr gets pasted at a hot spot along a downtown LA stairwell.

Yes On the Glasses

Cute, elfish looking alien girl wearing big glasses stuck up in downtown Los Angeles.

Man Up

Graffiti mural from Man One in downtown Los Angeles.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Slaps from Timothy Wisdom and a printed tagged postal slap from SC(?).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Banksy's Garden Girl Gets Covered By Glass

Banksy might have been cut out of the wall in the UK, but here in LA Banksy's Garden Girl stencil just got covered up by protective glass.

This was one of the last remaining Banksy pieces in its natural habitat on the street before getting covered.

Many street art purists bemoan whenever a piece like this gets protected, but most fans are just glad that the art continues to ride.

Stay up!

Silverlake Hot Spot

This Silverlake street art spot is slammed with action.

Lots of pieces from TBD Photography and Thrashbird, intermixed with many more.

"What is the Best Way an Aspiring Actress Can Get Into Hollywood?"

This painting on the side of a building in LA says Johnny Carson asked Bette Davis 'What is the Best Way an Aspiring Actress Can Get Into Hollywood?' - Take Fountain!

Fittingly put, on Fountain.

Painting from Panhandle Slim.

Banksy is a Game Changer

Banksy isn't just another street artist, he is the game changer.

Recently, one of Banksy's stencils got cut out off the wall in London, and then the next week the same piece appeared at an auction house in Miami.  The 'captured' Banksy piece is scheduled to go up for sale this weekend.

Aside from accusations that taking a piece from the street is wrong, it is fascinating how the larger conversation has local British politicians tripping over words to try and get the piece back.  In an article from the The Star entitled British Neighborhood Wants Its Banksy Back, a local lawmaker Lynne Featherstone is quoted as saying “(It’s) totally unethical that something so valued should be torn without warning from its community context.”  Haha.  Never mind the ethical context of something being placed in the community without warning in the first place.  Alas, it would be a different world for street artists if only all lawmakers felt this way . . . 

Indeed, Banksy is a game changer.  His street art work has politicians lamenting the removal of his work, not the illicit act of putting it up in the first place.  Can you imagine what the walls would look like if politicians fought to protect the art work instead of buffing over it and tearing it down?  Thanks to Banksy, that might just be the future of street art.

At least for Banksy pieces~

Fuck Growing Up

Wheat paste in Los Angeles that repeatedly says 'Fuck Growing Up'.

Get Up, Stay Up!

Hot graffiti billboard spot from Ras.

LOUDLABS - Melrose and Fairfax Sticker Slap Video

LOUDLABS just released a brand new video capturing the action surrounding the energy and wild life on the streets of LA at night. Dig it. Stay LOUD!

Ramiro Gomez Jr. - Studio Visit

Here is a studio glimpse at Ramiro Gomez Jr.'s Academy Award street art piece.  As you can see, these are hand painted then form cut by Ramiro before getting placed out on the streets.

Gentle Jeff

Sticker from Gentle Jeff on Melrose.  So gentle, that it is on the sidewalk and not stuck to something more agressive.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fucking Like Rabbits in a Rabbit Orgy

The Ilegal Mezcal are fucking like rabbits in an all out rabbit orgy.

Sidewalk stencil on Melrose.  Up with Google Earth man from Plastic Jesus and E.T. capping over a Chris Dorner poster saying 'Be Good'.

Stolen Academy Award!

Earlier today, Ramiro Gomez Jr. put up an Oscar themed street art installation honoring the workers and the people behind the scenes at the Academy Awards.

Well, a few hours later, the giant Oscar statue cut out got stolen, and one of laborers got knocked down.

Ramiro was disappointed, but his spirit was not broken.  Ramiro returned to repair and fix his remaining piece.  And as for the stolen Oscar, Ramiro says that the workers are going to be there still, even if there are no awards given to them.

Head in a Hole

Roa's animal has its head buried in a hole.  Perhaps it has some Volkswagon sized acorns buried down there.

The Monster Behind the Fence

Absolutely insane graffiti monster painted on the flip side of the fence.

With letters from Sal, Bake, Keno, Hamr, and more.

And The Academy Award Goes To . . .

Ramiro Gomez Jr. handed out his own Academy Awards this year, and some might argue to folks who are more deserving.  Ramiro's award goes not to the ones on the big screen, but the ones behind the camera who truly make all the magic happen.

Ramiro says that:

The actors and actresses nominated for the awards will probably not thank their gardeners, housekeepers, or nannies in their acceptance speech, but here I am trying to interrupt the luxurious sunset blvd. route to Hollywood to nominate people who will never get an award.

Click the jump for more-

Zes MSK & Vans the Omega

Zes MSK and Vans the Omega go big in downtown Los Angeles.

Alcide the Wolf Has a Pack

Another interpretation tribute sticker dedicated to Obey's 'Andre the Giant has a Posse'.

This one says 'Alcide the Wolf Has a Pack'.

Strangely enough, it looks like this might be an advertising for a contracting company?

This Graffiti Rewls

Big graffiti yard in downtown Los Angeles with big colorful graffiti pieces.

Bombs from Rewl, Yase, Delae, Hanos, DEP, Glaboe, Plegr, Baner, and Akua.


Hand cut postal sticker from Spyroh on Alvarado.

Wake n' Bake

Stickers stuck up in the LA Fashion District.  This is LA's Wall Street~

With a wake n' bake sticker from Always Kushin.  Riding with Life, Theusand, Bestr, Lester One and more.